– You don’t want blood in your ice cream. – I don’t want blood in my ice cream, especially if a child is eating it. I can’t poison the next generation. This week, we’re pretending it’s July. – It is ice cream week
here on Without a Recipe. – All right, let’s try daddy’s favorite. – Oh, god.
(laughing) – [Eugene] I wouldn’t put
more in than you need. – It’s gross (gags). (laughing) – At the end of the
series, one of the Try Guys will be crowned the ultimate master baker. I’m just kidding. We’re not doing that. That’s gross! And this series needs a sponsor. (bell dings) (triumphant instrumental music) – [Male Narrator] The Try Guys
are back in the test kitchen for another Without A Recipe. This week, they’re making ice cream. – Oh no, oh, we’re spilling. – Yeah, I’m gonna get some liquor. – [Male Narrator] Each of the Try Guys will have two hours to make
an ice cream of their choice and present it to a panel of judges. – There’s something about this is wrong. (guys laughing) – My name’s Jessica. I’m a marketing consultant, so I kind of judge food for a living. – I’m Jamie, and I’m
qualified to judge ice cream because I’m an 11 year old. I’m Adrienne, and I make
ice cream for a living. I own a company called Wanderlust Creamery and I also hold a
Bachelor’s in food science, so I think I’m pretty
qualified to judge ice cream. – I love your ice cream. – We didn’t know it was you.
– We love Wanderlust. – Oh my god. – Wanderlust is an
artisanal ice cream shop. All of our flavors are inspired by travel. We’ll pick a destination
that not a lot of people have been to, like Croatia, and we’ll do fig leaf-infused ice cream, something that people
haven’t heard of before. The wildest flavor we’ve ever made, we did a flavor made
out of salted duck eggs. It’s kind of hard to make
ice cream without a recipe. Everything has to be done by percentages, and that’s percentages
by weight, not by volume. If I were making an ice
cream without a recipe, I would start with something simple. (gags and coughs) – Oh, that was like half
that bottle of vanilla. (twinkling string music)
(penguins cawing) – Well shall we get to it, Eugene?! – Yes, let’s get to it, Keith! – [Announcer] All right, bakers, in three, two, one, try
to bake! (bell dings) – [Eugene And Keith] I’m
gonna get the condensed cream. – I’m gonna get the condensed cream too!
– Yeah, me too. – Heavy, sweetest.
– The fattest thing. – Just dairy.
– Yes. 100%.
– That’s all I want. – Heavy whipping cream. – Coconut cream. – Whole milk, not bullshit milk. – And then we have a whole collection of bullshit milk for me. – I often don’t crave desserts, but ice cream is something
I actually seek out. My favorite ice cream flavors are Persian. I love pistachio ice cream, but one of the judges is
allergic to pistachios, so I’m gonna do a general
Persia-inspired dessert. Persians tend to put rose flavors and saffron in their ice cream, so I’m gonna try to re-create that today. With a signature Eugene ingredient, I’m gonna top it off with
a shit ton of amaretto. We do have a child judging, so I’m gonna try to burn
off as much of the alcohol, but it will be alcoholic because it’s me. – When I got married to my wife Ariel, one of the gifts we got
was an ice cream maker. I’ve made ice cream like
at least three times. – I will be making moose tracks chocolate swirl situation in
a vat of vanilla ice cream. – Cinnamon raisin is definitely
not an ice cream flavor. Maybe it’s a eureka moment. Today, I will be making
cinnamon raisin ice cream. – Didn’t you already make
cinnamon raisin everything else? Right?
– Yes, I’m doing everything for my dad this season. All cinnamon raisin all the time. – Today, I am making a vegan
cookies and cream ice cream. Cookies and cream, my favorite ice cream. Also seems kind of easy. I have to win one of the episodes. It’s just like, positive regression’s gotta
come my way eventually. – [Male Narrator] To start, the Try Guys will have 40 minutes to
prepare the ice cream base. – So today we’re gonna be
making a vanilla ice cream but with a little bit of a twist. We’re using single malt scotch. First thing we’re gonna do
is heat milk and cream on low until it’s 95 to 100 degrees. Good ice cream is anywhere
from 12 to 16% butterfat. For vanilla, I like it really rich, so we’re gonna do 16% butterfat. – So, here’s the thing. I don’t think you cook ice cream. – Oh, you mean heat it up? – Yeah.
