– [Jennifer] From a first
ever bologna sandwich to authentic New York garlic knots, this week I have a bunch of fun and easy lunch ideas to share with you. I am Jennifer, and welcome
to SUBSCRIBER Lunch Sunday. Whether you’re going
to school, or to work, or just staying home, these videos will definitely give you the
lunch inspiration you need. Now, let’s get started. I’m kicking off today’s video with a lunch idea sent in by Hawii. Hawii is 11 years old and is from Canada. My first step for Hawii’s
lunch is to make a sandwich that I’ve never made
before on this channel. In fact, I don’t my kids
have ever tried this either. For Hawii’s lunch today I’m gonna be making a bologna sandwich. Now, as I was getting ready to make this lunch Lily saw this on my counter. And she said, mom, what is bologna? And I said, well, think of
it kind of like a hot dog, but it’s just flat like lunch meat. Let me know in the comments down below if you are a fan of
bologna or if you’re not. I remember having a lot of bologna sandwiches as a child myself. But I haven’t eaten it for years. I’m using two pieces of wheat bread, to these I’m adding a squirt of mayo. I decided to try the squeezey mayonnaise. I thought it would be a lot
faster than using a knife. Next I’m going to break into
this package of bologna. And let me just say this
is a very familiar smell. It makes me think of elementary school. So, on goes a slice of bologna,
I’m just gonna add one. Next, I’m gonna add lots of fresh lettuce. And I’m going to top that with
two juicy slices of tomato. Now, I’m gonna go ahead
and close up the sandwich. This guy is pretty hefty. Next, I’m going to try my
best to cut this diagonally. I think it’ll fit much better
in the lunchbox that way. And to keep our sandwich
from falling together I’m going to add in these little star-shaped picks right down in there. Just like that, functional
and totally cute. And would you look at all those layers? Now it’s time to move onto some fruit. I’m gonna be putting two
different kinds in Hawii’s lunch. For the strawberries I’ll go ahead and cut the tops off
and slice them in half. And then for the cherries
I’m gonna go ahead and leave them whole, but I
think I’ll remove the stems. My next step is to prepare the veggies. Now, just like the fruit we’re
doubling up on the veggies. Hawii requested both sweet
peppers and cucumber. For the sweet peppers I’m
going to just slice them into strips, perfect for dipping. I’m gonna add a few of
the red and the yellow. My personal favorite are
definitely the red ones. I think they’re a little bit sweeter. And then for the cucumber
I’m gonna go ahead and use my crinkle cutter to
make these look extra fun. You guys will probably notice I have a lot of my old kitchen tools back. We’ve finally unpacked
them from their boxes. And I’m super excited to be
able to use these in my lunches. Okay guys, now this is looking
so beautiful and colorful. I love the way it’s looking so far. I did go ahead and add a
little container of ranch, perfect for dipping the
peppers and the cucumber in. But there are a few missing
items I still need to add. I’m adding one yogurt tube
in a strawberry flavor and one granola bar with chocolate chips. Those ones are soft, and
chewy, and they are so good. Then, for the special treat
Hawii request cookies. So I decided to go with these
mini chocolate chip cookies. These are actually the
chocolate chunk cookies from Pepperidge Farm,
so they are extra good. Then, to complete Hawii’s
lunch the last thing I’m going to add is a juice pouch. This is just a Capri Sun in the fruit punch flavor, pretty classic. And there you have it, that’s
everything in Hawii’s lunch. Next up I’m going to be
making Natalee’s lunch. She is 13 years old and is from New York. For the main course of Natalee’s lunch I’m going to need the Thermos because this is gonna be a hot lunch. For her lunch today she
requested cheese ravioli. The excellent thing about raviolis are that they cook so fast, just about three or four
minutes is all they need. I’m going to go ahead and drain off all the water from these. And then I’m going to add in
some warmed up marinara sauce. This one has tomatoes obviously, but there’s also basil and
garlic in there, it is so good. Now, there’s actually no
meat in this sauce at all, so this is a great dish for
you vegetarians out there. Now it’s time to stir this all together. I want to make sure that all of the raviolis are covered in sauce. This is smelling so good you guys. Now, to go along with the ravioli Natalee also requested some garlic knots. Now, these taste just like garlic bread, but they’re in a really fun shape. I found these ones at Walmart. I thought these would be perfect because they say they are New York style, and since Natalee is from New York I thought she would like these best. Now, these garlic knots come fully cooked but they’re frozen, so
