Whats up guys? It’s me George! Your American Mallu The vlog id gonna be a unique one Whats the one thing that Americans like most about Indians most of us have thought that there is nothing special in India It’s like lowest in the deck but remember there are lot of things that as Indian each one should be proud of! It’s we who we should uphold our country So, lets us ask others “What do they like most about our country India and Indians Let hear what do they tell us about our culture lets jump directly into it So i have met first set of friends, lets ask them. so whats the one thing that you like mostly about Indians or India, basically the food what? the food the food! i like the food, but i really like the religion and spiritual practices wow! cool man and the holidays guys, she is from India from Tamil Nadu no! I’m from Kerala Kerala? I’m half Kerala half Tamil we got a new set of guys have joined us cool!energetic guys lets ask them to introduce themselves So whats your name? Trendon, I’m Trendon and where are you from? I’m from Prosper, Texas I’m Marshallow and i’m from Dallas, Texas Curvey, Grapevine, Texas So are you basket ball players? Base ball So you all play baseball! cool! How long have you been playing baseball? pretty much my whole life Lets get into our question the one thing that you like most about Indian culture Just one Indian food I said, i like the dance and what about you? the food for me too So when was the las time that you guys have tried Indian food? It’s been a while probably like i can say at least, couple of months a few months ago a few months ago! so what makes you to eat Indian food spicy man ya spicy food you can’t eat same thing every day THE FOOD! the food and the vibrant colors so when is the last time you guys have tried Indian food may be… two weeks ago two weeks ago! we eat quite often oh man! so what the one thing that you like most about the food the spice the sweet or the sour curry the curry? i love it promote them to make the best curry chicken in the world i love that i like the curry and the green peas, i’mm border line with vegetarians i like the veggies with curry so whats your name? Marcus Monzidarodo and where are you from? I’m from here, United states Dallas? Dallas. born and brought up in Dallas? ya and you? same, i’m Dallas too so you are friends? ya, we are friends the food have you tried them? ya, once what was that? like, when was that? when was that? three years ago so do you wanna try that one more time? ya i wanna try the food the food! i head they have a good curry or something like that thats pretty much i know about them i guess people connect mostly to their food thats the way the share the culture ya, food connects people, right? ya, it connects people better ways than like Trump so have you tried the food? not yet so what do you think its gonna be like i have heard it is spicy it’s definitely gonna be spicy the masala and the stuffs so you wanna really try that right? ya i really wanna try that, cool so what was the one thing that you like its a kind of spicy so you like the spicy ya people in India usually tells that Americans don’t like spicy so note it down Americans do love spicy, ok what about you i like the movies you all make the movies! what the one element that you like most about movies they are creative super cool! do you like the song and the dance ya, everything you like the dance right? yes i said dance so what makes you love the dance and the music stuffs just kind a like how you guys move to your own beat and the type like you said earlier the music, its definitely different definitely from here you mean the dance and the stuffs all the… everything all the place pretty ,colourful clothes cool!, oh yeah the flowers are amazing rich kind of biodiversity everything how often do you used to watch Indian movies like a few months ago nice to meet you man whats your name? George most of us have thought Indian foods are not so good because it’s spicy and sour Indians won’t eat food made in our homes but, they would dine in McDonald’s so what do we need to understand is the fact that Indian food, thats so good. spicy, Americans love spicy i even asked Americans about the misconception that Americans hate spicy food So they replied me that they would chock while eating spicy food but still, they addicted to it! our food, our culture and our dance and musics is truly unique Indians thought that Indian films are so marvellous but we have to understand the reality, that people like our culture and food people won’t recognise what they are blessed with we should show a love towards Indian culture and beliefs one should remember that there is no artificiality in Indian culture so lets withhold our culture so let me wind up this video please like this video if you love it and need more also consider share my videos and subscribing to my channel every sharing is so important, as it could help to grow my channel till next video Adios Amigos