– I’m heating this up because I have to incorporate my alcohol and try to burn it off. – Should I have more milk or more cream? I’m gonna go with more cream because who doesn’t like cream? Ew. – Ew you, all right? You’re just sucking up
little cow milk over there. That’s for their babies! Are you a baby, Ned? – Doesn’t ice cream need salt? – How could it need salt? – I don’t know. I’m gonna put it in. – Okay, I think you’re right. Everything needs a pinch of salt. Just a pinch. – I’m just gonna go for
a quarter teaspoon salt. – More sugar. – Oh, I love ice cream so much! – [Zach] Yours already taste good? – Yeah, dude, it’s just
nothing but sugar and cream. – We’re also going to whisk sugar into our egg yolks until it dissolves. You don’t always have to use egg yolks in your ice cream base. They also act as a thickener
and a natural stabilizer. – I don’t think eggs are
in it, unless they are, but I think that’s gelato. – Oh god! My milk is sizzling.
– Are you cooking something? – I forgot. I forgot that it was here. Oh, this is stressful! – Whatever’s happening over
there doesn’t sound good. I’m not gonna cook my milk. – A big part of the ice
cream-making process is the heating. The fat in your cream and milk melts at a different point
as the fat in the egg yolks. You wanna heat up your
base to a temperature where all the fats melt. – You’ve made ice cream? – I’ve watched my boyfriend make it. – Does he heat up the milk? – He’s heated it up, yes. – Really? – Yeah, but I’m not
supposed to tell you that because then you’re gonna know. – But I just don’t think that’s right. – So we’re gonna slowly add the milk and cream to our egg yolks. Everything goes back into the pot, and we’re gonna heat this
up til it’s 165 degrees. – Because I don’t have actual milk, I’m just gonna double up on coconut cream. Oh, that made it thick with
like four Cs, at least. Listen to this. (liquid sloshing) – Girl, you nasty. – This looks like vanilla ice cream. Mine doesn’t need any more sugar. It’s very sweet. – [Eugene Voiceover] And now
I will add the rose water. – Sickeningly sweet. – Oh no, there’s metal in my ice cream. I’m just gonna assume there’s
no extra shards in there. (playful instrumental music) Yo, dude! – Dude?
– Dude. – Dude. – This tastes pretty good. – Can I taste? Do you wanna taste mine? – Yeah, I’ll risk a fart for yours. – Okay. Pretty good! – I mean, it’s not dairy. – It’s pretty good. – Oh shit, yours is way better. – That’s good, right? – (beep) you’re right. Milk is so much better. – I wonder how much
alcohol I could put in this before it’s too alcoholic. – So when you’re using alcohol, you wanna make sure that it’s 5% or less of your total recipe. If you use too much, it might
affect the freezing point and your ice cream will never freeze. – Well, you’re gonna have to cook it, so, if your goal is to not
have much at the end, I wouldn’t put more in than you need. (liquid sloshing) – That’ll cook off. – [Ned] You know what, while that sizzles, I’m gonna make a little small
batch of chocolate milk. Oh (beep), that’s good. – When did I cut myself?! – You don’t want blood in your ice cream.
– I don’t want blood in my ice cream, especially
if a child is eating it. I can’t poison the next generation. Okay, so we’re at 165. We’re gonna take our base off the heat, and we’re gonna add our
vanilla-infused scotch. We’re adding it now because we don’t wanna heat up the alcohol too much because a lot of the vanilla flavor’s contained in the alcohol. So you wanna make sure
that it’s no more than 5% of your whole recipe. – [Ned] I feel like I want a
good amount of vanilla, right? – [Zach] Yeah, for sure, dude. – One teaspoon feels good. Ooh, that might’ve been too much. Wait, why are you whisking it? – I dunno.
