You guys are not gonna believe what I’m about to eat right now dogs, rats, snails, worms Insects, you cannot imagine this. I cannot imagine this and you probably didn’t even know that these things are eaten in India So let’s go and let’s discover the weird and wonderful Indian Street food here in the state of Nagaland This market is incredible. It’s like 500 meters long.. “bro bro” what? You guys got cakes..Hi! Are you shy? Yeah, you shouldn’t be. Hey buddy you know me. What’s up? Now, you’re on the vlog. Sorry. We’ll have cake for dessert, not right now though. Okay. This lady is serving silkworm I’m gonna try this right now They’re worms and they’re just deep-fried in some spices. That’s it. Silkworms All right. So these are 250 rupees and you can’t just buy a small pack. You’re gotta buy the whole thing So what I have here is Silk worm And it doesn’t look good. It looks like Like a big, fat, juicy worm covered in haldi (turmeric). So it’s yellow It’s fat and it’s cold. I don’t even know if it’s been deep-fried or not Anyway, let’s give it a go There’s something in the middle there No idea what that is. The worm is really soft and it has this kind of.. this outer shell which is kind of like like.. plasticy, and then inside you’ve got this really soft kind of meaty texture. It’s really soft It’s kind of like marshmallows inside a plastic layer and it tastes like chilli and like turmeric Doesn’t taste like much to be honest Wouldn’t say I love it, but you can eat it, it’s fine Nothing weird about it. Alright, our second test subject for silkworm.. dig in bro. Not too bad..You expect something gross, right? Yeah Yeah Yeah They’d be way better if they were warm. They were cold. But anyway, it’s 250 rupees for that small punnet So they’re really expensive and the lady wouldn’t even let us try them and you had to pay 250 rupees minimum to get some of these silkworms All right, we’re gonna come here and we’re gonna try snail.. Chutney. And we found dog meat so gonna get stuck into that now, we’re gonna have dog curry. So this is snail chutney This is dog meat curry. Hi, can we have snail chutney and dog meat? We’ve got dog meat here, I’ve never had dogs before and I’ll talk more about this in a second but we’re gonna try it There’s bones in it and there’s a lot of fat This bit doesn’t have a bone. It looks exactly like lamb. Doesn’t look any different to lamb. Let’s go for it aye?! It’s red inside it’s red meat really really similar to beef and lamb Again, you put that chili flavor they prepared it with a curry sauce, lot of oil But it’s a tender meat it’s not that chewy And the closest thing I can liken it to is lamb chops. It’s extremely similar to lamb chops. We have back home. Marijn is gonna now try the dog meat. It’s a second time. He’s had it before. Yeah, in Laos,.. it was really.. I don’t know.. really didn’t like it. So Let’s see how this is It’s so much better! Yeah, I think that made sure you described it pretty well. This is a bit scary, it’s snails! Look how ugly these things are! Super ugly..ugh! And actually there is a hard shell on the snails I’m gonna have to get the snail out of there and eat it Of course they eat these in France as well so these aren’t so weird Hey, can you come here? How do you eat this? First on the back, you need to suck once. Then on the front and it will come (out). Okay! So to eat snail in Nagaland you better suck on the back first, then you suck on the front. And it’s just gonna pop out. Let’s go. There it is, it didn’t come but I can see it. So here it is. I got it, let’s try that again. It’s definitely hit there now. There it is! Do you see? Again they’ve put a lot of spices in this you get a chilli a lot in this again Yet it’s hard it doesn’t really have a distinct taste that I can tell you like. like the dog tastes like lamb, this just tastes like… I don’t know. Worm. Chilli worm. Chilli worm, that’s how I’d describe it. It tastes like chilli and worm, that’s it. Everything here, we’ve tried so far the silkworm the dog and a snail, it’s that overpowering kind of chilli and tumeric flavor, I can’t describe it any better than that. The curry sauce is really light on everything. It just lightly covers the silkworm or the dog or the snail. Now, I know you guys are all going to blast me in the comments for eating KuttaJi, but here in Nagaland It’s completely normal to eat dogs. They eat dog Like we eat pork or chicken or beef and either way an animal has been killed so We can’t be hypocrites about it If you eat meat, you know You can’t