Chef Devaux — Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Roll
So first off you want to make some Teriyaki Chicken, it’s very simple to make. You just
take a hot pan add some sesame seed oil and some olive oil then add your chicken. Alright,
so you want the chicken to be cooked but not overcooked, if it’s overcooked then it’s very
dry, so make sure you really don’t overcook it, but also don’t undercook it because then
it’s raw, obviously. Okay so just flip over the chicken and then
when it’s perfectly cooked you add some thick sweet teriyaki sauce, just drizzle it over
like that. This is a very simple sauce to make. If you want to know how to make it then
check out the link in the description of this video.
Alright so just glaze the chicken a little bit with the teriyaki sauce and not too long
and then put it to the side ready to make the sushi.
Alright, so you start off by laying a bamboo rolling mat inside a plastic bag with a half
sheet of Nori on top of it, rough side up. Then you slightly wet your hands so that the
rice doesn’t stick so much with water and vinegar rice mixture, and you take 120g of
cooked seasoned sushi rice and you spread it out evenly over your half sheet, and you
want to do this nice and softly and fluff it out. Now flip the sheet over with the rice,
and place two pieces of teriyaki chicken you just made earlier, then add a little bit of
sliced cucumber, a very small amount because otherwise you won’t be able to close it. Then
you add a little bit of teriyaki sauce, okay, and then you roll it. You just bring up the
back end, you pull it over and then you compress. Then you let go, push forwards and compress
again and let go one more time, and push forward and compress one more time, and there you
go, that’s your sushi roll. Okay now you just move this to one side, and
you take a half avocado and then you start slicing very thin slices, about 1mm thickness
is what you want to aim for and you want to have very precise cuts. By only dragging the
tip of the knife through the avocado you encounter less resistance and then the avocado doesn’t
stick to the knife as much, if you go flat up and down what will happen is the avocado
slices that are cut very thinly will just stick to the knife as you pull back out.
Once you’ve cut the avocado slices you spread them out thinly on the board just like so,
and then you just trim off the sides. This is just to make it look a little neater. Alright,
then move your sushi roll so you can easily add the avocado slices and the with your knife
you just slide it underneath the avocado slices and then place it on top of your sushi roll,
just like so. Now you take a piece of cling film and you
place it over your sushi roll, and then press this on with another bamboo rolling mat, this
one without a plastic bag over it so the plastic wrap doesn’t stick to it, and then release.
Now to cut the sushi roll. Alright so wet your knife again to a damp rag so the sushi
rice doesn’t stick to it much, then just cut your roll in half, place the two together.
Okay, so cut the sushi roll into six pieces and two spare off cuts. Don’t forget to wet
your knife on a damp cloth in between cuts, this helps against rice sticking against the
blade and makes it much easier to cut through the sushi. These will be the end bits of the
roll and these can be eaten by the chef or thrown away. Now remove the cling film very
gently and then you have six perfect pieces of sushi left over.
Alright so to plate up, you simply place your sushi roll pieces and you place them onto
a plate, add a little pickle ginger then you drizzle some thick sweet teriyaki sauce over
it. Just look at that glossy thick honey like consistency, just marvelous, and then sprinkle
with some freshly toasted sesame seeds and violà, done.
Thanks for watching this video, I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did you are going to
need two more things to make this recipe, the first is thick sweet teriyaki sauce, the
one you saw in this video. A link has just appeared on the bottom right for you to learn
how to make that. Also you’re going to need how to make sushi rice, and a link has just
appeared on the bottom left corner to learn how to make that, too.
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