– We are here at Outback Steakhouse, the Outback. Not in Australia outback,
we’re in Manhattan, and we are going to try
everything on the menu today. I can see trays and trays of food in my peripheral vision over there, and I’m trying not to give it direct eye contact. It’s already intimidating
the shit out of me. (funky music) Holy (beep). Everything I would’ve wanted to order, I’m actually getting to try. I’m going to act like I
don’t know where to start, but I know where to start
and it’s right here. If you come to Outback and you
don’t order a Bloomin’ Onion, there’s something wrong with you. That’s what you have to come here for. That’s what they are known for. These are hand-carved, which if you’ve ever seen
how they slice these onions, it’s very mesmerizing to watch. (funky music) And then we have their Bloom sauce, which is a very spicy, creamy sauce. I wanna put Bloom sauce on everything. I want that on burgers,
chicken fingers, nachos. I know this is the
perfect thing for sharing ’cause you literally just take it and you go like that with it. It’s really hard to share this and it’s so easy to eat. It’s also, it really does
feel like a game to me, where I just wanna take
little pieces out of each one. This is the Kookaburra Wings. I know a song that I
learned in middle school. It was like, ♪ Kookabura sings in the old gum tree ♪ ♪ Merry merry merry merry is he ♪ ♪ Laugh, Kookaburra, laugh ♪ These are just chicken wings, they’re not actual kookaburra wings. (kookaburra singing) But I guess they’re Australian. Why did I learn that song in Hawaii? I don’t know. I enjoy this immensely. And they do blue cheese instead of ranch. I prefer blue cheese over ranch. I think that that’s the
superior dipping choice. Mmm. I’m drinking a blackberry
sangria right now. And don’t worry, it also has vodka in it. I know you were concerned
for my wellbeing. I used to have this lotion
from Bath & Body Works that I put on my hands all the time, and I was obsessed with it. It was like this blackberry,
what was it called? I’ll find out the name and
I’ll ding it here, what it was. It tastes like how it
smelled, but not in a bad way. This is the Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp. Maybe this is the time to
mention one of my fun facts. The three founders of Outback had actually never been to Australia when they first started the restaurant. So it’s like, it has all
this Australian flair to it, but then it’s a lot of American dining. And when I learned that, I was like, “Oh, that makes so much more sense.” But then there still are
Outbacks in Australia, so it’s not like it’s offensive to them. It’s just the right amount of coconut. It looks like there’s a lot on here, but it’s not too much coconut. It’s actually, for coconut-haters, it’s one that they would enjoy. We have our Seared Peppered Ahi, and it comes with this
creamy ginger sauce. I have to say, a lot of
ahi, like seared ahi, doesn’t have much flavor
going on all the time. This one is very well done. Well, it’s not well-done ’cause it’s tuna, but whatever. I’m irrelevant at this point. This looks like every drunk girl’s dream at three in the morning to me. This looks like a mountain
of cheese and bacon bits. It’s definitely a bunch of
different types of cheese. What I thought was (laughs) a side soup, ’cause that’s where my brain is, is actually the side ranch that you get to use to dip it in. I’m not sure what people are doing with their ranch these days. Is Outback open ’til 3:00 a.m.? Is it? No? Oh, okay. The latest you can be here and be wasted, you gotta eat this. (laughs) That is what this is made for. We have Sydney ‘Shrooms here, and it has a house-made ranch with this. So none of that bottled (beep). Here we go. It’s like if you want
to eat your vegetables, but you also want them fried. These are very easy, very pop-able. The last thing we’re trying for this round is this Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie. I’ve been wanting to say that for a while. So we got our cute little
shrimps on the skewers, and you get some bread to
soak up any of the sauce. Skewers and I are not friends, and it makes me so mad. I just wanna be friends with the skewer for once in my life. Okay, grilled shrimp. It tastes like it has
an Italian bruschetta almost seasoning on it,
and a bunch of garlic, because why not. Ooh, fun fact. In Australia, they call them prawns, but in America, we call them shrimp. And it doesn’t actually mean anything because depending where you live, it changes the meaning of it. Like in America, shrimp is
