so I just got back from a pier bar and I
had this square bar on the way but now I’m gonna make my post-workout smoothie
and I’ve been using this different protein this is the genuine health vegan
fermented proteins and I like it because it’s fermented so you don’t get bloating
with vanilla flavor so I put in a scoop of that and you want to make sure you
get protein in your smoothie you want at least 20 grams 25 is ideal up to 30 if
you’re a guy and then of course vital proteins collagen
I’m only got put one scoop in because I’ll probably have a another scoop of
collagen at some point in the day and this one is the mixed berry flavor it
doesn’t really taste like berries too much to me at least in my smoothie maybe
everything else kind of overpowers it but I don’t really taste the berry I’m
putting in 1/4 of a banana you want to limit your fruit to 1/4 of a fruit
otherwise that’s too much sugar in your smoothies I’m putting in a pinch of
pearl powder and pearl is really good for your skin and you only need a pinch
of this it’s meant for moon juice and it lasts forever like a pinch in the clip
look how big the jars I will leave it down below as well as everything else if
I can find it some maca powder which is a really good for energy and also it
balances hormones so I put that in there and then I also put in I’ve been putting
in some rock cacao lately and basically that makes it taste chocolaty but it
doesn’t have any sugar in it and actually raw cacao has very high
antioxidant levels it’s like higher than even like a goji berries it’s a lot
higher than even that raw cacao as long as it’s not heat it it’s actually quite
quite good for you you could put it in smoothies but you can also bake with it
so you know increase the nutrient profile of your dessert oh then I know
I’ve seen it before you guys know I use it my videos so silk almond milk and
then I’m probably gonna add some ice but I blend this first and then I
so that it doesn’t get like to overflowing okay so I’m gonna be making
some of my bulletproof matcha I’ve been making this instead of bulletproof
coffee lately so I’m starting off with one packet of matcha which is I think
about a teaspoon so you put that in the bottom and then I’m adding in one scoop
of the vital proteins collagen peptides and then we’re gonna do one cap full of
the brain octane if I can open it one-handed and then you just add the hot
water all right camera got foggy and then I’m using this thing from Amazon we
kind of just blend it all together and this is really good for gut health
because not only is the mark to help rebuild your lining and promote
digestion the collagen is really really good at building your lining and then
the coconut oil is great for your digestion as well so overall it’s super
good for your house hey everyone so I’ve decided this little vlog what I
eat and they let’s get this straight it’s going to be more of a gut health
focused one and kind of to show you what I like to do to keep my hut and got half
in check cuz good health is like just affects everything affects your mood
affects your pitch affects so much when that is good like when your guts good
everything’s good I’m wearing my save the B shirt from beekeepers Naturals
yeah I don’t know if they sell them online because they gave me the shirt so
I’m not sure but they might and I’m also just feeling a really burnt out like I’m
getting to the burned out face if you guys didn’t know I’m in med school and I
just feel like I’m going into third year and it hit me like a truck there’s just
a lot more school a lot more to do it’s a lot more intense so keeping up with
that and keeping up with creating content planning content like it takes a
lot for just a video like I have to do the recipes test the recipes go like
even the grocery store buy stuff come back it doesn’t work try something else
and it’s like I love it but it’s just I wish I
just more time in the day and I’m getting really tired so I decided today
I was going to work from home and like do work and errands and stuff today so
why don’t you guys like a gut thing that I make I make a big batch of gut shots
because I really do not have time in the morning to do like an individual gut
shot each day I’m sorry like sorry I keep looking at the viewfinder guys I’m
tired um what’s this thing oh yeah I make a
bunch of this gut shot and then I just take a shot of it tell you guys what’s
in it and I will leave the recipe down below as well
the first off I put apple cider vinegar in it and you want to make sure you get
the kind with them butter and this has great raw enzymes which work great for a
digestion and it’s best to do this first thing in the morning like on an empty
stomach and then don’t eat for about 20 minutes after I’m gonna put in it some
raw honey and I put it in into a warm water but not hot water so that it
