Hello friends welcome to Just For You Channel. In this video I discuss about top 5 best induction
cooktops for Indian cooking 2017 and those features and specifications. So let’s talk about it. 1. PRESTIGE PIC 12.0 INDUCTION COOKTOP :-
PRESTIGE PIC 12.0 comes with seven preset menus for Indian cooking , with feather touch
buttons, timer and Child Lock function. It is power up with 1500 watts. It also provides Automatic voltage regulator. 2. PHILIPS HD4929 INDUCTION COOKTOP:-
PHILIPS HD4929 is programmed for Indian cooking for its touch start for ease to use. It comes with a cord length of 1.2 m and timer
system for set time 0 to 3 hours for cooking. It also comes with Auto-off feature. It is power up with 2100 watts. 3. PRESTIGE PIC 6.0 V2 INDUCTION COOKTOP
This Prestige PIC 6.0 induction cook top provides feather touch buttons, timer, automatic voltage
regulator, Child Lock function and seven preset menus, those features are good for Indian
cooking. It is power up with 2000 watts. 4. PIGEON RAPIDO TOUCH DX INDUCTION COOKTOP
It comes with a 24 hours timer setting, automatic voltage regulator and Child Lock function. The feather touch buttons make it user friendly. Its 8 preset menus are very useful for all
Indian cooks. It is power up with 2100 watts. 5. PHILIPS HD4938 INDUCTION COOKTOP
In this induction cook top has feather touch buttons, 10 preset menus and auto-off feature
for ease of use and different Indian recipes. Here you can set a time for 0 to 3 hours for
cooking and also set 24 hour pre-set timer for delayed cooking. It comes with 1.2 m power cord and power up
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