– All right. – Why not? – Vanilla. Oh (beep) (laughing). – What happened? – I’m not measuring anything. I think I overpoured everything. – All right, I’ve got Reese’s mini cups, semisweet chocolate chunks. – I’m gonna be using Oreos,
which is milk’s favorite cookie. (Eugene coughs) – Oh, that was like half
that bottle of vanilla. – [Ned] I really don’t know
how much chocolate to put in. (banging fist on table) – I’m putting in some cardamom just to spice it up.
– There you go! More flavors! – All right, let’s get some water. (Eugene coughing) – We got lots of raisins. We got golden raisins, bam! Normal raisins, bam! See golden raisins. – You shouldn’t have too many elements competing in an ice
cream, too many flavors. It’s kind of hard to enjoy something when a bunch of elements are competing. – Mexican cinnamon! American cinnamon! Ooh, that’s a lot of raisins. You can smell those raisins. Oh yeah, I didn’t know
that raisins had a smell. – [Ned] I’m heating up my chocolate. – [Zach] Okay, so you’re
not cooking your milk. – No. I’ve done this like once at home, and it didn’t really go that well. – Oh! Too much boiling, too much boiling. – It looks beautiful. – Thanks. – Should I be doing that? – I honestly don’t know. – Okay, I’ve got some
nice, warm sugar milk. Now, I’m going to put my hot milk on ice to trap the bubbles and
freeze them in time. – I think I cooked off
most of the alcohol. – Well, I’m gonna put
a little bit of rum in because rum raisin is a thing, so there must be a reason. Oh, this smells crazy good. – So now I have hot stuff
in a glass bowl on ice. And… – And now we wait. – Feels perfect. (penguin cawing) – [Adrienne] So at this point, we’re gonna strain the ice cream, take out any overcooked parts. – What could this be for? – I don’t want all the
pieces of raisins in here. Ohh, a little bit. – I don’t really know what I’m doing here. I’m melting the chocolate
just ’cause, I guess. – I’m going to move on to the filling, and I’m going to be
playing with some Oreos. – [Ned Voiceover] Oh boy, what do I do? I don’t know what to do. Do I put more cream, do I put more milk, do I put more chocolate? My chocolate’s melted. Is that good? Is that bad? – This is fun. – [Ned Voiceover] I
dunno, I dunno, I dunno how to even get moose tracks. What even is a moose track? I got married seven years ago. I made ice cream three times. Why did I put ice cream
maker on my registry? Is melted chocolate good on ice cream, on ice cream, next to ice cream? (Ned’s thoughts jumbling together) What am I doing?! – Am I gonna julienne Oreos? – I’m just whisking this out
of the idea that I should be, but we’re gonna put it
in an ice cream mixer so do I need to do this? – [Keith] Isn’t much juice at all. Thought I was gonna get more juice. – Maybe I should mix the
fudge with the chocolate. – I’m gonna say that I
don’t put this in the milk. I think that I make the ice cream, and then you, like, fold it. – All right, so I almost
forgot the saffron, which is a very expensive ingredient. I’m adding some lemon zest to the saffron just to brighten up
the flavors (laughing). Honestly, I’m putting everything in that I think sounds fancy. – [Keith] Whoa, the juice looks awesome. – Oh no, 103! Abort, abort! Um, all right. I melted the chocolate. – The next and final step, if you wanna stabilize your ice cream, now would be a good time to do it. If you’re making ice cream at home, there’s really no need
to stabilize ice cream unless you’re gonna keep
it for more than a week. – So I saw this over there and, this thing called xanthan gum. So I’m gonna put in an eighth
of a cup of xanthan gum. – You can use egg yolks,
you can use xanthan gum, but if you do use xanthan gum, you wanna use very, very little. Quarter of a teaspoon per gallon just because it makes
your ice cream too thick, and if you use too much, it will be gummy. – I’m hoping the xanthan
gum makes it nice and silky. When you get that spoon
dragging across the top, it does that nice furl and
there’s the little ripples in it and it’s like soft and it’s beautiful. – Whoa, it smells good, dude! – Thanks.
