Welcome to souped up recipes. Today I am going to make sampan congee. We call it [艇仔粥tang jai jook] in Cantonese. As one of the most popular Cantonese dim sum. it is famous for its fresh and sweet taste. Sampan porridge is a traditional rice-based dish so we gonna start it with the rice first. Add a half cup of rice into the rice cooker. Wash it. Don’t really need a specific type. Just regular rice is fine. Pour in 4 cups of water. Set the rice cooker to congee setting. And cook it for 40 minutes. You can also use a pot to make this. Just need to keep an eye on it to avoid over flowing. 40 minutes later, I got some things like this. Don’t need to worry about it is too sticky or too watery as long as the rice is cooked well. You can always add water or cook it a little more to balance it. Now we gonna transfer that into the pot. Usually, I will add more water in it because the longer we cook it, the thicker it will be. So feel free to add water anytime. Let’s bring this to a boil and take a look at what else do we need. I have 3 ounces of char siu oh, believe me, this little Chinese BBQ meat is amazing! sweet, salty, full of richness. 3 ounces of thinly sliced pork 3 ounces of squid 3 ounces of sliced fish 3 ounces of peeled shrimp also, I like to add some vegetables, so I got some shredded carrot and cabbage. You don’t need to use them all. But the more different ingredients you put in, your congee will taste better. Let’s prepare our seasoning. You want to have it all ready so when the time is right, you just dump them in all together. 2 tsp of sugar, it really helps bring out the seafood taste. 1 tsp of white pepper 2 tsp of ginger juice, in China, we use ginger to remove the seafood smells 1 tsp of chicken powder, this is an optional
ingredient. But it does make the congee taste deeper. 1 tsp of sesame oil this is optional ingredient
too, if you have it, please drizzle some, it makes the whole dish smells much better. I haven’t added any salt yet, always wait until the end to adjust the taste. The rice based is boiling now. we go in the pork, give it a stir in case they stick together. Char siu that will give the congee nice richness. Let this cook for about 3 minutes. Don’t go away, because when it comes to
a full boil, it over flows easily which is dangerous. That happens to me, just warming you. We gonna add in all the seafood. The fish, make sure you stir every time you add in the meat in case they stick together. The squid, shrimps and the veggies. Wow, the color looks nice. Then add in all the seasoning. Give it a stir make sure it is dissolved. Em, smells like sesame now! Add it some salt to adjust the flavor. Give it a little taste. You are done. What I like to do is add some cilantro, carrot,
cabbage on the top, they give nice colors, make the dish look
much nicer. Also, i like to crush some fried wonton skin
and put some peanuts. We usually serve this with Chinese deep-fried-dough
sticks as breakfast. You can switch it with what every you like. Congee is very flexible. Let’s eat it. The wonton skin and peanuts give those little
crunchy bite. It’s just so soft and savory. Every time I eat it, they’re just pure happiness
comes from my heart. It is such a nice comfort food. Makes me feel like home. We got many types of congee. If you want to try, then this is the one you should go first. Check the description for all the ingredient
amounts and the steps. And don’t forget to give a thumbs up if
you like it. And I want to see you next time!