I’m just going to pop them into my oven for about
four to five minutes until they’re warmed through and then lightly golden on the outside. And just like that they are
done, so quick and easy. And now my entire house
smells like the Olive Garden. It smells so garlicy and delicious. Now that that is done it’s
time to move onto some fruit. For Natalee’s lunch she requested
a combination of grapes, so I just have some green grapes here. And to go along with those
she also requested cantaloupe, so I have this whole cantaloupe here. I’m going to use my melon
baller to make cantaloupe balls. This is actually really easy to do. You just have to make
sure that your cantaloupe is not too old and mushy because
then the cantaloupe balls don’t really turn out very well. And now it’s time to prepare some veggies. And, again, just like for the fruit we’re doubling up on those veggies. For this lunch I’m gonna be adding some carrots and some broccoli. But I’m not quite ready to
put them in a lunchbox yet because Natalee prefers
cooked broccoli and carrots. So I’m going to go ahead and steam these up before I add them in. And here’s a really interesting request. Natalee really enjoys dipping her carrots in ketchup, so I’m going to make sure to put a little container
of ketchup with her lunch. Okay, guys, so far so good. I have filled the lunchbox,
this is looking awesome. And now that that is done
it’s time for a treat. Now, Natalee actually requested chocolate-covered rice
cakes, but unfortunately I could not find those at the store. But I did find
chocolate-flavored rice cakes, which are pretty close and very tasty. So I went ahead and broke up the rice cake so I could fit into this little container. Next up I’m adding Natalee’s snack. She requested some sour
cream and onion chips, so I went with the Pringles. I like that these come in a can so that they don’t get crushed. And then last but not
least, for her drink today Natalee requested any kind of fruit juice. So I decided to throw in this really cute unicorn Good2Grow drink. This is actually a fruit and veggie blend. But don’t worry guys, it doesn’t
taste like veggies at all. With this one you really only
taste strawberry and kiwi. And there you have it guys. I absolutely love the way
this lunch turned out. And I hope Natalee loves it too. This next lunch idea
was sent in by Claudia. She is 19 years old and is from Croatia. For this lunch I am going to start by adding in the Thermos again. I’m going to be making a hot lunch. Now, I’m curious to know
how many times a week you guys like to have hot lunch. I’m going to go ahead and put a poll right here so you guys can let me know. For Claudia’s lunch I’m
going to need some potatoes. These are fingerling potatoes, that means they’re really
small, and they cook super fast. I’m also going to need some butter. I’m using my favorite
Kerrygold butter here. And then to make these
potatoes taste delicious I’m gonna be using lots of
different herbs and spices. Things like salt and pepper, of course, but also rosemary, garlic,
a little bit of thyme. I’m just going to slice these
potatoes, add in some butter, sprinkle all the seasonings
on, and roast them in the oven. For my next step I’m going
to prepare some fruit, which by the way we’re
doubling up on again. And for Claudia’s lunch
she requested both mango, which I already have
sliced up, and watermelon. Now, for the watermelon
I am gonna go ahead and use my melon baller again. But instead of using the bigger end I’m gonna go ahead and use the mini side. I don’t think I’ve ever used it before. It works just the same, but you’re left with teeny tiny little
melon balls instead. And then, of course, there’s the mango. I’ve already sliced
them, but now I just need to remove the skin, and
they’ll be ready to go. Now, I know I’ve said this
before, but since we’ve moved to Florida we have been super excited about all the different
fruits and vegetables that are available, especially the mango because not only are
they really delicious, but they’re like half the price of what we were paying
for them in California. So mangoes are definitely the
new favorite around our house. Okay guys, so here’s our lunch so far. You can see I already have
the roasted potatoes in there. I also have a few pieces of fried chicken. This is just store-bought fried chicken. Claudia requested that to
go along with the potatoes. So I just added that in there. Then, of course, over on this side I’ve already added the fruit. Now, instead of adding a regular
food pick today I thought it would be really cute to
add in these mini forks. I found these at DAISO. Unfortunately, there are not