– Oh! – That was hot, that was hot. – Okay, so I’m just gonna incorporate all of my three mixtures together. Main condensed milk with
all of my rose water and my cardamom and my
vanilla and my amaretto. Now this is a lemon saffron reduction. – I’m gonna transfer my
beautiful cream mixture. One swirl! It’s like it’s cooling in the ice cream. This is looking like moose tracks! – [Eugene] I’m gonna chop up some walnuts, which are nice and buttery, rose petals. – [Keith] Rose petals? – [Eugene] Yeah, but
I’m trying to chop it up a little bit finer. – Well I think roses are
quite fine as they are. (Eugene and Keith laughing dramatically) – Guys, I’m done. I have no other ideas. I’ve exhausted all thoughts. (sighs) I just don’t, I
haven’t the slightest idea. I’ve never felt more hopeless, and you’ve watched a lot of me
being pretty (beep) hopeless. No! This is garbage! What the (beep) am I gonna do with this? They met and now they’re
married and they’re one cookie. Do we have anything that can help me? (groans dramatically) Like sure, here’s more sugar, great. I used the hot thing. I chopped up the Oreos. I have to win one of the episodes. Oh no, oh, it’s spilling. Oh, we’re spilling. Here, let’s just cool it down a little. Oh no, oh, we’re spilling. Oh no, oh no, oh! Okay, that’s cream and ice. (dramatic drum roll) – [Announcer] 10 minutes, bakers! – 10 minutes?! How am I gonna fill 10 minutes? (guys laughing) – So I’m dousing my roses in rose water. Maybe just like a touch of alcohol. – [Keith] I thought you
wanted to cook all of it out. I mean, you can’t serve it to a child. – Give whisky to a baby, a
little amaretto to a child. – We got a bowl of kind of chocolate, kind of vanilla milk, and
we’ve got green food coloring. – All right, it’s time for the final step! Reese’s! Ah ha ha! Oh, that was kind of anti climatic. – [Announcer] Five minutes! – Oh (beep) it, we’ll just put ’em all in. – Yeah, that’s what I’m feeling too, dude. Yes, I did all of the food coloring. It’s a nice mint color! – This is definitely
thicker milk (laughing). – Mine just looks like melted ice cream. – [Keith] Yours does look good. – I’m kind of pivoting my flavor. I’m doing kind of like a
peppermint cookies and cream. – It’s like you spent the last 10 minutes just coming up with ideas of
ways to ruin it (laughing). – [Announcer] Three, two, one! Hands up, bakers, hands up! – [Ned] Nice job, Zach! – Thanks.
– High five, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, whoa.
– Thanks, buddy. (joyful, twinkling instrumental music) – [Narrator] The ice
cream base has chilled. Now, it’s time to churn it
in the ice cream machine. – All right.
– Hello. – Here we go.
– Okay, where’s Eugene? Oh, Jesus! – Sorry, I was getting cold feet. (Ned laughs obnoxiously) – Now this is giving me a lot of memories of my wedding gift. We had a little tub just like this, and we stopped using it
because this is really quite a lot of space to keep
in your freezer at all times. – Oh, Eugene, yours is thick already. – Ooh, yours is beautiful.
– Nice. – It’s because I whipped cream. I don’t think I was supposed to do that. – [Zach] Mine’s supposed to
be thick, because she ain’t. – [Eugene] Well, that’s kind
of the whole point, I think, of this ice cream churner
is to make it thick. – So now that our ice
cream has aged overnight, it’s time to run it through
the ice cream machine. This is gonna go into our
commercial ice cream machine for about seven minutes. It’s gonna freeze this
barrel within this machine. This scrapes it off and reintroduces it into the mixture until
all of it has formed into small, tiny, uniform ice crystals, and that’s essentially what ice cream is. – I’m just gonna pour mine in. – Okay, we just pour it right in the top? – Ready?
– Three, two, one, ice cream. (liquid sloshing)
Such a satisfying sound. – Oh yeah.
– Mine’s got a lot of chunks in it. – All right, guys, you
ready to turn these on and let them churn for 30 minutes? – Mm hmm. – [All Together] Three, two, one! – Ice cream!