small and prawn means big, but then you can go to Australia or the UK and prawn is what they call a shrimp because prawn is smaller to them. Did any of that make sense? I don’t think that made sense. That is very light. Out of all the appetizers,
this one’s very light. Are we ready for the meats? Ready? Okay. (funky music) Think vegetarians have left the chat now? This is just straight up meat round. So we’re gonna do the bone-in ribeye, which looks extremely juicy. This is a huge piece. I love this one already. This one is really (beep) good. It’s very juicy. I wish I had better
vocabulary for this right now. It’s just very easy to cut, as well. That’s basically my standards. It’s like, if it’s really
difficult to cut, I don’t like it. I don’t think it could get better. I feel like we should stop here. There’s no way these
can compete with this. But since this is… Julia tries everything, I
guess I’ll try everything. Let me get a good piece
here, good corner piece. Okay. Okay. I see what it’s trying to do. It’s trying to get me to like
this one more than that one, but I like the other one more still. Ooh, but this one is very peppery. I have to say, I don’t
usually like baked potatoes. I’m only doing this so you guys can get a honest review of it. If I liked baked potatoes,
I’d like this one. We have to take a break from the meats. I think I’m just gonna get a full-on sweat if I keep eating just meats like this. It’s a Down Under Gold Coast ‘Rita, and it has a shot of
Cointreau and tequila. And I love tequila, so
I think this will be my favorite drink of the day. If I could ever learn how to
make a margarita correctly, I would want it to taste like this. This is dangerous. It’s a flavorful strip
of meat, the porterhouse. It is also the size of my face, and also the size of one
of my grandma’s small dogs. (dog barking) I still don’t think
anything’s going to compete with the first one I tried, but I’m gonna let these ones try. Mmm, mmm, okay. I like this one better than this one. That one still wins. I always feel so fancy
when I get this one. Okay, here we go. This one technically
should be the best, right, ’cause it’s the most expensive. Right? Yep. (moans) That’s buttery. I hate when people say
it melts in your mouth. I’m like, think of something
more clever than that. But this really does just, like… It is soft, it is heavenly. Okay, well, here’s the true test. Will this ribeye taste as
good as the bone-in ribeye? I wanna get into the center of this thing. There we go. Okay. (sighs) (moans) Oh, I don’t, one second. This is difficult. This is a very difficult day for me. Okay. Nope, it’s that one. This one’s very good. I have so much meat in my mouth. That was really gross that I said that. I do not have so much meat in my mouth. I didn’t say that. That one wins. The first one that I tried was the winner. It was love at first sight. I shouldn’t have even
touched the other ones. I’m keeping my drink, though. (electric guitar music) I don’t know if I was supposed to say thank you at this
point or how dare you. My eyes are doing the thing where they start watering and its like, there’s things going on back there. I’m very, very overwhelmed with the amount of meats on the table. Outback is about to do me very dirty. I have to start with the lobster tail just because I just had like five, six different pieces of steak, so I need something to just
switch it up a little bit. This is beautiful. This looks just so gorgeous
and fancy and cute, and I don’t eat lobster very often because I’m more from
Maryland than anywhere else. We eat a lot of crab and we never really get lobster, ever. Why did I do that? And we got some butter, because of course. Butter can cure everything
that’s wrong in the world. If everyone just ate more butter, we’d all be such happier people. This is perfectly sweet
and rich, but light, which is conflicting on
many different levels. There’s just no way to tackle this without it becoming a complete mess, but I’m happy because they give you, they gave me three wipes,
which means they think it’s gonna take three wipes
to actually clean my hands. I’m not gonna use a fork
or a knife for this. That seems just wrong. All right. I could just eat these
alone in a booth by myself, talk and look at no one. I’m very content. I don’t need anything else
for the rest of my day. This is literally the same
thing, just with chicken, and I’m pretending like it’s
gonna be a different rib. Ruining my shot. How dare you, small child? That’s beautiful. That’s what every rib should look like when you’re done with it. It should be that clean. Well, there’s still some bits up there, but give me a minute