doesn’t scald the honey and we lose all the benefits of the raw honey and honey
is good because it promotes the good bacteria in your gut doing work which is
anti-inflammatory promotes good bacteria and then a pinch of pepper like black
pepper sorry something’s on my eye which helps you absorb the turmeric I also
take out glutamine and I really like this brand it’s really cost-effective
hopefully it’ll focus it’s like I wanted to say 15 dollars for this whole thing
which is a really good price and basically it repairs the gut lining and
it’s what your whew it is what your cells use as fuel in your system so it’s
basically like energy for your system repairs your gut lining and it’s just
it’s also good for like muscle recovery and like muscle soreness so if you had a
really hard workout like it’s really good but stress depletes your
l-glutamine so if you’re really stressed out this is how I got leaky gut I was
really stressed out overworked wasn’t taking care of my gut and then I got
leaky gut which means I’m intolerant to a lot of things and it’s been a journey
to rebuild my gut so this is like essential this is like the bee’s knees
you you need to get this um not sponsored or anything like not even
affiliated with this brand it’s just a really girly good brand so I will leave
that down below and I hope you guys don’t mind that I’m like wearing like
just a little bit of coverage of a concealer today
cuz I want to keep it real with you guys I don’t want to put a full face with
makeup on and I have to go get my eyelashes touched up so I can’t put on
eye makeup some you know we’re gonna roll with it so what’s next time is it
it is 12:30 so this is a salad it’s called the balance it’s organic gluten
free new sheet dance paleo I’m really into paleo I’ll talk more about like
other gut health tips in a bit so hope this is straight um what I like to do
when I have containers like this is like take the dressing and then pour it on
top but then I’m gonna put the lid back on and like shake it up so that the
dressing gets distributed and this like is just so easy to do so this is what
the salad looks like and then I’m going to be watching Paulina’s vlog verbing on
is like her vlogs or one of my favorite blogs another great way to help your gut
health is to eat a lot of prebiotics so that’s things that like a bananas sweet
potato kefir seaweed and those all helped form probiotics so pre like
before pre helped form probiotics so in my fridge I have the ginger Berry a
synergy which I think I’m going to have today I think I want this one the normal
ginger aid that’s a pumpkin spice creamer I’ll leave that video down below
and then I also have a brew doctor one back there and if you guys want to know
what other things I carry for drinks my fridge I have a cedar juice so Ocean
Spray cranberry some coconut water honey water which is good for post-workout
this fermented probiotic and all the probiotic drink from well up this is the
two Merck one and you know sort of like to be drinks as I have but kombucha is
really good well I just chopped all of these up and
put on some rosemary some avocado oil and some garlic powder while these two
potatoes are in the oven I’m gonna give you guys a couple tips for good health
so the first thing that’s huge on gut health is avoiding like eliminating
refined grains sugar alcohol soy and corn and dairy all those are
inflammatory and all of those really don’t help your gut heal and actually
make it worse so avoid those if you’re trying to get your good balanced and
healthy you also want to work under stress because when you’re stressed it
goes right to your gut there’s a good very strong mind and got connection so
stress has a lot to do with your digestion and your gut so whether you’re
taking adaptogens doing yoga whatever you’re doing to reduce your stress is
like key for your gut so make sure you do those two things okay so this is my
dinner and this is Keaney I roasted as well I put some kraut some chicken and
then the purple and normal sweet potatoes and this is the CREP that I
like is the wild brine raw organic it’s just three ingredients
I believe is just red cabbage a little bit of sea salt and garlic and crowd is
really good for you because it’s fermented so it’s kind of like kombucha
in the sense that it’s gonna be a probiotic it’s great for your gut and
it’s like naturally fermented so put some of that in the middle we’ve got
some healthy carbs it’s some protein and yes fermented crowd which is going to be
really great for our debt and then I like having some fresh mint tea after
dinner so I just use some fresh mint and I put that in a cup this one is clear it
says hustle I love it and then use pour hot water on top it’s super simple but I
feel like I get a lot of questions on this on my Instagram