(upbeat jazz music) – Hello and welcome to, “You’re Doing It Wrong.”
(buzzer) And today we’re talking chicken breast. Now if you’re the kind of
person that thinks that chicken breast is boring and bland, that’s simply because
you’re doing it wrong, but that’s OK, ’cause
with a few simple steps, you can be making juicy,
delicious, tender chicken breast all the time. So let’s start with a
grilled chicken breast, which I know has the
reputation of being pretty lame, but it’s the healthier choice, right? It’s a nice lean protein
that tends to be really dry. What if there was a way to
have the healthier choice but make it super-juicy and delicious? There is a way, and we’re
gonna do it together. So let’s talk about seasoning our chicken. A brine is a simple solution to dry tasteless chicken breast, and I bet you have everything
that you need for it right now in your pantry. Scientifically speaking, brining changes the structure
of the meat’s proteins, allowing it to absorb
and retain more moisture. Now you can make a wet
brine or a dry brine, and today, we’re making a wet one. For our brine, we’re gonna
combine a quart of water, a quarter cup of kosher salt,
and a quarter cup of sugar. We’re gonna whisk them
together until the sugar and the salt are dissolved. Now you can stop right
there, but I’m gonna add a little lemon peel and a
little peppercorn for flavor. You could add fresh herbs
or whatever you like — get creative with it. And now your brine is ready
for your chicken breast. You can put up to four
chicken breasts in this brine. And you’re gonna let it sit
for 30 minutes to an hour, but you don’t wanna let
it go longer than an hour, because then your chicken
breast is gonna start getting all mealy and that’s gross. Moving on to our grill. You wanna make sure that your
meat is at room temperature before you put it on the grill. You also wanna make sure that
your grill is ripping hot before any food goes on it. We’re gonna take her out, let her dry. We’re gonna brush our chicken breast with a little bit of oil so it doesn’t stick to the grill. And once your meat is on
the grill, leave it alone and let it cook and really you
only wanna flip it one time. That’s nice. Once your chicken breast is cooked, you take it off the heat and let it rest.
(buzzer) If you slice into your
chicken breast right away, all the juices are gonna
spill out leaving you with a really dry breast. If you let it sit, all the juices will set, and you’ll have a nice,
moist chicken breast. – [Thom & Lee] Rest the breast, rest the breast, rest the breast. – Once your chicken has rested,
slice it against the grain to ensure proper texture
(ding) and serve. Next up let’s talk about a
slightly more popular version of chicken breast: the chicken cutlet. So you can bread and fry
your chicken breast as is, but a lot of times,
that’ll lead to dry edges and a raw center, and that,
my friends, is no good. But if we pound our chicken,
breast making it a nice, even thin layer, it’s
gonna cook in half the time, and it’s gonna be absolutely delicious. Now you can pound your
chicken just on the counter, you can pound your chicken between two pieces of plastic wrap. I like to pound my
chicken in a zip-top bag. Now if you don’t have a mallet, you can use a pot or a pan, you can use a hammer, you can use Thor’s hammer. (pounding) (ding)
That’s it. To bread our chicken
breast, we’re gonna use a standard breading procedure. We’re going to season our chicken, then we’re going to put it in the flour, then egg, and then breadcrumb. We’re using panko today. So we’re ready to fry. When frying, always
remember to use enough oil. Today we’re doing a shallow
fry, so we have about a quarter inch of oil. You want your oil to be very hot, but you don’t want it to be too hot, ’cause you don’t wanna burn your chicken, and you don’t wanna burn
down your apartment — that would not be good. A great way to test if
your oil is hot enough is to throw a couple breadcrumbs in there and see if they start to fry. Let’s fry our chicken.
(sizzling) Now once it’s frying, just like when you’re grilling chicken, leave it alone. Let it sit, let it cook, and that way, you’re gonna achieve golden brown. And also just like the grilling, you’re trying to only flip it one time. Make sure you’re using
the proper tools for this. (buzzer buzzing) Don’t go jabbing in there with a fork. You wanna use a fish spatula or tongs. And tongs work great — just
be sure to be super-gentle, because you don’t wanna scrap
off any of the breading. Let the chicken drain on a paper towel, (ding) and then you’re ready to serve. So now my friends, you hold the key to delicious chicken breasts. So get out there and start doing it right. (knife hitting plate)
(chewing) It’s really, really good. Well, you made it this far. You may as well like,
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