What’s up Soldiers! Chris here at CaribbeanPot.com, vibesing it up in the kitchen as usual! Always a pleasure to have you guys here in the kitchen with me and what you’re seeing here is. After I shared that slow cooker curry goat that we did a while back. There’s a lot of requests for more slow cooker or crock-pot recipes. And today what we’re doing is Oxtails braised in the slow cooker. Stay tuned. You’re gonna want to take a peek at this recipe! Very Tasty! Very simple to put together. And it’s one of those things where you just set it and forget it. So yeah, let’s get cooking man! As we did with the good recipe in a slow cooker. I’m not gonna sear this off first. Now what you can do technically, is season this overnight next day shake off the seasoning off it, keep the seasoning, sear it off in some hot oil or Coconut oil or vegetable oil, butter, whatever it is and then transfer everything into the slow cooker. I’m gonna avoid that step all together because the whole idea here with the slow cooker series is something you can just You know, Ron Popeil said it best ”Set it and forget it” So what we gonna do here. I have about four and a half pounds of oxtails here. Trimmed, washed with water and a little bit of lemon juice. First I’m gonna go in with is salt. And I’m not gonna go too heavy with the salt. Because right after the salt, I’m gonna go in with some Some dark soy sauce. And that is a key ingredients in here because this is where we’re gonna get a nice lovely deep base of color. Going on in the Oxtails. Next up, some ginger and as I’ve told you guys before I do not peel ginger. I wash it really good when I buy it. But I’m not,I really don’t peel ginger because there’s a lot of flavor and stuff like that in the skin. I ain’t trying to waste that. Then, for the color and richness as well, I’m gonna go in with some Tomato puree and that’s about a tablespoon and a half of that. And it’s just a Concentrated tomato piece. That’s basically what it is. And for a deep herbal element, I’m gonna go in with a nice big Heaping tablespoon of that Caribbean green seasoning. Notice there’s a nice piece of garlic and there as well too and Caribbean green seasoning, if you’re new to the channel. There is a recipe on CaribbeanPot.com. There is a recipe here on a channel and there’s also one available on ChrisDeLaRosa.com and it’s basically all the herbs and stuff like that that we like using on a regular basis and marinades that we We blend together and we keep it in the refrigerator. Next thing some Worcestershire and that is all about flavor as well. black pepper! Going as heavy as you want. I’m gonna go in with some scotch bonnet pepper. So I’m gonna get some heat from there. and Even though I went in with a Caribbean green seasoning, I’m still gonna go in with some fresh thyme. I like adding a bit more of that. some scallion. Garlic and all the ingredients I use here today Will be listed down below and it will be available the recipe, at CaribbeanPot.com So just a large onion, a couple scallions Then I have a Large tomato that’s been chopped up, to help push this dish for a bit more people, some carrots Get everything nice there. Two critical, well three critical ingredients as far as I’m concerned. I’ve got here Well, technically you need one star anise, but these kind of break up on kind of things So it’s two, kind of half that star anise is gonna go in there. We need some Caribbean sunshine. So in goes that scotch bonnet pepper. Remember! Wash your hands with soap and water immediately after using such hot peppers The other thing I would recommend doing is, don’t include, because I included the seeds and everything because I want this nice and spicy But you can certainly cut back on the amount of heat by removing those seeds. That’s where lots of the heat lies, the seeds and the sort of white membrane surrounding the seed and I’m going in here, another critical ingredient! this is for color and a bit of that caramel flavor… is some Caribbean Browning and It’s the Grace product. I’m not a huge fan of it. However, it is what it is. That’s what I have available to me. What we’re gonna do now is mix that all together. And if you wanted You can allow that to marinate overnight in the fridge since we’re gonna be cooking this for between five and six hours. In the slow cooker. I don’t really see the need for it to be honest. I’m just being truthful. Two final ingredients and one of the reasons why I held back on the amount of salt that I added at the start there is because The soy sauce… that soy sauce has a lot of sodium in it, and I’m also going in with one beef stock cube It’s gonna break that up. There, that’s all gonna come together nicely and I have here some water if you wanted to use Beef stock, actual beef stock you can use beef stock instead. It’s gonna go ahead and mix that up now. I’m all set up and ready to go now. So the final ingredient, I give it a good mix And like I said, if you wanted to marinate this overnight, you can totally do that. You can brown the pieces of oxtail if you want that’s totally optional, totally up to you. In my