(machines whirring loudly) – Oh dear god.
(Keith screaming) That thing’s loud. Wow, that is awful! (all vocalizing over machines whirring) – Right when it comes out
of the ice cream machine’s my favorite texture. In Italy, this is what
they would call gelato. This is what you’re served. So this is gonna go directly into the coldest freezer possible. – Wow!
– Look at this! – Okay.
– Ooh! – We got ice cream.
– We got ice cream. – I don’t have ice cream.
– It’s gooey. – [Zach] Yours looks very similar. – Keith has ice cream. – I have ice cream.
– Wow. – [Keith] It must be the xanthan gum because that’s the only thing I did different
– That’s soft serve. – [Keith] from all of you. – [Male Narrator] It’s time for the guys to add their toppings to the ice creams. – The main base is a
cookies and cream ice cream, but I’ve added some peppermint
for a little flavor of stank. I got some peanut butter in there. I think there’s a milk chocolate in, I don’t remember the rest. – So it’s not vegan. – It’s a mostly dairy-free ice cream. That’s a big win. – I’m adding my moose tracks, which are Reese’s peanut butter cups as well as strands of semisweet chocolate. – I’m gonna add my chopped up rose petals, flavored slightly with a
little amaretto and rose water. – I’m going to add in
some chopped up walnuts, mini raisins, some more cinnamon because I feel like it doesn’t
have enough cinnamon still. (machines whirring) Well mine’s so thick it won’t spin. I might have to just do it by hand. It doesn’t spin. – As far as texture in ice cream, too much stabilizer will make ice cream really gummy and thumpy. – Mine’s stretchier than I thought. It’s so stretchy. I mean, it’s not right. There’s something about this that’s wrong. – You don’t want to have
to chew your ice cream. – Really chewy.
– It’s a chewy ice cream. – Chewy ice cream.
– It’s confusing. – It should be smooth. The smallest ice crystals as possible. Semi-solid for the duration
that you’re eating it. You don’t want it to melt too fast. – Mine’s melting immediately. Oh my god, it’s immediately soup. – I think I’ve already lost. My doesn’t look like ice cream. It just looks like it’s
wet, melted ice cream. – Remember, Eugene, it’s gonna
sit in the freezer overnight. – [All Together] Freeze well! See you tomorrow night! – Let’s cut to some penguins. – [Male Narrator] The guys also
made their own waffle cones in a video coming January. – It’s a (beep) cone! – Gah! (beep) – [Male Narrator] Stay
tuned for a bonus episode of Without A Recipe. – I can’t wait! (jubilant instrumental music) – We’re gonna be judging
on presentation, taste, creativity, and is it ice cream. I love my ice cream sweet. I feel like all these people are trying to make healthy ice cream alternatives, and it’s just not gonna work. – Taste rules everything, and
texture’s huge with ice cream. It’s smooth and not, like, gritty or icy. I think you just don’t
want that icy taste. – I’m definitely looking
for the perfect texture, really creamy, something rich, and something that is not
too melty and not too frozen, something in between. (dramatic instrumental music) – All right, judges, I’m very
pleased to present to you my Canadian moose tracks ice cream. You’re gonna find fudge, chocolate, and a little bit of
Reese’s peanut butter cups. – Presentation, it looks good. I mean, it looks freckled. I can’t tell what it is, other than it looks like
vanilla with chocolate. – It’s a little melty, but obviously, it’s just because we’re in
a room temperature habitat. (guys laughing)
– Habitat? – I think it looks very appetizing. The freckling looks really good. – So, let’s taste it. – [Keith] Oh wow, that’s nice. Yeah. Big bite. That’s a happy boy face.
– Oh that’s a happy boy! Oh my god, oh my god! – [Jessica] This tastes like my childhood. – Oh my.
– Wow. – That’s really good.
– That’s really good. It’s very creamy and just decadent. – Definitely sweet, but then again, it’s a candy-flavored ice
cream, so it’s expected. I think it could have been more creative. There are versions of this I know in ice cream shops, in grocery stores. – Yeah, I don’t think it’s creative, but in this circumstance,
I’m not mad about it. – [Jamie] Well, is it ice cream? – Yeah.