that many DAISOs in the US. But if you have the chance to go to one I definitely recommend you check it out. It’s basically the Japanese dollar store. Next up, I’m going to
prepare some cucumber. Now, as you can see I already removed about 50% of the cucumber’s skin. First, I’m just making
thin slices just like this. And then what I like to do
is add my slices to a skewer. And then I rotate every
other slice of cucumber kind of like a really fun puzzle. And I’m left with this really
fun checkerboard pattern. Now I’ll go ahead and
pull it off the skewer because I don’t think that’s
gonna fit in our lunchbox. I’ll pack these tightly into the lunchbox so that they’ll stay in their pattern. Then, instead of ranch for dipping Claudia requested honey mustard sauce, so I have a little bit in this container. I just want to get my
lid on and then fit it right down next to the cucumber. Now, for her drink today Claudia
requested sparkling water. I have a case of cranberry-flavored water, apricot, lemon, mango, berry. And I have quite a lot of these cucumber and mint sparkling waters as well. The only thing I don’t have
is plain sparkling water. So I think out of all of these choices for Claudia’s lunch
I’m gonna put in lemon. For Claudia’s snack I’m adding some chips. And she requested a sweet
chili-flavored chip. And then for her treat she
requested some tea cookies. Now, you guys, I am really excited now that we live close to
Publix grocery stores. They have a really good
international section with lots of things that
I could never find before, including things like tea biscuits. At my Publix there was actually
several different kinds to choose from, but I decided
to go with these ones. Let me know in the comments down below if you eat tea biscuits. I’m just adding a few to
this separate container. And then just for fun I’m gonna throw in some fruit snacks as well. These just fit perfectly right in here. And there you have it, there’s everything in Claudia’s lunch. Now, that brings us to Merry’s lunch idea. Merry is 28 years old, and for her lunch I’m planning something a little tropical. As you can tell, we
have lots of fun fruits that are going in this lunch. But I’m also gonna be making a really interesting main course, something that I’ve never made before, but it sounds really good. For Merry’s lunch today she
requested nacho mac and cheese. Now, you guys know I’ve made a ton of mac and cheese on this channel, but never nacho mac and cheese
so that sounds really good. Since I’ve never made this before I’m actually following a recipe. I’ll link it down below if you guys want to make this yourself. But, basically, it’s really simple. I’m just adding a can of nacho cheese soup, this is condensed. To this I’m also gonna be
adding three quarters cup milk and a three quarter cup water. Now I’m going to whisk this all together until it’s totally combined. And then once it’s boiling I’m going to add one cup of macaroni noodles. They’re gonna cook
directly into the sauce. And about 10 minutes later,
boom, nacho mac and cheese. Now, to go along with
that Merry also requested a combination of pineapple and mango. So as you can see, I’ve already chunked up the pineapple and sliced into my mango. Now, to go on the side Merry
requested a combination of refried beans and Spanish rice. And I didn’t end up
making these from scratch. I did just go ahead and get
these at the grocery store. I just heated them up, and then stuck them into the lunchbox. Next step, I’m going to be
adding some slices of pepper, both yellow and red right into there. And instead of just regular ranch for dipping those in Merry
requested avocado ranch. Next, I’m adding in the
pineapple and the mango chunks. I’ll go ahead and add a little
pineapple pick in there. This is perfect for today’s lunch. For Merry’s drink she also
requested some sparkling water. So I decided to go with
the mango-flavored one, since I already know
that Merry likes mangoes. And then, Merry doesn’t
normally eat a sweet treat with her lunch, but she
thought this would be a really good addition
to this kind of lunch. Now, I’m not quite sure
what this is called. But, basically, you take a tortilla, and then you spread some
melted butter on it. And then you top it with a little bit of sugar, not too much, I’m just going to sprinkle some right onto here. Then, lastly, I’m gonna add
a little bit of cinnamon. And then I’m going to pop this into the oven until it’s nice and crispy. Now, once this is cooled down
I will go ahead and break it into smaller pieces so I can
fit it in a separate container. And that is everything
in Merry’s lunch today. Okay guys, let me know in
the comments down below, out of all of the lunches
I showed you this week, which one was your favorite? Thank you so much for watching,
and we’ll see you next time. (uptempo instrumental music)