– Hey, guys, Ben here
with bsl nutrition, today we’re talking about the
five best fast foods for you to be consuming pre-workout. Now, I’ve got to be
honest with you, you know as well as I do that
there’s no perfect foods and, in the perfect world,
we wouldn’t be eating fast food at all, but
the world’s not perfect, we’re all busy, we got
a lot of stuff going on, and I know for a fact
that you are not going to always prioritize your nutrition. And, so, what do we do
when we get in those situations where we
need to make a fast food option whether it’s going
through a drive-thru, whether it’s at a
supermarket, whether it’s at a gas station, I think
it’s important for everyone to understand that you
can always be making a better option. So, today, we’re going
to cover what those five best fast food pre-workout meals would be. Eggs are a superfood,
and when I say superfood I mean that they are high
in protein, they have good sources of fat,
they’re rich in vitamins and minerals, and they’re
easily digestible. Something that we can get
virtually anywhere whether we’re rolling through
a drive-thru, you can always get egg whites
at a restaurant, or you could pick up some hard-boiled
eggs at a supermarket. How can you go wrong with fruit? It’s a great source of
carbohydrate, again, vitamins and minerals
and it’s high in fiber so that when we eat fruit
pre-workout it keeps our energy stores filled
up, it’s easy to digest and we’re getting a
lot of nutritional bang for our buck. Now, oatmeal is a great
food to be consuming pre-workout because it’s a
dense source of carbohydrate, so assuming you can handle
those carbs and they fit into your total caloric
plan, then it’s a great food to consume. Now, it’s also rich in both
soluble and insoluble fiber. That’s gonna be great for your gut health, it’s gonna be great for
your digestion and your elimination, and it’s also
gonna provide great energy for you throughout your workout. Specifically, oatmeal is a
great source of B-vitamins, and then also minerals
like magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, all of those things that we need to be getting in on a daily basis. Now, I know we’ve all
been told we should be avoiding white rice, we
should be avoiding things that are white. Look, at the end of the
day, there’s really not that much of a difference
between white and brown rice, and some data would
suggest that white rice is better for you because
it’s more easily broken down and digested, absorbed, assimilated. Regardless, white rice
is a great, fast-acting carbohydrate source, it’s
something that’s easily accessible and cheap
that you can get out at virtually any restaurant. Dairy, something that
is easily accessible. It’s protein dense, be it
milk, yogurt and cheese, assuming it’s something
that you can actually tolerate, it can be a
great addition to any pre-workout meal to help
both boost your protein, carbs and fat, depending
on the dairy source. Okay, so, now that we’ve
talked about all five of the best fast foods
to be consuming in that pre-workout meal, let’s
put it all together and get a better idea of what
one of those pre-workout meals would actually look like. A few options would be
a breakfast sandwich. If I was gonna get a
breakfast sandwich, what I would shoot for is
something that’s, again, low in fat, higher in protein
and moderate in carbs. Another example would be
using oatmeal, I would try and shoot for a steel-cut
oatmeal, and something that’s higher in fiber,
and what you can do is you can take oatmeal and
put a scoop of protein powder in it, and another
example of combining some of these best fast
foods would be dairy, like a Greek yogurt, because
it’s high in protein, it’s very low in fat and
you could add fruit to it and even a little bit
of nuts to add a little bit of fat if you wanted to. It’s totally fine that
you’re gonna eat out whether it be fast food,
whether it be gas station, supermarket, we can always
be making better decisions, and now you know what to do. But, hey, if you want
some more specific options then do me a favor and
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