– It’s definitely ice cream. – Like 100%.
– Yeah, this is ice cream. – Wow, man.
– Thank you, judges. Thank you, judges, wow.
– Thoroughly positive we’ve ever had.
– It’s too positive. (majestic classical music) – Okay, judges, I am proud
to present my ice cream. I call it a Persian rosaretto. It is amaretto, sorry, Jamie, rose water, sorry, Jamie, saffron, sorry, Jamie, and cardamom, sorry, Jamie. You just unfortunately
cannot eat this ice cream. So sorry. – Well, it’s beautiful. It looks a little icy. – But I like the color. That’s an appetizing color. – [Adrienne] I love how it
came with the little baby rose. – So anxious to taste
this (clears throat). Sorry.
(guys laughing) – I don’t really taste much of the saffron because the cardamom’s just so strong. – Yeah, it is strong. I think I want like some texture in it, like something crunchy. – [Adrienne] It’s really hard
to actually make ice cream with alcohol because alcohol
decreases the freezing point. – It was hard to churn. – Yeah, it probably took it
forever to freeze, didn’t it? It’s because of the alcohol. It’s an acquired taste. I personally like it, but I can see how it doesn’t really reach a broad spectrum with people. – Would you be able to
sell this in your store? – I’ve served way
weirder things than this. I definitely think this
would pass in my store. – [Keith] I get it, but it’s
not for me, but I get it. – No, I love this. Dude, that’s crazy. Whoa! Your reaction was so muted! That’s insane! – Yeah, texture’s bad
but the flavor’s good. – I’m gonna eat the rose. – He’s eating the rose. He’s eating the rose, and he… – Is this actually a plant? – Yeah, and it’s edible, these roses. Not all roses are edible, but these are. – Okay. – I would give it a 10 for creativity. Very creative.
– Wow. – Some points for
creativity because it comes with an edible flower, and it’s the only thing that I can eat. (guys laughing) I would like to answer the
question of is it ice cream. You knew that an 11 year old was going to be judging this episode, and yet, you continue to put
heavy amounts of alcohol. – So your answer to is it ice cream? – It’s no. Ice cream is for everybody. – Galaxy brain.
– Wow. – I think it’s ice cream. – Yeah, I definitely think it’s ice cream. This is ice cream in
other parts of the world. This is a common, typical flavor. (guys laughing) – Hey, what would we have to do if we let Jamie eat the ice cream? We’d have to cardamom. – Ah ha ha! Yes! All right, Zach! You’re up, baby!
– Thanks, everybody! (guys laughing heartily) (penguins cawing) – Now, judges, unlike
some contestants today, I had the children fully in mind. Bring you back to childhood where monsters and goblins are real. This is ice cream that’s
so delicious, it’s scary. Vegan cookies and scream ice cream. – It looks like a mistake. – No, no, no, very purposeful. I want you to think back to Halloween. It’s spooky ice cream. – It looks like, what is it, wheat grass, the stuff that you do a shot of. – I think its presentation
matches its name. It definitely looks vegan. (guys snickering) – Not the scream part, though. – Why is it minty?
– Chocolate cookies. – Because, for the holidays, I added little hints of peppermint. It’s cookies and cream with peppermint. – It tastes like mint chocolate chip. – Yeah, it’s mint, did I not say that? It’s mint chocolate chip cookies and cream – With peanut butter.
– That’s why it’s green. – [Adrienne] Yeah, it’s a little crumbly. – It’s like straight ice. Super icy. – Unique. – Thank you. – I like that I can’t taste coconut. I try vegan ice cream. If it’s coconut that you’re using and you don’t taste coconut, that’s like a success for me. – Cool, yeah, I did a combo
of coconut and oat milk. – It tastes like you took
all your Halloween candy and put it in a
Christmas-flavored dessert. – That sounds better than it is. (guys laughing heartily) – It’s so gross! – Thank you. Spooky.