discriminate what the meat is. You can’t say these people shouldn’t be eating dog or these people shouldn’t be eating cat. They can! They’ve been brought up eating it. It is normal for them to eat these animals. It’s part of their culture and part of the diet here. And what we need to do, is we need to Respect other people’s dietary and we just need to respect what other people eat as long as that animal isn’t endangered of course. Then it becomes a bit of an issue. But yeah I really believe we need to respect people even if they eat cat or dog. Animals that we might have close attachments to. We can’t be hypocrites about it. Meat is meat. I’m really wondering how my stomach’s gonna hold up tomorrow I’ve been eating all these weird things. My god. My body must be like, “What was that you just ate Karl?” All right, we found intestine sausages and back in the old days They’re outside wrapping of the sausage used to be made of intestine. Anyway, if it’s still not. I’m not sure. So anyways, this sausage is filled with the intestines of a pig. Let’s do it! So this is the pig intestine sausage she’s cooking us right now. The black sausage here. She’s just basting it with, “is that butter?” “No, sauce!” Sauce, ok. Chilli sauce? “No, masala sauce.” What sauce? “Masala sauce.” Masala sauce. All right. Thank you so much. “You’re welcome.” It looks great. Here’s the pig intestines sausages. You got all the intestines of the pig ground down and Put into this kind of kind of strange looking Sausage on a skewer. Let’s give it a go away Let’s see. Not so good. It looks like blood inside basically and that’s what it tastes like. It’s not so meaty. It’s more… It’s more bloody actually. The flavour is how I imagined like cooked blood and they’ve actually had blood sausages before but that’s what I imagine this is. You give it a go bro See what it looks like.. it’s like.. have you tried blood sausage before? It’s a British thing? Yeah, it’s just it’s got a texture like bread actually that’s what it has a texture like It almost just needs like some ketchup or something needs sauce actually and again a ton of chili in there Not my favourite. That doesn’t do anything for me. The dog meat was my favourite so far actually. I’ll hand it to somebody else. Let’s try get Manisha to eat it. It tastes amazing! Wait until you try it..It’s like your new version of butter chicken Sure, she likes it. I thought it was disgusting You don’t mind it though Nagaland! I love it. It’s so weird trying all these different foods.. my god! I never thought I would try any of these things, especially dog meat in my life, my god. Thank you Nagaland! Okay, I’ve been lied to I don’t think we’re gonna find rats here, but let’s see what else we can find now I’m sure we can buy some other interesting things here This food tour has been such a whirlwind I’ve met so many of my Northeast subscribers – I love them. Freakin love them Beef is banned in most of India, so I think it’s only fitting that we now eat a beef skewer It’s hard to get it and miss it whenever I’m in anywhere else in India So whenever I come to a state where I can’ eat it, you know I do. We found something even worse to me to eat- meat cooked with blood! He’s so excited for me to try this. What have you found for me? Yeah I found “Moudi” What is Moudi please tell us. Moudi? What is it? So this is a special of one of the tribe here in nagaland it’s given as a return gift and what it is It’s pork cooked with blood. This is the guy who’s trying to torture me with all these weird foods that I’m trying tonight And so it’s wrapped in these banana leaves, is it? Very nice, is it hot or is it cold? Okay, so we eat it cold. Okay great Wow, it does look like blood And so yeah, this is it it’s Pork cooked in blood and you can see the blood quite visibly And then you’ve got massive chunks of pork in there as well Give it a go okay, so the name of this dish is “Moudi” and don’t get this confused with Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. He’ll get totally p****d off at you, it’s just the same name Modi is I’m sure a very good Gujarati vegetarian..and actually, I know he has a personal Gujrati vegetarian chef and there’s about like five or six massive chunks of pork and it’s quiet expensive it’s 300 rupees we’re totally gonna waste because there’s no way we can eat all of this. Anyway, let’s do it. I hate to taste the blood Let’s try and rip this apart with my fingers..there you go.. there’s no pork in there, it is all fat. Okay, here we go We’ve got some