(light guitar music) – Hi guys, welcome back to another “What I Eat In A Day” video. I’m at my parents’ house and
I’m actually headed to Boston tomorrow for our trip,
but I thought I’d film a “What I Eat In A Day” video today because I am doing a
bunch of recipe testing and I just haven’t done
one of these in a while so that’s what we’re gonna do. I already made my matcha which you saw and now I’m gonna make a really quick, like breakfast slash snack
which I’ve been really into which is just a rice cake
with almond butter and banana, it’s so easy but it’s
absolutely delicious. Had to change my memory card but I am going to make
my rice cakes right now and I usually just have
one, it’s already 10:30 so I’m just gonna have
one with half a banana and almond butter and then
I’m gonna be recipe testing all day so I’ll probably
be munching on things throughout the morning. And then I have some
leftovers from earlier or from yesterday that
I’m gonna have for lunch. These are the rice cakes that I like. They are brown rice cakes,
they’re from Lundberg Farms, they are salt-free and they are organic. And then this is the almond
butter that I’m using, creamy almond butter from Once Again, this is one of my favorite
nut butter companies. It’s so creamy and I just
slather on some of that butter and top it with sliced
banana and chia seeds and hemp seed and call it a day. (light guitar music) This is a vegan crab cake recipe. I used some chickpeas,
artichokes and hearts of palm and then you just pan
fry them in a little bit of olive oil and they are
smelling so delicious. I’ll show you the
finished product in a sec. That’s what I’m frying up right now. But here is the finished product. I’m having some issues
with focus on this camera. This is a new camera and I’m
probably gonna switch back to my other vlogging camera
but I will cut into them and show you what they
look like on the inside. Okay, so in addition to the crab cakes I’m also going to reheat
some zucchini fritters. If you’ve never made that
recipe it is so good. I’ll link it down below for you. I love having extras on hand
that I toast in the oven and I put hummus, tomato, and
avocado on top, it’s so good. And then I also have a leftover salad that I made yesterday which
is a shaved brussel sprout salad which I’m also
gonna have on the side. So basically just leftovers galore. (light guitar music) So while that’s heating up here
is the brussel sprout salad, it’s basically just shaved brussel sprouts with finely chopped-up
kale, toasted almonds and a honey-lemon dressing with also some hemp hearts in there for protein. And it’s absolutely delicious. This is coming in quite a while but I do have a similar one on the blog which I will link down in
the description box for you. Went back to my iPhone ’cause
it just focuses a lot better, but anyway, so here’s
the salad, it is so good, look at that, and then the
zucchini fritters with hummus and tomato and back here is the crab cake. So let me cut into this so you can see what it looks like on the inside. Oh yeah, baby. (light guitar music) So it’s been a
super-productive day so far. I got done four different recipes, I got eight done in the last two days and I now have all of
January’s content done so hopefully getting back from our trip will even be, will be even less stressful because I won’t have to worry about a month’s worth of content. But yeah, I hope you guys
enjoyed what we’ve made today. I know I didn’t totally
show you everything and I’m not quite sure what’s for dinner. We’re either gonna do the green
curry soup that I made today or we’re gonna just do
like a fridge clean-out because my parents get their CSA tomorrow and my mom wants to use up
as many veggies as possible. So we actually might
make my zucchini pizza and then make like a tomato,
cucumber salad or something. But, we’ll see, I think I’m
gonna pour myself a glass of wine right now and finished
editing another video. (light guitar music) All right, so we are just gonna
heat up the green curry soup which I made today which
has green curry, lentils, kale, white sweet potatoes,
eggplant and cauliflower in it. And my mom, you can hear her chopping, is making a tomato and cucumber salad which I will show you in just a second. And then we might have
some toast on the side, like super-easy, but
super-delicious dinner. What are you doing here,
chopping up tomatoes. – [Olivia’s Mom] Chopping tomatoes. – [Olivia] Show you what
it looks like over here, chopping up tomatoes, these are from CFA. And then we’re gonna add in
some chopped up cucumber. – [Olivia’s Mom] Trying to
think how I want to cut these. Cut ’em a little thin. That’s more fun. – [Olivia] So then we
also added in some parsley and making a little quick dressing of like lemon, olive oil, very
simple Dijon, salt, pepper. And it’s a really fun way to
have salad without the greens because have greens in our soup. So I love having this in the summertime. Tell people what the deal is with these pickled red onions is. – [Olivia’s Mom] These
are pickled red onions that just have some vinegar in them and a little thyme and some rosemary. That’s about it, just let them- – [Olivia] Just regular vinegar. – [Olivia Mom] I use apple cider vinegar, I put them on everything,
sandwiches, tacos, salads, and you can do all
different kinds of herbs and other types of vinegar with them. – [Olivia] Also you have
thyme and rosemary in there? – [Olivia’s Mom] I put thyme
and rosemary in this one, I haven’t done that before
but I thought I’d try it because I had a bunch. – Smells delish. This salad is gonna be so good. So we also added in a bit
more greens, stirred in this, in the spinach that we had
and it’s smelling so good. This recipe is not
coming for a long a time but I do have other curries on the blog which I will link down below for you. I do have another green curry
with tofu which is awesome so you will be able to
make this in January but if you wanna make
a green curry right now I’ll link that one down for you. All right here’s the dinner sitch, bit of toast, so the salad. Looks awesome. And soups, probably need hot sauce, right? All right my friends,
that pretty much does it for today’s “What I Eat In A Day” video. I’m not even honestly sure what I ended up filming so I hope you still found it interesting and fun. I’ll link anything that I talked about down in the description box for you and it’s now time for me to pack up my bag because I am headed
down to Boston tomorrow and then I’m gonna spend
two days down there and then we’re leaving for our full trip on Saturday evening. So I’m gonna pack up my bag, and, I know I mentioned in last week’s video that I was gonna do a
packing video for you but based on how it seems
that the packing video of last week went, I feel
like this is more relevant to you guys and you’re more interested in this kind of video so
I don’t think actually gonna film that even though
I do have footage for it. So yeah, if you have any questions for me about today’s video, let me know down in the comments. Like I said, links will be
down in the description box and the next time I see
you, at least vlogging, I will be in Europe. I do have videos that are filmed in the New York City apartment that are still coming your
way but the next vlog style will be in Europe, so
I’ll catch you guys there, I hope you have an
awesome rest of your day. Thank you so much for tuning
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in the next one, bye. (light guitar music)