(guys laughing) Let’s talk about creativity, though. – Yeah, it’s creative because it’s green. – I think texturally it’s just not good, but taste isn’t bad. – What is some of the challenges of making vegan ice cream delicious. – Upping the fat, like making up for what you can’t do with non-dairy stuff. And you have to get creative with the fat because then again,
everything’s coconut-based. Everything tastes like coconut. Kind of gets redundant. – Wow to the salt.
(Jamie laughs) – [Zach] Do you really think so? – Yeah, it’s the peppermint. – I think the peppermint’s a little much. – I think you needed to
take away one mix-in. – So you mean the way that I had it before they told me I had 20 minutes left and I just started bullshitting around? – Yeah.
– Right. – [Eugene] It would have been better. – Is it ice cream? – If this is ice cream, then I would just say
everything frozen is ice cream, and I don’t think that’s true. – Yeah, because there
are so many chunks in it, I couldn’t taste the ice cream as well. – Bummer.
(guys laughing) (smooth, lighthearted instrumental music) – My father, Donald Habersberger, every morning has Raisin
Bran for breakfast. To honor my father, Donald Habersberger, I present you with my cinnamon
raisin walnut ice cream. It is called Daddy’s Favorite. (guys laughing and snickering) – It looks pretty plain, but, you know, who said ice cream can’t be plain? – Thank you. – I don’t think it looks that bad compared to the last two
we had in terms of iciness. – And I think the touch of walnuts is gonna be a nice surprise. – Daddy’s favorite.
– And it’s daddy’s favorite. My dad loves walnuts. He loves Raisin Bran. He loves cinnamon raisin cookies. – All right, let’s try Daddy’s Favorite. – Oh god.
(guys laughing) – Mm!
(beep) It’s very creamy. – [Jessica] Is it thick? It looks very thick.
– Very thick. – The thickness is in honor of my mother, who loves hard ice cream. – I thought you were about to say your mom was thick. – No!
(guys laughing) – There’s a weird texture. – It feels like I’m chewing it. – Yeah!
– I kind of like it. – It’s like gummy, I would say. That’s the texture.
– Let’s focus on the flavor. You’re really only talking about texture. – But the gumminess takes over. This might be the only ice
cream I kind of can’t eat. Like, it’s weird. The texture is weird. – [Jamie] It’s very filling. – It was stabilized with either flour or– – Just that gum. – Xanthan gum! – [Jessica] It’s like
too much or something. – What do we think about the
creativity of the ice cream? – I think it’s very creative. Cereal milk is like a thing. – And I like the fact that
it’s daddy’s favorite. – Yes! Same. – You guys, it’s not creative. I mean, it’s just–
– What do you mean it’s not creative?! Have you ever had cinnamon raisin ice cream before in your life?! – The milk of that would be good, but not when it’s gummy
and it tastes like nothing and I don’t wanna
– Okay, so the execution – have it in my mouth.
– was bad, but think about the
creativity and the idea! – It still doesn’t work. – I’d say it’s a thick ice cream. – I think it’s more like frozen pudding. – It’s not ice cream.
– It’s not melting. – Yeah, exactly.
(women laughing) (Keith exhales loudly)
(guys laughing) – I’m sorry, have you
been to Dairy Queen?! (Keith breathing explosively) – It’s gross (gags).
(guys laughing) – How is it gross?! – [Ned] It’s a big texture thing? – It’s a big texture thing– – It was definitely dense. – [Ned] It really just sort
of envelopes the tongue like more of a choke hold. – It’s kind of like chowder.
