We got it we got a couple hours to kill so found our local McDonald’s boy eggs Belgian waffles Mango smoothie sounds good movie and Sup brioche though some must all up brioche it’s like a it’s like a veggie patty there it is Which is the blob of interesting sauce right there vegetarian breakfast? That’s not a really fresh fishing paddy. This is pretty darn good This is excellent Mango smoothies excellent Wow scrambled eggs, Oh comes a couple months solid scrambled eggs That’s a good Tuesday scrambled egg some onions in here is some chilies distinct Scott Jose eats this ain’t your porno scrambled eggs I Spy she is fluffy let us definitely cook fresh. Why is it at McDonald’s? It’s really awesome everywhere else except for the US Why is that never had a scrambled egg burger before? Actually, he’s kind of creepy. Let’s go inside. This is a really interesting menu a lot of stuff. I’ve never seen before Spicy paneer oh nice chicken kabob whole grain wrap Hey guys to get a better idea of what McDonald’s serves in India I’m back out of McDonald’s during lunch time to see what’s on the menu so in front of me is basically everything I I haven’t really seen before in the States and this is basically Everything on the menu, and of course there’s our burgers with the wrap versions of the same thing and I didn’t get the rat So let me tell you what I got veggie pizza make puff a chicken kebab burger a chat pata non chicken a Paneer passion mix spicy which should actually make me pretty make happy an American cheese supreme chicka I know it says American on there but I never seen this in the States before and this is a ginormous one here look at this instead of a Big Mac They have a chicken Maharaja Mac of course beef is not on the menu at all and I got some fries because they have this cool thing they put on Fryers called the cream and onion mix and for drinks This is a lemon zest, and I got a thumbs up the Indian version of coke Sweeter a little more fizzy, let’s unpack That looks pretty first thing I just want to try just a fries see the fries are any different Glasses pretty much the same only thing is here they give you this and cream in onion mix for your fries Oh, I might have been a little too much. I’m not sure I Like that hmm makes the first time taste like sergeant an onion chips Pretty good next up. This is the veg pizza make pop so obviously there’s a lot of vegetarian items on this menu. Oh Look at this This thing actually looks like it has a bunch of tomato sauce in here Some veggies, that’s really saucy some green being cheese carrots It tastes like a pizza I mean without the cheese though the thing I like about This item is actually the make puff is shelf I mean look at this This is actually a really flaky really nice pastry now. If there was I’m cheating her this would be a winner This is the chicken kebab sandwich. It kind of looks like a make chicken Whoo it has what looks like some kind of mayo inside and piece of cheese Because it tastes like cardboard a little bit It’s really big and very try. I like the sauce. I like the onions not the Patty so much This is an American cheese supreme on the description it says grilled chicken awesomely American and here it is the dollop of habanero sauce a ton of jalapenos a pretty small Looking chicken patty exactly look like grilled chicken. It looks like some sort of constructed chicken patty I’ll say though the flavor. This is pretty good I mean I still don’t think this is like a real chicken patty, but telling a smoky flavor to it I do like the inclusion of the jalapeno a little crispy grease the heat again chickens slide me on the dry side But the flavor is good Next just a clear passion make spicy It’s actually the really crispy on the outside and it’s some sort of I don’t know Thousand Island looking sauce on top with some lettuce and and cheese I actually took this dumb paneer this Friday really really well the outside light bunchy inside beautifully tender a little bit creamy the sauce The sauce is like a Thousand Island just slightly spicier this whole thing being like a meatless burger. It’s pretty good This is the chapati none chicken and it’s supposed to be a chicken kabob patty with the onions And I think the same sauce I was on the premier and a piece of cheese all on a nun with sesame seeds Obviously, it’s not a fresh nun far cry from what I’ve been having in India every single day This is chicken kebab, but doesn’t that? Doesn’t really taste like chicken I mean if you told me this was like some kind of bean mixture or cheese or something I might believe you. I mean I like the outside which is really crispy that that I do like but does it taste like chicken That’s not much everything and this is it. This is the ultimate burger here at McDonald’s in India I guess this is the Indian version of the Big Mac. This is basically double of the chicken sandwich I have from before I mean this is big Find a good approach here with this As I mentioned before I like the smoky flavor of the chicken patty this one chicken patties not too, dry I like the flavor of the cheese I Could really get on board with this after all that I’m gonna taste their little lemon zesting here This this is McDonald’s because I’m loving it. It’s frizzy It’s lemony very refreshing perfect antidote. I’ve been having a bunch of Burgers and Fries I think if I had to rank what I had today my favorite will be the Maharaja Mac I mean do I prefer the regular Big Mac more? Absolutely because I love might be but the flame grill taste on the chicken patty. It’s really nice I love the compliments of the sauces and the crispy jalapenos I think after that it’d be a tie between the fries with with the onion powder and the piece of puff pastry I think what I liked least is the kebab patties I mean it was just too much of a card or tea element to it But in general after having lunch at McDonald’s and having breakfast at McDonald’s I can say without a doubt that Breakfast at McDonald’s in India is so far superior than their lunch and dinner menu because the fresh Scrambled eggs say even that fancy burger. I had in the morning. I was McDonald’s because I was loving that alright guys Hopefully you enjoy this McDonald’s of India food review Everything I had including breakfast and lunch is listed for you in my description box below Thank you so much for watching now until we get again. I’ll see you later