[Music] hello good morning everyone today I’m going to share with you my very first what I eat in the day for right now I’m not really on any kind of active diets so I’m not really trying to lose weight or anything I’m just trying to maintain my current weight so this is what I eat in a day to maintain and also to enjoy some delicious food so if you’d like to see some nice recipes and healthy meal ideas please keep on watching ok so first thing in the morning I always start my morning with a cup of tea today I’m drinking this Chinese black tea which I really really love and in China we’re always told to rinse the tea first like using hot water to first rinse out the tea a little bit and then the second time you brew you actually brew the tea it’s just what I’m told so after I make the tea I will go back to my laptop I will drink some hot tea and then just go ahead and check my emails and get some fast tasks done in the morning and right around ten o’clock I am ready for my breakfast I grab some fruit and some yogurt today I’m doing a yogurt Bowl sometimes I’ll do a meal sometimes I’ll do yoga just depends on what I’m feeling that day and in terms of fruit I’ll either do berries or bananas or apples they’re all good options so today I’m just doing some blueberries and raspberries and they a nonfat Greek yogurt this is the original flavor so it doesn’t really have much added sugar which I like and then I’m going to top this off with some more toppings I am doing some walnuts which I love these are good for your brain according to my mom so I just break up about two to three walnuts and about five to six almonds so that gives you some healthy fatty acids I’m also adding some hemp seeds this is one of the super foods that contains magnesium which is really good for your body and then there’s some granola I love this one has roasted coconuts really really yummy and contains a little bit of sugar but it just sweetens up that you’ll grate a little bit and this final thing is very Chinese it’s goji berries goji berries is known to have lots of antioxidant and anti-aging effects so I like to add them to my oatmeal or yogurt bowl and now I’ll just enjoy my breakfast while continuing to work on my laptop so I will see you at lunch time hi everyone now it’s around lunch time and typically I prepare my lunch the day before so for dinner I would just cook a little bit more and then pack in lunchbox for my husband and also just do something a little bit of leftovers for my own lunch the next day so I don’t have to cook I can use more of my time during the day to work or study or do things I need to do so this is some leftover from last night I try to eat a pretty balanced meal during lunch so I have some rice this is a white rice mixed with black rice so it’s like this purplish color it’s actually really good for you black rice has a lot of fiber which is good for digestion and then I have some bamboo shoots with pork ribs and then some bok choy so that’s my Chinese style balanced lunch so I eat my lunch and I continue drinking some of the tea I made yeah I normally will watch some kind of show during lunch time he’s kind of my break during the day I’ve been watching the new phone way chef Nick show which is a like cooking and travel show so yeah I’ve been watching that lately I’m gonna enjoy my lunch and I will see you I didn’t [Music] all right good evening everyone it’s not around 6 o’clock and it’s time for me to cook dinner so typically I like to cook something healthy for dinner healthy but delicious so today I decided on making some Chinese food so here I have some Chinese string beans these are a little different from the stream beans you find in America markets they are less crispy more chewy and they grab on to flavor a lot better so I’ve just washed them and cut them into pieces like this and then I have some eggs three eggs actually I think yeah three eggs and some tomato I’m going to make egg and tomato and then I also prepared some shrimp so we’re gonna do a Chinese style stir fry shot so real quick let me just prepare the ingredients and then we’ll get cooking so I’ll start off by cutting up the tomatoes you want to cut the tomatoes into like medium sized chunks you don’t really want to cut it super small so it doesn’t get really soupy so I just cut up to medium size tomatoes and then I’ll break the three eggs in the bowl and then I’m going to scramble it with a little bit of salt I’m using key Malayan pink salt here and you want to really beat up the egg to make sure it becomes a very smooth liquid because we’ll be scrambling that later and now adding to a nonstick pan adding about 1 tbsp of grapeseed oil I’ve also used avocado oils before so really whatever oil that you like to use I personally like to cook a little more healthy so I use less oil in my recipe than a typical Chinese recipe for sure because Chinese cooking is pretty oily but here I own I used a nonstick pan so I can use less oil in pretty much all of my cooking so we’re just going to scramble up the eggs a little bit you want to make sure the eggs are not burnt so make sure you are all medium heat here and you want to take the eggs into a separate place when it becomes solid and start holding its shape and then using the same pod just adding another just half tablespoon of oil now I’m just stir frying the tomatoes I’m going to add about one tablespoon of ketchup ketchup really enhanced the flavor of the tomatoes so you want to add it in there so you can taste more of the tomato flavor and I’m also adding just one teaspoon of sugar to counter the acidity of the ketchup so now I just keep stir frying it for about another minute and then you just add the egg back in there and make sure you lower the heat here to like medium to low heat and for another minute or so you can just plate it up and just top it off with some scallions and that’s Tomatoes and next okay now we’re gonna work on stir frying the shrimp onto a hot pan I’m going to add one tablespoon of oil and then just stir fried with ginger a little bit until you can smell the aroma and then you add the raw shrimp it’s actually best if you use shrimps that has head all Oh gave it a lot more flavor so today I’m just working with head off shrimps but if you can get a head on get it head on and here I’m adding in just a 1/2 tablespoon of cooking wine to really get the seafood taste out of there you want to be on high heat for this so you can completely evaporate the alcohol and then I’m going to add 1 large tablespoon of soy sauce the soy sauce is pretty much the only sauce you need for this recipe so it’s super simple and quick you stir-fry that for about another two minutes and that’s it before we move on to the final dish I’m going to quickly air fry these dumplings I got these Thai shrimp yosef from Trader Joe’s and we’re just going to air fry them 306 390 degrees for 10 minutes okay now moving on to the final dish I’m going to again add about one tablespoon of oil to a pan and some garlic you want to be on medium heat for that so you don’t burn the garlic right away and then just add the string beans and stir fry until it’s about halfway cooked and then you want to lower the heat to medium to low heat so you don’t continue to burn the garlic and here we’ll add about a quarter cup of water or a little less than quarter cup of water and then continue stir frying it until it’s fully cooked and then your you can add a little bit of salt and I’m also adding about one large tablespoon of oyster sauce which goes very well with this dish so I’m just continuing to stir fry until it’s fully cooked and we’re just going to go ahead and plate it up it’s super healthy and delicious and there we go a super healthy and delicious Chinese style dinner is ready okay so this is my what I eat in the day video I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and enjoy the Chinese recipes I said if you are interested in more of this kind of video please let me know down below thank you very much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye what did you do how did you make this room