have you ever tried Indian food guys yeah yeah we love anything no heaven yes I’ve had Indian food before yeah many times yes yep yeah yes I have it’s one of my favorite hey what is happening all you lovely people you are watching North America’s only Indian Street interview YouTube channel that takes your questions and comments to the street ladies and gentlemen a very warm welcome to our should they C Street short series and I’m your host Bobby B G this week we took some of your funniest comments to the street and asked people for their opinion we hope that you will begin to pay until the very end if you enjoyed what we do and would like us to continue please show us your support by liking sharing and subscribing to our channel for now please sit back relax and enjoy when was the last time you guys had Indian food last week yeah last week last artists two weeks ago I believe I was with her but yeah probably about two three weeks ago when was the last time you guys had Indian food Monday night Monday night yes I just I make what would be my like version of Indian food so it’s not actually any food but it’s like it’s a totally shitty bland westernized bastardized version of Indian food we sometimes say that one of our best skills on a scale of one to ten how spicy do you guys think in the intruders I don’t know maybe in eight if they actually make it spicy I think it’s like a mild mile three probably about a seven usually no I mean it depends on the region it depends on lots of things but I stay on average and give it a seven I feel like you can customize it to make your house spicy you want okay it’s about like a four or five can be from zero to ten so what do you think may happen to you if you eat a lot of Indian food Oh your ass is on fire what’s your favorite Indian dish phagon you bacon here I like I’m exhausted none any kind of freshmen on amazing butter ticket I get the eggplant one it’s like this has a B name it’s like beggin papa yeah yeah that’s the one on Viserys I would be more of a chana masala advantage of the butter chicken what are the main sort of like ingredients in butter chicken you think oh my god um really butter I guess that’s pretty surprising there’s butter and butter chicken I did not know that do you know what if the mo sighs yeah yeah oh yeah yeah for sure yes yes I do oh yeah I definitely eat them regularly but I don’t know if I actually know where they are you guys know what if samosa is yeah I like mine veggie a nice big pyramid good size whenever I am samosa haha I’d say that right and I think it every time I’m like can I describe samosa the filling of pastry of a kind deep-fried pastry of chickpeas and potato carrots are the root vegetables sometimes there’s it looks like a little triangular pocket filled wispy potato usually nice and excited it’s kind of like I guess comparable for like a pizza pocket right it’s weird um crispy with I don’t know like potato he’s depending on me to get flexible or peas inside of comes with a pocket crunchy and hard on the outside and the inside is filled with vegetables and has a consistent texture my favorite part I guess is the sauces crispy flavorful oily it is a triangular prism okay it is wrapped and I don’t know I’m not sure what the dose called but it’s a deep fried chickpea pace with keys inside and you can either get the red sauce it’s a little bit spicy or the green sauce a little bit sweet crispy dough pastry and it’s filled with like potato and peas and spices don’t have meat some have this edgy if I tell you that samosa is actually a French food what will you have to say surprising but not surprising I guess do you know the most I’ve actually a Japanese dish I have not heard that I know that it’s similar to empanadas which are from South America but I didn’t know it was Debbie oh I’m Japanese and I didn’t even know that but I think you’re lying I’m half Japanese half polish so actually samosa is half Japanese and half Indian oh really yeah the idea is like sushi so the outer crust of it actually was developed in Japan and the potato part inside which is actually Indian do you know some more size actually a variation of sushi I didn’t but that seems real what would you say if I tell you today that samosa actually is another version of sushi it’s actually a Japanese dish I mean I wouldn’t just use you in do you want to know why no tell me what because as Canadians I think we have a very strange understanding what India through it is because [Music] actually an Italian dish really samosas our Italian yeah I guess that makes sense [Music] thank you very much for showing your love by watching the video please do not forget to subscribe to savvy BG TV if you’d like to watch more content like this also do not forget to like the video and click on that little Bell button over there if you’d like to get the notification stay tuned and stay safe [Music]