hello everyone if me Jenna and I’m at home in my kitchen and I’m going to show you how to make people ultimate chocolate brownie everyone else thinks they have the best chocolate brownie recipe but I’m pretty sure that mine is that because it’s really really really rich because it only uses chocolate no cocoa powder and it’s really gooey inside so first of all what I’ve done is I’ve melted and 250 grams of butter and 250 grams of dark chocolate so at least 70% cocoa solids chocolate and I did that over and a sauce pan of boiling water and in a bowl and just really gently and then I let that cool so I put that to one side meanwhile in my bowl I’ve got 350 grams of caster sugar and I’m going to add 6 eggs to it and we’re just going to beat it up till it gets a little bit lighter so start on a slow-speed and then increase it up to quite they’re quite high a medium to high please right so it’s been going for a little while now a couple of minutes understand add a teaspoon of vanilla extract it’s ready to have a chocolate bit enough I’m just going to turn it down to the minimum speed and then pour this lovely chocolate and butter mixture just straight in and make sure you scrape the bowl really well because you definitely don’t knowwe store this very lovely expensive chocolate so this is 250 grams of butter and 250 grams of dark chocolate which I’ve melted together yummy so give that a little little beat not very much just make sure it’s all really well mixed and so once that’s all mixed together just turn it off and then I’m going to add 150 grams of plain flour which I’ve sifted I’m just going to add a pinch of salt to that and then put the mixer on a low C the lowest of the low and then just shuffle it in because you’re basically trying to fold it in you could do this by hand but I’m too lazy and then you just need to bring it together keep it on for a little bit on minimum until it all comes together and then spread ii that’s your brownie butter absolutely ready so the brownie mix is ready and I’m just going to pour it into your ten inch tin which I’ve greased and lined and you could just pour it in and have a boring old plain brownie but I like to put nuts in mine because I’m nuts I’m nuts so I’ve roasted some hazelnuts and then I bash them up with a rolling pin right so you’re just gonna scatter them all over the bottom of the tin because I gonna form a really nice nutty crust on the bottom just scatter it around with your hands then just give it a wiggle smells nice and then we’re just gonna pour this lot in straight on top all over the place and then we’ll spread it out a bit right so once it’s all leveled out I’m going to pop it in the oven at 180 degrees C for 25 to 35 minutes because ovens can really vary and also I really like mine gooey and I want to catch it just at the right spot so I’m going to check it and then add time if I need to so my brownie came out of the oven I ended up doing it for about 28 minutes to get it just right and it’s now been cooling for about an hour to be completely cool and now I’m going to chop it up with my knife so I’m just cutting it into a four by four so sixteen pieces because that makes quite a nice size and now I’m going to push in one up so that I can eat it I like to have mine with a blob of whipped cream and some chocolate shavings so there it is my ultimate chocolate brownie recipe and I hope you have lots of fun making this and I hope you have as much fun eating as I’m about to have a go at this it’s so budgie and lovely and rich and with those hazel answers with nice and crunchy – hmm if you liked this video and you want to see more lovely videos like this then don’t forget to click Subscribe now and I’m going to go and eat all 16 of my chocolate brownie squares so I’ll see you when I come out as my chopper coma bye you