Hi Nili Nathan on behalf of Expert Village
I’m here with Chef Aj. Hello! And where going Chef Aj is going to be showing you how to
make a chocolate mousse. Decadent non diary cholesterol free chocolate mousse. Fantastic.
Super easy. I have been making this for about 20 years. Take a 12 ounce bag which is approximately
2 cups of non diary chocolate or good quality chocolate easy to find. I’m just going to
put it in a sauce pan with 3 tablespoon of a guava you probably heard about a guava its
delicious. A guava its natural it comes from a cactus, half the calories of sugar and half
of carbohydrates. And they say that its low glycemic and suitable for diabetics which
is one thing that I love about it and its super delicious. So if you have a double boiler
that’s a great thing to use. I didn’t bring one with me today so I’m just going to use
a regular sauce pan which is fine as long as you use it on low heat and you watch it
carefully. You could also melt your chocolate in the microwave on a very very low heat.