and I’ll clean that off. You’re definitely not supposed to eat the chicken with your hands. I feel like that’s actually
barbaric and (beep) up. So one second. Nope, okay. (laughs) We’re in it. We’re doing this. This chicken, I have to say, on here, looks like a cute little heart. Looks very sweet, looks very dainty. We’re gonna try it in this sauce, which I’m thinking is
some sort of barbecue. Yeah, it’s very sweet, tangy, and peppery. It’s not as sweet as some
barbecue sauce can be, though. We have to talk about this
Alice Springs Chicken here. This is one of their
most popular menu items besides the ribs and the
Bloomin’ Onions and the steak. There’s a lot of other things, I guess, that are also popular. But the Alice Springs Chicken, it has mushrooms, it has bacon, it has two different
types of cheese on there. And of course, there’s
chicken beneath all of this. I believe this is a honey
mustard sauce, maybe? I could be wrong. I’m usually wrong. They have the best honey mustard. It’s frothy. It’s frothy honey mustard. I’ve never had honey
mustard like that before. Dipping your bacon cheesy chicken into this very buttery,
frothy honey mustard is a delight that you should all try, but also I feel like this
will be what kills me. I have to say, I looked
at this one on Instagram and I was extremely curious because it’s called the Bloomin’
Onion Fried Chicken. – [Announcer] Bloomin’ Fried Chicken. – But this is super, super
breaded fried chicken, with a bunch of that really good spicy, creamy Bloomin’ Onion sauce. This is a lot of golden
friedness going on right here. That should not be allowed to be made. This apparently used to be a limited item on their menus and because people freaked out over it so much, they’re now going to
be making it permanent, and I understand why. This is the Moscow Mule. It’s very refreshing ’cause it
has the ginger beer in there, and then it had vodka,
and it’s usually ice cold, but usually in a copper mug. They’re very fun to drink out of, and they’re freezing cold on your hands. (groans) This is the Pork Porterhouse. We had the steak porterhouse last round. I think I would get the steak
porterhouse over the pork, but if you like pork, I think you’d like the seasoning on here. But I think I would
just go with the steak. If you’re at Outback Steakhouse, you’re not a Outback Porkhouse, so I think you should just get
the steak while you’re here. Okay, my favorite from this round. Duh. Ribs. And the Alice Springs Chicken. Reviews by Julia. (laughs) All right, let’s, we’re done here. (digeridoo music) We’ve never done a soups
and salads and sides round, but I’m very happy we are doing it here. I’m just happy ’cause it’s
not steak for one round because I think this is gonna give my body the lovely break it needs, because I’m pretty sure the next round has more steak in it. (laughs) We are going to start
with the Aussie Rum Punch. I was wondering what
gave it the pink color, and it’s cranberry. I have a vendetta against rum because it has done me dirty many years back, and this is not actually giving me that same reflex that I usually have when I taste anything with rum in it. Rum is naturally very, very sweet and everything in it is sweet, but it doesn’t actually
taste cavity sweet. We have this Baked Potato Soup here, which looks super creamy. I really don’t think we
give soups enough credit. Soups are like a warm hug
on a very, very cold day. This is very comforting, and it’s a little bit on the lighter side for a baked potato soup. Sometimes they’re super thick and viscous. This one’s much more on the lighter side for a baked potato soup. While we’re on soups, we
have this French Onion Soup, which comes in its own
little mini cauldron, which is very delightful. And it comes with this massive piece. I almost wanna call it a
lily pad, the way it is. But it’s like this massive
floating piece of bread that they put in here, with just a, I’m going to say a hefty
almost pound of cheese in here. Oh God. I like the French onion
more than the potato soup. I don’t know if I would ever order soup or a salad from
Outback ’cause I feel like I’d go straight for the steaks. We have the baked sweet potato and the regular baked
potato, loaded baked potato. Don’t get that twisted. I’m not over the way that
they pinch the little pockets so they look like cute little purses and they’re just like, “Eat me.” Eat me. I’m gonna go with the sweet potato first. And I personally love the
