so today we are making a delicious vegan
pesto this is great to use as a sauce on pasta but don’t limit yourself to that
it’s great as a spread on sandwiches or wraps even just with veggies pesto
really goes a long way and its really immersed I’ll plus it’s so delicious and
fresh you’re gonna love this recipe so let’s go ahead and jump right into it so
this is everything you are going to need to make this delicious pesto I’m
starting off with about four cups of basil and fun fact is I actually grew
this basil in my little herb garden which I’m very proud of because I tend
to even kill succulents and then to that I’m going to be adding in a couple
cloves of garlic you can do one to two depending on how garlicky you like yours
then I’m going to be adding in the juice of a whole lemon now a great thing about
lemon is not only does this make it really refreshing but it also helps to
make the sauce or the spread lasts a bit longer so go ahead and use the juice of
a full lemon I would suggest using a fresh lemon here as opposed to the juice
in the bottle just because that way you get a lot of benefits a lot of the ones
in the bottle are from concentrate and then to that I’m going to be adding in
some pine nuts now if you don’t want to do pine nuts this will work well with
pistachios walnuts even almonds to that I’m adding in some olive oil and it’s
really important to use a good quality olive oil so you want one that a comes
in a dark glass bottle you want it to be organic and you also want it to have a
harvest date that’s a great way to tell about the quality of an olive oil then
I’m going to be adding in just a little bit of pepper along with some Himalayan
salt and this really just helps to bring the peso together and create that
wonderful delicious flavor so then all you have to do is blend that up and then
I store it in a mason jar so this will keep in the fridge for about five days
or you can freeze it for a couple months another great tip is to actually
separate it if you’re going to be freezing it into little ice cube trays
so then you have these little cubes of pesto that
you can throw into sauces or use with pastas stir fries and it just makes it
really easy and ready to go but this is such a delicious spread dip or thing to
use on pasta alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video this pesto is so
delicious I know you’re gonna love it so definitely tag me if you make it I
honestly use it like I said on so many things on pasta veggies wraps spreads
everything pesto is just well pesto is the best step if you guys watch friends
you’ll understand that reference I’m gonna leave my healthy recipes playlist
here so you guys can see lots more recipes from me and I will see you guys
in my next video bye guys