case Yeah, I know. This is gonna go low and slow for FIVE hours! I don’t need to do all that. That whole idea here is not to have a lot of work for you. I’m gonna go in with a teaspoon and a half of brown sugar on top there. If you wanted to go in with honey or something like that agave any sort of sweet element, just to round things off, because remember we got the acidity from the from the tomato. We’ve got a heat from the pepper We’ve got all the salty elements in there . Just to bring it all together along with the herbal stuff, that brown sugar. high! I’m gonna set this on high now, five hours! You know go to work, go do what you have to do. Whatever and then you know, you’re gonna have fall off the bones. I’m talking about for tender oxtails. I said five hours, but thinking about it. I’m gonna go at five and a half hours instead on high. it’s nice and sealed up there. And pretty much has nothing to do now if you are home and you are around what I would recommend doing. Is probably every couple hours open it up and give it a nice stir but beyond that you really don’t need to do anything else. It’s been going just over, I believe close to two hours now. Got a slight bubble happening and I can see movement all over. One of the things I forgot to mention to you all Is that, I also went in with two bay leaves, so that’s the only thing that’s missing that you didn’t see on camera, but Still got. Yeah, three hours and 23 minutes to go. Low and slow. Well not low and slow it’s on high, but you know what I mean! With less than … Ayay! That is hot! But less than four minutes to go. This is what we have here so far and Here’s where you’re gonna taste it for salt and adjust it accordingly. What I’m noticing here and if you guys can see it on camera, is that the gravy is a bit thin. So what I’m gonna do is fish out the star anise. I’m gonna fish out the sprigs of thyme the bay leaf and I’m gonna toss it out and I’m gonna take the meat separate it separate it from The gravy and I’m thinking I’m gonna reduce that gravy down now on its own. Just to thicken it up and make it nice and even more rich. Just look at that. Ayayay! It’s looking deadly boy! So there we go. I’ve removed all the oxtails and most of the big pieces of the carrots. from the pot. That’s the gravy we have there. I’m going to transfer that now into a saucepan and I want to reduce that down. But first what I’m gonna do is Skim off some of the fat. I don’t know if you guys can see the fat of the top there. I’m gonna skim some of that off and toss it out and then reduce it. I ain’t trying to eat all that Fat! nah nah nah We ain’t trying to do that. There we go! Got the gravy know Simmering down and notice there’s still some pieces of carrots in there. I did tell you guys fall off the bone and with some of the pieces of meat there So what we gonna do. We gonna reduce that but not only reduce it. We’re gonna go in with a whisk and try and get it To break down and really thicken up. Now if you have an immersion blender, you can certainly do that. The only problem I have with the immersion blender, is that. It tends to add too much air to it, and it tends to go frothy. So if you are using an immersion blender Please, pulse! So I’m gonna continue working this, reduce it because I want a nice smooth THICK! LUSCIOUS! Gravy. By the way This is the fat that I removed. Notice all that fat there. You don’t want to pass that down your sink. what I’m gonna do is allow that to get hard and then I’m gonna Wrap it into a paper towel and into the green bin into the garbage. You put that down your pipes. You’ll be calling the plumber! Now with the gravy itself, you have two options, you can make it nice and thick as it is here. So I have whisk it’s quite a bit this is what it broke down to or I went the extra step and I took half of it and I ran it through a Strainer and this is what I have a nice smooth Consistency here, very thin, very jus like You can still reduce that down even more if you wanted to but I’m just showing you the two options that you have To be honest with you, option two. Well, this one here is nice. I think it’s a bit too thick for me, but Say what. Two options though. I went ahead and I strained it all together and it’s reduced quite a bit now. The final thing I will do here It’s a little low heat. The final thing I’m gonna do here is to go in with some chopped parsley And the reason for the chopped parsley is, all that sort of greasy element to it. That parsley is gonna help cut it, quite a bit. Gonna turn the heat off. Give that a quick mix in there. And that’s it. Pretty much. All you would do now is serve this on the side or in my case here I am just going to go ahead and pour it. Well some of it. Over the oxtails. Chris here at CaribbeanPot.com! Always a pleasure to have you all here in the kitchen with me! Oxtails done in a slow cooker. Lot of requests for this one! So I do hope you guys give this one a try. Always a pleasure to have you guys are in the kitchen with me! Vibes it up man! My little baby is here! We’ve got cookbooks guys! WestIndianFoodCompany.com get your copy today!