Hello, I am bachelor Ben. Welcome to my Youtube channel. Today, I want to share the reason why I started this Youtube channel about Korean food and cooking. I’ve been hosting more than seven hundreds of travelers from all over the world (through Couchsurfing and Airbnb since 2014.) I’ve noticed that more and more people are aware of and interested in Korean culture. It’s mainly because of Korean dramas and K-pop stars like BTS. Especially Korean food culture is the new trend because of its taste, variety, and health benefits. Mr. Ben! Hi! My best friend from South Korea. I myself from Canada and I spent a month in Korea a few years ago. Hi my name is Sera!
I stayed with Ben a few years back when I came to visit Seoul and even back then before he’d sort of conceived Bachelor Ben’s Kitchen he was very passionate with sharing Korean culture and Korean food with myself and anyone else that we met. Hello, I am Gülay from Turkey. Me and my friend ilknur we were in South Korea and South Korea is really beautiful country which is so elegant and modern. We liked it a lot. And during our vacation, everything was perfect. We met with our lovely friend Ben, I miss you so much, you, Ben. Our chef has Show for us. No!! yeah, yeah, yeah Go on. You can do it. WOW! Perfect!! What do you think? what do you think? Tell me your opinion. Yeah, I was proud of myself, I was excited, however, it wasn’t 100% success, so I wanted to try it again. (for the 100% success) What do you think? Tell me your opinion. Ah~ it was SO CLOSE. And he offered us to cook together the food, and he introduced us Korean food which was really special to us. It was really delicious, I remembered like it was yesterday. Gülay, I was happy and thank you for enjoying my food. However, some of the people are having difficulties enjoying Korean food due to several reasons such as their dietary restrictions. I had very difficult time when it comes to food due to my dietary restrictions. I complained about Korean food so much. So my personal dietary restriction was vegetarian. Korean foods are not so vegetarian-friendly. It’s extremely difficult to find vegetarian food there unless you cook at home yourself. Yeah, that’s true. He had a such a difficult time in Korea because of the food. He usually bought some vegetables at the market and ate them raw(sorry for terrible pronunciation) or just boiled them. It sounds very tasty, does it? He is a big and tall guy. Can you imagine how hungry he was during his trip to Korea? I know Korean food can be really really difficult for people who have dietary requirements, or if they’re vegan or vegetarian. I myself, I’m allergic to eggs. Only one thing, we had some problem about food. Because we are Muslim, so we need to eat Halal food, so it was really difficult time to find Halal food. Yeah, that’s one of my main motivations for this channel. I started this project to help more foreigners to enjoy Korean food better with my videos and infographics. I’d like to make Korean food more accessible in many ways. First of all, kudos(=praise, acclaim) to your project I really appreciate it. (as a vegetarian) Ben is the kind of guy that I would describe, as Gandhi said before ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. So, that’s what my friend Ben is trying to do. He is trying to accommodate foreigners into Korean cuisine. Even then Ben was really helpful. He made an effort to try and show me Korean food that I could eat. He would make sure that when we went and ate out he would ensure that the food was okay for me. I hope that Mr. Ben will be a pioneer to make Korea better food place for foreigners, or maybe Mr. Ben can create something his own. Maybe some Korean dish that will feed all the foreigners, who knows? As I said before, be the change you want to see in the world. It’s really really exciting to see Bachelor Ben’s Kitchen coming up give me sort of options and clear recipes for Korean food. As much I was able to enjoy the food I was able to eat, there was a lot I missed out on, so the prospect of being able to find some other foods that I could cook on my own is amazing. I wish Bachelor Ben all the best with his project. Thank you very much Ben. Thank you very much for everything. I really hope to come to (Korea) again. Be the change you want to see. All the best my friend. I like your positive spirit and come to see me in Canada anytime. BYE!! Thank you guys for taking your time and effort to make valuable videos. I’ll do my best to make meaningful, usuful and enjoyable videos for all of us. So, please look forward to my videos and tune into my channel. See you again!!