pork. I’m not a big fan of like a massive wad of fat. Let’s go for the pork aye Tastes like pork you can hardly taste the blood..can taste it a little bit. I don’t know if I’d give this as a return gift at a wedding I’ll probably give something sweet like jalebi or mithai, but this is what they do here in Nagaland with this You see they keep the skin on it.. you’ve got this really fleshy pig skin on here now I’m not gonna eat that I wasn’t planning on eating pork tonight Actually, I wanted to stick to the strictly strange food but when you’re cooking it in blood that counts as strange. I am going to get in so much trouble making this video because now after I’ve eaten dog, I’m now eating beef which is banned and many states here in India And actually whenever I can get my hands on some beef I will eat it so whenever I’m out of Delhi and in Kerala, I’m in West Bengal and in the North East I’ll eat beef Hi! ..beef balls, please. Alright they’re frying up my beef balls now reheating it And look at that pork sizzling there, whoa! Great!..Hi who are you? Bihari, that’s why you said “hum” In Bihari instead of saying “main”, they say “hum bihari hun”, isn’t it? I’m an Indian What are you eating? I don’t know english. Oh, that’s okay. Chicken. OK, that’s what I wanted to know. I’m eating beef. Is that okay? you have no problem, right? Thank you. And actually that is the reaction you’re gonna get from most Indians They don’t care about other people’s diets and what other people are eating They let people be free to eat what they want But just some of the Indian government does not do. All right, I’ve got the beef balls.. Let’s do this. Yum It’s beef, the spices and there’s a lot of garlic and that’s like garlic beef balls They’ve roasted them over a fire here These guys are playing my jam right now a breakup song. Yeah, we got the hindi music here in Nagaland. Crazy times here with this hindi music. See that’s what hindi music does to you. It makes you go crazy. Oh, woo-hoo! We’re about to try the “Axone” right now and I hope I pronounced that right. “Axone” is a traditional Nagaland food, it’s made in every single house and what they do is they ferment soya beans over two or three days and it turns into what you can see right now and it’s eaten with pork. So you’ve got pork here, you’ve got fat, and you’ve got Axone. And the Axone is the gravy you can see here. Did I say it right? Axone You’ve gotta really say “Axone” from the throat..”Axone” I get this really strong chilli flavour from it. And actually the ingredients of this are chilli, salt, ginger, garlic And that’s about all I can taste, you can’t actually taste any soya bean in it. You wouldn’t know if this was from fermented soya bean. There’s just.. there’s no soya bean thought, I don’t know It’s different, it’s weird But yeah, really really strong chilli taste that’s all i get from it And this is a traditional preparation at homes here in Nagaland.. every single home makes this kind of base curry And it’s eaten by everybody here. Perhaps one of the most popular dishes here in Nagaland. South Indians will love what they’re seeing right now. These women all along this road are selling these Sweet idlis, that’s what I call it People are telling me it’s definitely not idli, but I tried it and it’s definitely rice cakes, but quite sweet It’s a sweet idli We haven’t been able to find rat, guinea pig, frogs or grasshoppers and I’m sad about this because I saw them being sold at the markets here in the morning. Just not cooked Hey, what’s up? Have you ever eaten a rat before? I wanted..I know I wanted to eat it. I saw them being sold at the market Mao market. And frogs, but I couldn’t eat it. Yeah, I wanna try it next time man Thank you, bro North East people are super super sweet So while we consider this food weird We’re the ones who are actually weird! Here this food is totally normal and we are the weird ones finding it so strange and what you realize is that you think you can’t eat this stuff. But what you realize is that it’s all in your mind that you can actually eat the stuff. Dog does not look like dog when it’s sitting in front of you. It looks totally different and it looks damn appetizing. So yeah, we’re weird. People here, and the food they eat is not weird. Totally normal for them. Hey guys in the comments I want you to tell me what is the weirdest food that you have you ever eaten in your life Leave it in the comments below guys. Do it do it do it now Oh! Look at this kid, whoa! Scary mask. Eat. No worries buddy