Hello folks it is Barry here welcome to my
virgin kitchen today we are tasting some more treats from around the world that you guys
have been sending me it is another German taste treat video today, I have done a few
of those already I should be excited I am quite scared though are you excited? Just
getting in his usual position there this is quite an unusual one because I have been sent
so much stuff, there is still stuff in the box. That is a pretty darn big box indeed
I think there is over 100 items there which I cannot do in a day and even my family would
not either so what I am going to do is pick out some of my favourites and then give some
away to friends and family first thing ABS so reminds me of the Jackson 5 straight away
abc here we go just tear into those oh wow they have gone all light and perish yeah these
are ok taste a little like burnt icing but I like it, I got sent a lot of kinder stuff
but I picked out this one this is a kinder country which would be an amazing place to
live. Oh I am just going to break it it does not want to come out I have stayed here so
long nice little white bit the traditional kinder thing, kindo that is really nice not
sure if that is oats in there but something that makes you think this is not chocolate
this is cereal I am loving it I will eat it all, good stuff. This is the thing when I
do these videos I have a little nibble off camera, no you have loads to eat stop it.
This one says little coward in german feigling I think that was alcohol caught me by surprise
oh yes that is alcohol well it is alright that one does not taste of fig tastes more
mango to me knabber esspapier is next which I think is edible paper just going to check
yes edible paper with a fruit flavour amazing that feels like a birthday card it is pretty
solid it could be a joke where you send me a birthday card to eat but anyhow it is very
trusting here we go, ok that just tastes like paper with sugar on it hmm. This next one
is beef sticks Mark said he sent me some dog food and I thought I may accidentally eat
it but I think the dog on the cover here has given it away. Boston, he had one of these
last time and he was a big fan. He is going to stay there for the moment aren�t
you the next one is called edrnuss flips which sounds like a german gymnast possibly I am
not sure if you have them in the UK but I love eating them dipped in Nutella it has
extra nussprig in it so you know it is good they look like nuts so if it is nuts in Nutella
kind of like reverse psychology you see that they smell nutty they do smell a bit nutty
mate yeah. So what we do is take the Nutella put some in the pot it is quite shallow oh
and I have snapped it great, like I have had an accident. Lets do that again but wipe it
off of my hand ok here we go that feels really weird like I have dumped Nutella in a crisp
like a savoury thing they do not even taste of anything just melt in your mouth kinder
em eukal now cherry flavour cough drops originally meant for kids, kinder equals children so
we have all learnt something today my mind is telling me no so whenever I have a cough
sweet and do not have a cough I tend to do that and get a cough so in a few days time
boston if I have a cough it is these ok oh wow they are quite chalky see that oh just
cherry flavoured boiled sweets really nothing to say other than cough I can have one of
these and now not cough wahooo. Next up by Friedel is Eierlikor filled with liquor chocolate
barrels or something like that. I used to work in a car shop and there was
an old lady called Freda that would walk past everyday pick sponges out of the basket and
randomly throw them at us ah cool so they are like barrel his nose is going he can smell
something I have some more of those dog sticks so will give them to him periodically chocolate
barrel quite dark and rich oh that is nice, not sure if it is an egg nogg type filling
but that has a nice little tang to it, I hope I am not getting drunk. You gotta look after
me. This one by dickmanns is a mini schoko strolche
marshmallow on a waffle olat what is an olat covered with chocolate yummy, I like the faces
it looks like the little poo emoji on phones or supposed to be chocolate ice cream right
there we are like little brown minions here we go, oh are you enjoying this as much as
I am that is really nice I am loving the tackiness of the mallow nice wafer base hmmm, stonking.
