“we’ll be waiting we’ll be waiting….” assalamu alaikum we are in day three in Capetown good morning how are you all
today are you fine? I will let you know how it is we’ll let
you know how good is thank you this is the rest of the breakfast so mr. Ali is topping up on this food. The most important meal of the day today come to school dr. which is a moped and a scooter hire place within Cape
Town so this should help us get around more easier around the city and the
price is R270 per day with the R4000 deposit exceed up somewhere
nice as soon as possible is some best was some SYM why it is Armacost so we just ** up I asked who is
after you know just getting them now so taking them for a little spin around the
city and it’s quite nice having scooter as I’m getting around around the city and
getting to see what it’s actually like you know the freedom of of having our
own transport so these are the scooters they are fairly nice to be fair
so instead Lee thinks he’s is better because he’s got his Italian racing
stripes on there to be fitted nice bikes we’ve just parked up here outside a
coffee shop called mccarver coffee it is supposed to be a coffee roaster so we’ll
get to try some freshly roasted coffee yeah we’ll check it out I think all of the spicy caucus YC the
allotted yeah I love the spicy latte just a medium one please so what kind of
blend is it Brazil and Ethiopian coffee yet but spicy latte from MacArthur
coffeehouse and what you get the Cortado so you’re hoping this is better yeah
sorry bad so they’ve got their own branded coffee
cups as well so we’re drinking it outside on the shop front it’s quite
nice actually you know they want to got a few tables outside some of the coffee
shops do have this out don’t arrange Matt yeah feels nice and safe and secure just a purchased some honey
it was the raw cake forest honey that we purchased it’s really sweet and really
nice yeah so some raw honey at a very good price as well so just find the four
gia decided to purchase two pistachio flavor watch very nice thank you
there’s so much authentic food here many halal options as well and also many
vegetarian options if there’s a place you really want to kind of dine and try
some authentic food this is probably the place to try I’d say maybe save it for
lunchtime you know are just great lunch options available here today the market
is closing at 2:00 p.m. so might grab a quick lunch before leaving so the story
goes we started this company on 30 quids all right 15 years ago in a garage like google like yahoo go like whatever blah blah blah we’re hand rolled this bread it’s called
pepper de música from our little island called Sardinia on the west coast of
Italy wild rock tips Asian slaw smoked paprika rosemary time rock salt fresh
basil with extra virgin olive oil with aged balsamic reduction pomegranates fresh lemon ginger black Japanese sesame seeds Walt smoked paprika roads real-time rock
salt with a little bit of sriracha angered hello peace swiss-italian cheese while most vertebrates are I love you guys
shit run so nice to do to guys so we’ve sold 3.5 million and 15 years
for two hands to start this officially made for us by our friend over here
called gunga bunga and it’s supposed to be world-famous it’s all over what three
million did you say three million in 15 years three million in 15 years
brilliant halal Angus beef locally sourced and such a nice chap zone
nice gentleman is offered to us for free as well so yeah if you ever in Cape Town
in the old biscuit market or biscuit mill market then check him out come to a committee coffeehouse so they
like Roasters quite famous in Cape Town so it’s gonna try some of their coffee
if he’s good then we’ll probably buy a few bags of their coffee as well lead
coffee house was mostly the best coffee house in Cape Town
20:18 was caught like a sharp aftertaste so the coffee that we had this morning I
think was slightly bad or two to two my life in any way aftertaste if that’s
your thing then then maybe you’ll like it it’s got more like the Starbucks
taste to it which is not to my liking anyway so but yeah he’s about to try a
different kind of coffee shop they did sell a range of beans from a variety of
countries across Africa and some South American ones also so yeah if you want
to get some fresh diversity just pop into committee can run two stores such a beautiful write-up here as you
can see it’s really green and such so scenic as well and kind of got it to
ourselves no enough as far as us is a few cars are parked I think for the
hikers so some people have started hiking yeah oh yeah Indian Holi restaurant as you can see
we’ve got a variety of dishes at this meat chicken and vegetarian dishes so
what we ordered was the Maharaja Holly which is the most expensive one which
contains a mixture of all vegetarian and you can get an a vegetarian option if
you want just a chicken option you can get that a lamb option but we’ve decided
to get a mixture of the two the price of it is microfiber on which is around
about 6 pound good value for money for what you get you get to try a range of
dishes or a reasonable amount of money to prepare because we already had the a
heavy lunch you know just probably the right amount
of food for us I’m not sure if we’re gonna finish it what we’ll try our best
so we just finished our food well I say we finished it we couldn’t really finish
it should have finished it she’s been looking to do the quality of the food is
that we’ve eaten too much from the daytime yeah so we had a big lunch
unfortunately but the tray was really big and this is actually for one person
yeah I see none of the YouTube videos the tarly’s for one person
– yeah two of us couldn’t really finish it 95 yeah so 95 run there is a lot of
food so if you come to this place it’s the food in which is in between C Point
and Fresno area if you come here then I’d say maybe shared between two or
three people yes and if you really like hot dog chili food so get the chili and
cheese naan if you like hot food so we also have some chili and cheese naan and
the mango lassi is nice is good yeah so the mango lassi which is another
traditional Asian drink its lucky yogurty drink with the mango flavor yeah
that was really nice as well about the actual dishes themselves which one did
you like the most probably like the $2 dishes actually so the lentils and the
chickpeas the big length nothing that won’t mean chickpea and the small ones
nothing I’m not sure which one it is but I think is the one a really good taste
here I think I like the the the bottle chicken and secondly I think the
cauliflower is nice as well so the cauliflower would was cooked in
like per hour okey he gives it a real nice flavor as
well kind of different to kind of what we’re used to
I’ve never really been big on plain rice on one
that’s why I didn’t touch it yeah from the young guys I just never really got
on with it yeah I think all the dish is quite nice little nice yeah yeah so so
there’s like a cauliflower there’s a mixed vegetable a chick pea and then a
yellow lentil and then I’ve got a chicken and a lamb curry as well and
then you do get some some vinegar and some yogurt as well to complement all
that and some chopped carrots so you know quite a lot of variation with on
the dish good value for money definitely recommend it so if you’re visiting Cape
Town that this is probably definitely a place you should visit give you a 10 I’d
say today’s been a good day for food brilliant so I’d say maybe a 9 out of 10
say 8 a 8 over 9 so give it 8 and a half yeah why not yeah so an 8 and a half by
10 but definitely a place worth checking out if you do want to try something
different you know like sharing portions and stuff like that it’s good for maybe
a family or group of friends and you don’t mind sharing out the same plates
well then get in there with your food and you do get to taste all the
different dishes as well you know which helps well then you know paying a lot
I’m way for that’s right yeah you