skin on sweet potatoes. We’re getting a bunch of the
butter because of course, and some of that brown sugar and cinnamon. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness, but not in your face screaming at you like, “I’m sugar.” One second. Okay. Loaded baked potato. I think that sweet potatoes
have way more flavor and just taste better, and are just superior to a baked potato. That’s very salty. They put a lot of salt
on the edge of that. Oh, okay. We have the Blue Cheese
Pecan Chopped Salad here, which has a blue cheese vinaigrette in it, and I’ve been told this is one of the most popular salads on their menu and people love it a lot, and they would sometimes even choose
it over their steaks. It has kind of a slaw texture to it, and when I heard blue cheese vinaigrette, I was kind of curious. I felt like because it
has blue cheese crumbles that would be a lot
together, but it’s not. It’s much more tangy and lighter. It’s not like straight-up blue
cheese shoved in your face, but if you wanted to, you
could definitely make it that if you just take all
the blue cheese bites. I have a feeling they
love blue cheese here. This is the Blue Cheese Wedge Salad. Blue cheese again. This one has a vinaigrette
on it, balsamic. I think I’m going to like the pecan, pecan one more than this one. That’s my assumptions, but I’m gonna give this one a fair try. I have to stop cutting
pieces that are this large. This never ends well for me. I would say that this one is super tangy and fresh and bright. I would definitely choose the
pecan salad over this one, but I could see a lot of people getting this one for the table. I feel like this one’s very shareable. That one, it would be very,
very difficult to share for me. And last but not least, we
have the mac and cheese. It’s supposed to be a smoked gouda, and it has some garlic breadcrumbs on top, and the most superior
noodle of all of them, the cavatappi noodle, which
holds cheese, to me, the best. It’s like the cheese just hits you straight in your face, and it’s actually kind of a soupy, liquidy cheese. I really hate when mac
and cheese is all dry and doesn’t have much going on, and this one has a kick of flavor. There’s so many things
going on in this one. This is enough that I would just want to eat this as my main meal. Ooh, no, I would take pieces of the steak and chop it and put it
in the mac and cheese. That’s what I’d do. That’s what I’d (beep) do. I’m making that a menu item here if that’s not already one. Are we ready for the forkless features? That’s just not what they call it. (funky music) This looks like a round I can handle. This looks way more approachable
than the other ones. We have this Philly cheesesteak that comes on a sub roll and has hopefully just a bunch of melted cheese and a bunch of steak,
and maybe some peppers. This looks like a bunch of
white cheddar and onions. Oh, that looks bountiful. The bread is a little soggy in a good way, if that makes sense, like it makes it so you can eat more of it. I have a very interesting love affair with Philly cheesesteaks. When I wasn’t eating a bunch
of dumpings after school, my mom used to also get these frozen Philly cheesesteaks and they were massive, and I would eat one
after school every day. And this reminds me of those days. I could house this. I could easily eat the
entire thing right now. But I’m not going to, mainly ’cause I don’t have the space. We have to try this lemonade with vodka. This would be something you’d drink all day Saturday, and then
it ends up being Sunday faster than you ever expected. That’s a dangerous one. I’m very excited for this because it has the actual Bloomin’
Onion bits in there, so you’re getting actual
pieces of the Bloomin’ Onion if you didn’t order it for appetizer. Shame on you if you didn’t
order it for an appetizer. But you can have it as part
of your burger, as well. It’s gonna have that spicy, creamy sauce, which means that I will probably fall in love with this immediately. Here we go. I love when burger meat
is just a little bit, I don’t know, I have cheese on my tooth. Oh, it’s there. Oh no. I’m afraid to open my mouth fully. I love the cheese so much,
and the cheese loves me, that it’s now attached to my body forever. I wanna take half of the Bloomin’ Onion and shove it on the burger. That onion, that has the
perfect amount of crunch on it. I’m into that. Next up is the Crispy
Chicken Sandwich here, which is doused in
buffalo sauce and ranch. (laughs) I’m really slowing down. I’m having flashbacks of
all the meat I just ate. (slow music) It’s not too spicy. That has the perfect