Now if you remember on my first tasting video I had something called brause pulver where
I had it with vodka like a powder form this is more of a solid one and we will go with
the cola one it is a lot of wrapping there layers and layers sorry. These are very small
tablets lets have a go I am not a fan of that it tastes like chalk coke lets try with a
bit of alcohol no do not do that. Coming at you with some double bifi action
now this is a bifi pizza carazza and a bifi roll we can get a cooked sausage called a
peperami here in the uk it is basically that wrapped in bread. It smells much more german
and authentic oi, do not get too excited now. I wanted to break it in half but they are
stubborn sausages see that smell I do not know why but I want to make a face like that
when I eat it just like one of those mass produced sausages wrapped in bread it is actually
good and now you are hinting you want another dog treat, we are both going for a massive
walk once this video is done because I need to burn the calories off and he likes walking
this is a dog treat by the way. You done, alright. So this one is the pizza one on the
packaging it looks so cool but it is a flat squishy roll kind of like when you go to mcdonalds
that classic joke of massive glorious big mac and then it just comes in that big here
we go lets break it in half oh no it does not want to I will bite it shiver me timbers
mate that is amazing, it genuinely tastes like a cold pepperoni pizza like leftovers
in the morning so good what an amazing snack to have on the go a lot of these german treats
you can get in german supermarkets here in the uk if we can get these let me know as
I will stock up on those bad boys. This next one is Nippon which I was fairly
convinced is a bug spray in America I do not think it is but anyhow these are puffed rice
covered with chocolate to be taken on a lonely island, good lonely island amazing band check
them out on youtube if you do not know them, well I do not know if you call them a band,
it is just comedy music videos here we go so a nice square of puffed rice, smells good
it is basically like a posh rice krispie cake but rather than getting kids to make it they
have flattened it into a good old square shape. Kates popcorn next it does sound like a very
traditional name and popcorn brand possibly I have not tried this flavour yet but I love
bacon and marzipan and cheese so maybe this was in a german market it or something. Smells
a bit dry, have a smell what you think, that did not taste of anything other than those
bits of polystyrene you get in packaging not that I eat those but it is how you imagine
it to taste I can only assume the flavour disappeared in transportation I do not know
what he has just eaten but the popcorn is there what have you eaten he has eaten something
not sure what it was, bradndt mini kokos next reminds me of my childhood they are a coconut
looking sweet, good packaging hard to get into the Alcatraz of packaging right there
wow they are like little pieces of toasted bread with mounds of toasted coconut on top
see that no not this time at first I thought that was disgusting it kind of tasted like
a bruschetta but then the toasted coconut kicked in and it was really good, I like that
yes we will move on. It is time for a sallos xplosiv sounds like going to the hairdressers
and getting a crazy hair cut chilli with chocolate on extreme lekker trying to remember what
that means so in individual wrappers they look like hard toffee more than anything more
than the chocolate actually there was a little bit of heat coming through there but the worst
thing was the liquorice I hate liquorice. Just getting a knife and some bread because
this one is called eszet schnitten which sounds like a professors name, a dark chocolate bread
topping love Nutella try these on a bun or slice of bread what do you do is this supposed
to be melted just little shards of chocolate the picture seems to indicate you have the
chocolate as is like that so I have some bread gonna roll it up and break the chocolate in
well it took a while to get there but it is pretty darn nice I realty want to heat it
up in the microwave then spread it on it is almost like sticking a snickers bar in bread
and eating it but that was alright. Now this is a small jar of something called
sytella and I cannot find any instructions on it and there is no message like the other
one but with it saying tella on the end I am going for the Nutella routes thinking it
is going to be nice it looks like a chocolate spread what do you think, there are defiantely
specks of something in there I hope it is not aniseed or liquorice or chilli wow that
is not Nutella I am trying to put my pallet on it tastes more like a corn vibe going on
it has lots of other bits in it but that is actually very nice indeed do not know why
it comes in such a small pot maybe it is quite sophisticated that does certainly freshen
the pallet. This last one is a cadburys wunderbar which I think is also a wonderbar translated
it is very exciting cadburys chocolate in Germany please discuss a magic caramel and
cream experience are you ready to go on this journey with me.
So quite an innocent looking bar quite smooth looking like a boost in the uk here we go�
R Kelly moment. A boost bar here in the UK is one of my most favourite chocolate bars
wrapped around caramel and peanuts but that has biscuit too but this seemed to have a
crunch to it too, absolutely gorgeous so that is my latest german treat tasting video done
thanks to everyone that has sent bits in, it is only fair that I give boston a snack.
My favourite is the wunderbar but also the bifi pizza was an amazing thing indeed if
you want to send me treats from wherever you are in the world get in touch with me via
the myvirginkitchen.com contact form and we will see if we can taste them and still live
send dog food too as he likes that remember to subscribe if you have not already and I
will see you next time. He is saying bye we are taking you for a very big walk see you
next time.