We finish with this compilation of Christmas recipes. In this video I bring you a TOP 5 of the best desserts for this Christmas. Christmas Tree Cake We put the sugar in a bowl and beat well Top 5 Christmas Dessert Recipes Add the butter and mix again We put flour, cinnamon, pinch of salt, auzcar and mix again pour the mixture into the mold bake at 160ºc 45 minutes take out and let cool we decorate and ready Chocolate Truffles melt the chocolate in a water bath with a little cream we put the mixture in a mold and let cool we form the truffles and go We put the yeast in a glass of milk with a little sugar In a bowl with flour, we put the previous mixture add the eggs, orange zest and sugar we knead lightly add the butter and knead again cover and let stand 1 hour add the fruits and knead again Let stand 30 minutes We put in a mold and paint with butter We put in the oven Remove from the oven, cool and go Crunchy Chocolate Nougat: Melt the chocolate in a water bath with a little sugar We pour the puffed rice and mix We spread a mold with butter We put the mixture in the mold and let cool We cut, decorate and ready Butter and Mazapan pudding In a bowl add the eggs and sugar Add the milk and mix n a mold we are making layers Bake in the bain marie, 40 minutes at 200ºC We take out and let cool We decorate and ready