amount of crunch to it. I would rather just eat
this as chicken tenders and not even on a sandwich and just eat that, and just
dip it in ranch sauce all day. That’s what I would do. The last one of this round, the Sweet Chook O’ Mine sandwich, which is a chicken sandwich with bacon. It has honey mustard in there, and cheese, and lettuce, and tomato. Did I say bread? I said bread already. My stomach is telling me to stop. It’s like, “You’ve had enough, woman.” Okay. It’s very sweet. I’m surprised. It’s very mild and sweet. You would think the bacon
and the cheese and the meat would make it savory. I think there’s two different
types of people here. You have the people who
want their sweet chicken, then you have to other people who want their fried, spicy chicken. I’m more of the spicy chicken family. If I had to choose my favorites, it’s definitely actually gonna
be the Philly cheesesteak and the Bloomin’ burger for this round. These are in two different worlds, basically, of competition. We gotta go to desserts,
we have to be done. (upbeat music) These desserts look so massive, and my stomach feels so small right now. It feels like there’s no space for this. I don’t know how anyone ever
makes it to dessert here, but I guess we did. This is the Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet. This has almond toffee
and we have pretzels, and I think I already said there’s salt. It’s gonna be super salty,
but then sugary, and warm. It’s like a super warm,
chewy, crunchy cookie. It’s the perfect amount of
salty and chewy and sweet. It’s not melty warm, but just
the right amount of warmth. I could fall asleep while eating that. That’s how comforting that one is to me. We’re now going to try this frozen Bellini that’s called the Wallaby Darned. There’s one thing about Outback is that they love these
really funny names for things. This is one of the most
popular cocktails here and I think I can understand why, because frozen drinks are always going to be better to me than just a regular boring drink. I’m hoping this tastes like a very adult alcoholic
slushy Slurpee situation. Oh no, oh no, brain freeze. Okay, don’t chug it like that. We’ve got prosecco, we have
vodka, and we have Schnapps. We’ve got peach Schnapps in here. That’s a lot of alcohol
in this one little drink. It’s cute but dangerous. I respect that. We have the New York-Style
Cheesecake right here, and we have a raspberry sauce with it. You can also get it
with a chocolate sauce, but we’re just doing raspberry. That was not a cute bite. The raspberry’s very strong, more of a syrup almost
than a sauce, I would say. We have a Triple-Layer Carrot Cake, and it has, of course, cream cheese icing, because a carrot cake
without cream cheese icing is just not a carrot cake anymore. I wanna make sure I get a
good amount of the icing. I’m not a huge fan of carrot cake, but I am a huge fan of cream cheese. Hopefully this one wins my heart one way or the other. I think if you’re a carrot cake lover, you would love this because
the cream cheese frosting is perfectly thick and
it has a good ratio, and it’s also very dense. See how I’m doing this
and it doesn’t fall over? It’s like a dense boy. We have to end our stay here with the Chocolate Thunder Down Under brownie sundae galore going on here. I’m not gonna say any more about the name, but I have many thoughts about the name Chocolate Thunder Down Under. I think every place we’ve been, they have some sort of brownie sundae. So my expectations have gotten a little bit higher each time. I’m hoping it’s a super fudgy,
soft brownie, and very warm. Those are my dreams. Me and this thunder down under are going to become really good friends. I really do respect it and cherish it. It’s so chocolate-y. It’s like a pool of chocolate. I’m not even sure where the brownie is, but it’s good. For this round, the salted cookie definitely wins my heart the most. I wasn’t expecting that to be so good, and it was just the perfect
amount of salty and warm. If you ever somehow have
space in your stomach to eat dessert, you
should go for that one. I feel like I smell like steak, chocolate, chicken, and alcohol, and I think that’s a sign I have to go. I’ll keep commenting below
and telling you all this, but we always pack up our leftovers. We take them home with
us, including the desserts most of the time. Sometimes I eat all the
desserts once we cut ’cause I’m a demon. Let me know where you want me to go next. I barely can breathe, I
have a shortness of breath. I have a brain freeze, I gotta go. (funky music)