AsSalaamu Alaikum! Welcome to the Amanah Lifestyle Show! Where fitness and food come together as part of your fun healthy lifestyle. So today we are solving a really important problem Everyone loves South Asian Cuisine But it’s not always the healthiest choice. So today, we are going to go through one of your favorite recipes – Tandoori Chicken, and learn how to make it the healthy way. My name is Amina Khan, and today we have a special guest from Peshawar, Pakistan. Khush Seerat Aunty! AsSalaamu Alaikum So, Khush Seerat Aunty is an amazing cook but more importantly, she is an expert in making your favorite traditional dishes healthy. So, what are we making today? Today, chicken, Tandoori Chicken. Alright, so oven tandoori chicken. So, I am told that normally tandoori chicken people use a lot of oil, a lot of yogurt goes into making it But what’s special about your tandoori chicken? So with the store bought masala (spices) Obviously, I know these are super convenient for busy-active lifestyles.But the thing is that there is 1 gram of sugar – so you are looking at around 6 grams in the whole box. So we want to aim for less than 25 grams of sugar a day. That’s the World Health Organization’s recommendation. But, if you have to use it go ahead, but just know that it’s better to use your own home spices You know exactly what’s going in, and then you can also control the taste exactly as you want it as well. So you are going to PREHEAT THE OVEN to 435 F Now, we are using 3 lbs of chicken, or around 8 pcs. When it comes to chicken – 1 serving is going to be 1 chicken thigh, or 2 chicken drum sticks. So you can get up to 8 servings from this recipe! So that’s really good because you can control the seasoning – make it more hot, or less hot. This is the secret right? This is why you are not using the oil, because you’re using this ginger garlic. 2 spoons of ginger garlic paste to make that marinade mixture. With South Asian cuisine it’s about the spices it’s about that ‘masala’ and that flavor that comes out. Full lemon, squeezed in, that’s going to give that extra flavor. and that is what I really think we have to focus on with South Asian cuisine, to make it healthy. Recreate the favor. Recreate the spices Spices are free – you can have spices all day long you don’t have to worry about it. But, then you can take out some of those unhealthier ingredients, and then you are still left with that authentic flavor. You can adjust that if you like. And now for the final ingredient that’s really going to give that red color to your tandoori chicken Add 1 teaspoon of red chili powder Ok, so we are going to align them up now get them ready for baking, right? So you just need a flat baking tin. Finally you can grab all of that masala from the pan and just spread it on, because that masala is the ‘good stuff’ Ok, so it’s out of the oven. How did it turn out? You can see it’s really nicely cooked – that’s always really a good sign. The masala smells great, it smells really good. So I’m going to give it a little taste. The chicken is really soft, you can definitely taste the flavors of all the spices. It tastes great! You don’t need all of that oil. You don’t need all of that unhealthy additions. You can have that chicken you can eat it too – and really make it nice and lean just the protein, really great protein dish right here. So here’s tandoori chicken, you guys have been asking for ethnic recipes, here’s the first one. Comment below, let me know what other dishes you would like to see healthy versions of. To refer back to this full recipe and to also download my Top 25 Healthy Snack Ideas FREE eBook, Head over to So head on over there check that out, that’s waiting for you. Thank you so much for being with us today! Alright, so Khush Seerat Aunty she’ll be back with more recipes and in the meantime head over and get your free gift, we’ll see you in the next episode inshaAllah!