Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Fast food can be a saving grace for working
people who can’t set time aside to cook. Whether it’s for its affordability or for
its convenience, fast food restaurants solve problems in many American’s lives. However, making food quickly involved some
techniques that can be less than fresh and healthy. Which is what brings us today’s top of the
Top 10 Disgusting Things People Found in fast food. Spoiler alert, things are about to get gross. Before we go spoiling your appetite, why not
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your food? Let us know in the comment section down below! 10. A Cigarette Butt
Don’t think for a minute that this list is going to be full of toenails in burgers. Though…there’s a high likelihood of toenails
making an appearance. Our first case actually happened with the
most delicious of unhealthy food – Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. In 2015, an Australian doughnut lover bit
into her fluffy, glazed purchase only to find a cigarette butt inside of it. The customer was also pregnant, so the optics
couldn’t have been any worse. It’s hard to say what happened after that
since reports show only that Krispy Kreme would be looking into it, but I’m sure this
woman was more suspicious before biting into her next pregnancy craving. 9. New Version of Pineapple on Pizza
Whoever says pineapple is the worst thing you can put on pizza is dead wrong. I’ll tell you that right now. Want to know how I know that? Because a man in New York found one of the
worst things, and it’s an old bloodied band-aid. This man bit into his leftover pizza and found,
right in the crust, a band-aid baked right in. When he approached Pizza Hut about it, they
allegedly stopped returning his calls, which led him to reach out to the press to get more
attention and hopefully a response from the company who had caused him to go through such
a disgusting experience. What’s worse? 8. What’s in the Box?! Jack in the Box doesn’t get off scot-free
in this list of fast food nightmares. In fact, it may have one of the most disgusting
cases of all. Back in the 90’s, Police made an arrest
at a local Jack in the Box after one of their employees was discovered to be blowing his
nose into the buns! The man didn’t seem to be too far from a
Kleenex, either, but rather had a particular distaste for the customers that would be eating
them, the police officers. In the end, the worker was charged with aggravated
assault, adding a harmful substance to food, and disorderly conduct. In response, Jack in the Box apologized and
donated $2,000 to a police fund. 7. Does In-N-Out Have An Illegal Menu? One of the things I can justify buying on
a regular basis at a fast food joint is a milkshake. It’s not deep fried and I can name the ingredients
in it, for the most part. In 2015, this customer at In-N-Out didn’t
have the same experience as I usually have, seemingly because he started feeling really
weird after he finished his. He looked inside his cup and found, suspiciously,
two capsules. According to the suit, later testing revealed
that the capsules contained methamphetamine. Just like our other stories, the manager at
this In-N-Out offered an apology and a free burger, which is what fueled the man to file
a lawsuit against the chain. In-N-Out’s Executive Vice President, said
in a statement that the company will “vigorously defend these baseless claims.” Since there seems to be no follow-up on this
story, I think we can all determine who won. 6. Ratatouille
Chick-fil-A may have wanted to go French, after turning a customer’s sandwich into
a rat-a-touille. Get it? See, a woman in Pennsylvania claims she took
a bite out of a sandwich and then discovered a rat baked into the bread. It seems like the baking processes of fast
food restaurants need an update. She sued Chick-fil-A for $50,000 to which
the restaurant responded that they’d investigate. The rest is unknown, but I really hope, for
my Chick-fil-A future that the baking methods in my city are rodentless. 5. A Condom
These things are everywhere! They plague gutters and alleyways and tend
to surprise you when you least expect them. It’s like people can’t find a decent toilet
to flush it down so they put it… in your Big Mac? That’s right, a man in, once again, Pennsylvania,
found a condom in his Big Mac. When he told the staff onsite about his discovery,
they gave him two coupons for the hassle. Of course, since two coupons wouldn’t even
stop me from making a scene, it didn’t stop him from suing the company saying he suffered
physical and emotional illness as a result of the trauma. Coincidentally, it seems it wasn’t just
any old condom that ended up in his burger, but rather one discarded from a condom shop
in the same mini-mall as the fast food restaurant. The lawsuit was later dismissed. 4. Breakfast Sandwich Piercing
Any type of waste in my food, it’s safe to say, is unwelcome. Whether human, animal, or, like our #4, medical,
it’s a big N-O. In 2001, a woman found a syringe in her breakfast
sandwich at Burger King. I guess they didn’t mention that the sandwich
had sausage, egg, and a syringe.. which is false advertising in my humble opinion. You never want medical waste in your sandwich
unless you specifically asked for it, kind of like pickles or onions. Of course, she was so distraught that she
had actually pierced her cheek with this thing while chewing, that she sued the restaurant
in the State Supreme Court for a whopping $11 million. Once again, no updates of the lawsuit can
be found. 3. A Chicken Head
Happy Meals can involve a beef burger, chicken nuggets, but usually not a chicken head. A woman in Virginia filed a lawsuit against
McDonald’s after allegedly finding a chicken head where her chicken wings should have been
back in 2000. She was reportedly about to eat it when her
son saw what she was putting in her mouth and warned her not to eat it. The manager did better than most, offering
her two weeks of free meals, but she held out for her lawsuit instead. Unfortunately, this is where the story falls
flat. 2. Not the Chicken Part I Ordered
Some of these cases are funny because here we are eating chicken parts out of a cardboard
box in a fast food parking lot, and we find one piece of the chicken we didn’t want
and it’s a huge deal. The irony is clear as day. For whatever reason, some parts of the animals
we eat are ok, some are absolutely not. Like, liver? Get out of here with that. At a KFC in Australia, a man found something
a little more strange than liver, he found a chicken heart. He says he received the heart breaded into
his chicken meal and immediately returned to the restaurant where he received a full
refund. He also got one of the most genuine public
opinions we’ve seen in our list when KFC said: “We are sorry this customer has had
this experience but rest-assured it’s not a health issue. Our chicken is hand-prepared and cooked fresh,
but occasionally mistakes happen and organs are not removed when they should have been. We have provided the customer with a refund
and are reminding our teams to take extra care.” This case happened in September of 2018, so
we’re all still left to wonder if a lawsuit will be filed or not. 1. Eat Fresh, Eat Sharp
We can’t finish this list without including the “eat fresh” champion, Subway. While they’ve been great at marketing their
glorified sandwiches as healthy lifestyles and raising their employees from fast food
workers to “sandwich artists,” they’ve definitely had some bad publicity. Besides the obvious fail of the face of their
campaign being a pedophile, they have also fallen short on service from time to time. Like back in 2008 when a New York man found
a serrated knife baked into his bread. They got off easy because the man was seeking
$1 million in damages, but were able to cut him a check for $20,000 instead.