– Oh yeah! – Well, this was enlightening. What twists, what a crazy panel. It seems like it’s a
race towards last place. – Four ice creams that
the judges loved equally will now find out which
was their favorite! Who knows?! It’s anyone’s game! Stay tuned! It’s Without A Recipe! Here’s some penguins! (driving, staccato instrumental music) – Okay, now we’re gonna deliberate about which ice cream was the worst and which ice cream was
the best or least worst. – [Jamie] We liked Ned’s
to a certain extent. – I think texture-wise and taste-wise, it was pretty up there, but one of the criteria we’re
judging on is creativity, and I think it was probably
the least creative. – Next to Eugene’s. – [Jessica] I think creativity, it’s fine, it’s better, like it’s something. – The cardamom was a little strong for me. I’d like to taste more of the rose. – One third of the judges
couldn’t have the ice cream. And the roses that I ate
next to the ice cream, they weren’t good. Keith’s was gum. – [Adrienne] I think
it’s just the thickness, and the cream just sticks to your tongue and you just can’t get it off. – After we tasted it, I started to feel like
I had glue in mouth. – At least this, you could
have like a few spoonfuls and be like, “Okay, the flavor’s good,” and like they blend well, even though the texture’s not great. So then Zach’s. – [Adrienne] I think he was
going for something creative, but it just fell flat. – [Jamie] There were too many
things happening at one time. – I think if he didn’t
have the food coloring, I would have appreciated the ingredients like a little more maybe. I mean, that is an unappetizing color. – So, I think we have a decision.
– Okay, I think we do too. – Yeah.
– Yeah. (dramatic instrumental music) – We’re back to tell The
Try Guys our final verdict. – You know what hurts the most? We were all so confident. Jessica came in and we said, “Jessica, we did it. “This is the first time that
we’ve made four great things.” We all believed in ourselves. We believed in each other. I’m so surprised with the turn of events. – We are going to actually
present who is first, then we’ll go backwards
and reveal who’s the worst. – [Male Narrator] Will
Zach get last place again? Will Keith finally make his daddy proud? Will Ned continue his hot streak? Is Eugene drunk? – Who could it be?
– The suspense is killing us. – The winner
– yeah. – of the ice cream
Without A Recipe challenge – Quit teasing us. – is
– yeah, yeah. He’s making eye contact with me. – Ned! – Yay!
– What?! How?! – Thank you, thank you!
– I can’t believe it! – Ice cream! – All aspects of technicality, it was executed well in
terms of taste, texture, and can I eat the whole scoop, yes. – On second best. – Second best.
(loud exhale) – Second best.
– Okay. – Eugene. – Really? – [Jessica] Yeah. – Jamie, really? How did I get second place? – The other two were worse. – Yeah, the other two
were just really bad. – You didn’t even try it! You couldn’t even have it! How could you even have a vote?! – So mine was the lesser of three evils? – [Jessica] We liked it. She doesn’t love cardamom. – For me, it was close. I’m just not a cardamom fan. – It was pretty for a little ice cream. – Was mine not pretty, Jamie? (guys snickering) Did you not find it pretty? – You didn’t find it pretty, Jamie? – Was it not pretty? – Not pretty enough for you, Jamie? – Sorry. – It’s come down to two. – I feel uncomfortable. – I just want you to know
that I’m emotionally fragile, but please go ahead. – So, it was pretty close. It was not unanimous. Coming in at last place is Keith.
(guys stifling screams) (beep)
(guys laughing) – Come on!
– Oh my god! – Are you kidding?!
– Oh my god! Oh my god!
– It was terrible! – Oh my god!
– It was terrible! One technical mishap?! I just put in too much xanthan gum?! I’ve never used it before in my life! I didn’t even know if it was
supposed to go in or not! I just guessed! – You know, we asked ourselves a question. Can you eat one bite of each? Yes. Can you eat a second bite of each? That’s where Keith came in last place. – I ate lots of Keith’s.
– Boom. – Keith, your first last place. – Daddy’s not gonna be happy. (guys laughing) Daddy’s not gonna like this! – Thanks for watching Without A Recipe! I wasn’t good, but I
somehow wasn’t the best. A hollow victory, but I’ll take it! – Stay tuned for next week’s
grand finale, birthday cake. – It’s been Without A Recipe! Buh bye! – You don’t have to do daddy’s
favorite every time, do you? – Oh, I’m doing daddy’s
favorite every time. (driving guitar music) – [Male Narrator] Next time on
the Without A Recipe finale. – Happy birthday! – Oh my god!
– This is certainly my finest work on Without A Recipe. – It looks like flesh.
– I’ll be right back! I can’t swallow! I can’t swallow it. – [Woman Narrator] This
is the season finale of Without A Recipe, and we’re gonna be judging cakes.