morning everyone and welcome back to my
channel today’s video is going to be a what I eat in a day specifically focus
on gut health and preventing and treating bloating I took a poll on the
community tab and I did this one and a 12-hour clinic shift for what I eat and
you guys well what I look about Adhan the most I think now it’s 5050 so I’m
gonna end up doing both this one first great for little things you can
implement over the holidays too if you’re going to be indulging enjoying my
bulletproof coffee you might offensive Santa mug and yeah today I’m just gonna
show you guys all the different things that you can do for gut health and I’m
gonna focus on really easy inexpensive things as well so not like anything too
too fancy but I’ll throw in a couple of supplements that I do take as well so
I’m gonna throw it back into this morning um and just show you my lemon
water just only thing I have for my coffee and then after that we will get
right into breakfast so every morning I start off with lemon water and the
secret to getting the juice out is to roll it a bit before you squeeze it now
I drink lemon water in the morning because it’s great for liberate
detoxification so it will help support your liver in this process of detoxing
also stimulates digestion and it creates digestive enzymes which are all gonna
help with bloating and gut health if your gut is strong so I’m important some
hot water in and then I’ll sit back I’ll also take some glutamine in the morning
which is great for gut health it basically heals and seals and I’d take a
shot of that and I will drink my lemon water once I’ve done that it is time for
coffee and I I am a big fan of coffee in the morning guys
so I used my Breville machine and I make basically in americano and then I add
some brain octane which is like an MCT oil with a higher carbon count so it’s
actually able to cross the blood-brain barrier and use it as fuel and so you
get clarity and a mental fog and all that kind just goes away and then I add
some cinnamon in for blood sugar and blend that up so for breakfast I’ve been
making these coconut yogurt bowls so coconut yogurt is great because it’s
full of probiotics and probiotics are gonna help to nourish your gut it also
helps to seal the digestive lining because of the great healthy fats in it
I’m pairing it with some fruit which is great low sugar so it’s not gonna feed
any bad bacteria and I love purely Elizabeth the granola but I was out of
the granola so I’m just using one of their granola bars and kind
of mixing that up into the yogurt and putting it into pieces so I like grain
free because all the nuts in the seeds really help to foster a healthy fats and
all those healthy fats help to nourish your lining and they won’t bloat you
like any other ones well and this one is also low in sugar so you won’t get
bloating the simple easy breakfast I eat this all the time and it’s so good for
you so I’m just having a some greens powder I just mix it with water I’ll
show you guys which one it is the amazing grass raw reserve not sponsored
this is just the one that I’ve been using lately but I like it because it
has 25 billion probiotics in it so which is each scoop each I might have this I
get 25 billion probiotics probiotics are really good for your gut so if you’re
not taking a provided pill this can be a really great addition you can also add
it to smoothies but I just like having it water and it’s also a great way to
get more greens and it can be hard to get like 7 servings of greens a day so
to make sure that I do I use this one and the ingredients are really good so I
thought that I would mention it moving on to lunch I love to create big
nourishing bowls so I prepped some sweet potato and broccoli which I will leave
the recipe for down below I just roast it at 400 for 25 minutes with some olive
oil and some garlic super simple and then I just take whatever leftover
protein I have on hand and lately I’ve been adding pomegranate seeds which are
so delicious and they actually have so many antioxidants for you as well
mint mint is great for digestion too so I love the mint on top it’s so fresh and
then some tahini dressing so my advice here is to eat cooked veggies cooked
veggies and protein are not only gonna keep you full but they’re easier to
digest in a big raw salad so it’s after lunch now I’m gonna make a ginger shot /
ginger juice at home ginger is one of my favorite things for gut health in
digestion not only does it help to digest your food but it’s also good for
any kind of nausea or stomach cramping or any kind of digestive complaints
bloating ginger is basically your go-to for gut health and it’s really great
because ginger you can buy at the supermarket it’s super inexpensive so
you don’t even need to buy a supplement and I’m gonna show you a quick way to
juice it at home where you don’t need anything fancy all you need is a nut
milk bag which you can get for 10 or 11 dollars on Amazon
so it’s pretty much no excuse why you can’t have it you can also just make
ginger tea so I like to grate some ginger and then have a tea like that but
this is just like a ginger juice if you don’t want it hot you can have it cold
or room temperature like I don’t have it but ginger is definitely one of my top
things for gut health and bloating and just helping your digestion overall
again it’s super affordable too so it’s a great thing that you can add to your
diet in your lifestyle so for this ginger shot is super simple
I’m taking a huge chunk of garlic I add in a couple tablespoons of water
I blend that up and then we’re going to squeeze it through a nut milk bag it’s
super easy it’s a great affordable way to make a ginger shot this one makes two
at a time and it is good for 24 hours all right guys
got my did you schatzi this so now that I’ve had my little ginger shot I’m gonna
make some peppermint tea you guys follow me on Instagram you know I’m always
talking about mint tea mint tea is also another one of my tried-and-true things
that I’ve been doing pretty much daily for probably like five years now I’d
either do fresh mint tea which is so delicious you buy fresh mint at the
grocery store you pour hot water you have fresh mint tea but if you don’t
make that like if you can’t find a fresh mint you can definitely just use mint
tea bags so this is like fresh mint that I use you just buy mint and make tea or
I’ll use this one from traditional medicinal of its organic peppermint tea
I guess both of these are very affordable and
now the reason peppermint is so good for you its first of all it’s an
antispasmodic and what that means is that means when there’s cramping or any
kind of digestive upset in your stomach it’s gonna relax those muscles so that
you feel less crampy and it’s gonna make them relax and that’s no more pain if
that makes sense it’s also good for stimulating bio flow so you can bile in
your stomach that gets released when you eat something actually helps to digest
fats so another food but mainly fats and so when you drink that that stimulates
the bile flow so you can get better at digestion I love doing this after meals
more so than like a before meal like in the morning so if after lunch or after
dinner it’s a great thing another great thing is that it actually helps to
control cravings so if you have creativeness real like processed food or
sugar or any of that kind of stuff it is great for that too now the key is when
steeping it so whether you do the fresh or you do
the teabags you want to Steve it for 10 minutes covered and that’s because all
the oils and that that’s released from the mint go up into the air and you want
to keep those in your cup as much as possible so when you steep it steep it
for 10 minutes covered and then go ahead and drink it before the peppermint tea
naturally I’m just taking some fresh mint leaves or you can take your tea bag
and you just steep it for 10 minutes covered but like I said mint is great
for cravings it’s good for any kind of sugar cravings or any processed food
cravings it’s a great antispasmodic so it’s really gonna help flatten your
stomach if you’re bloated so this is key that’s one of my staple teas that I’ve
been drinking for years all right guys I’m going to enjoy my fresh mint tea and
I will check in with you around in dinner so moving on to dinner I’m having
this lentil coconut dal with cauliflower rice so if you guys saw my healthy meal
prep video I made this with lentils and tumeric in coconut milk and you guys
know how good coconut is for you and this with coconut rice it just really is
easy to digest it’s a nice cozy meal it’s gonna fill you up at all those
really good fats those proteins are gonna be so good for you and they’re not
gonna blow to you hey guys so it’s evening now I’m just gonna make a little
after-dinner treat so I’m gonna make some hot chocolate I’ve been obsessed
with Rishi hot chocolate this season it’s just that the benefits of hot
chocolate but you get the benefits and mushrooms too and it tastes great and
it’s like the perfect sweet tooth thing without like indulging too much I
believe this one is only 25 calories a packet not that I count calories but
just because some people are gonna be interested and I like the one with
reishi and that’s because reishi actually alters your gut bacteria for
the better so it’s gonna help look eliminate bad bacteria and help the good
bacteria in there flourish it’s also good for asleep and inflammation and to
be honest when you’re not getting restful sleep when you’re inflamed
you’re gonna have bloating you’re gonna have gut health issues so Rey she’s just
a really good thing that’s gonna help you sleep it’s gonna decrease
inflammation and it’s really gonna benefit that good gut bacteria and this
is easy I just mix it with a packet of water I mean this video is not sponsored
by Powermatic you guys know I’ve used it for years
and it’s my favorite you can just mix it with water so I’m gonna have
a little bit of hot chocolate and I’ll make a No I’m gonna enjoy this
and then probably that’s going to be it for the night I don’t like to eat too
close to going to bed because if you don’t want to eat like right before bed
so imma drink this and yeah I hope you guys found this video helpful and you
learn some things about good health and bloating easy things that you could
implement into your routine especially like the ginger the peppermint and lemon
they’re all really inexpensive ways that you can improve your gut health and stop
bloating and if you guys want more like videos like what I eat in a day for
blank let me know and I can do that I can do one for skin I can do one for
weight loss I can do all these types of things so yeah I’m gonna enjoy my hot
chocolate I hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you guys in
my next video bye guys