Tsai Tsai Cooking Channel – Steak grilled cheese sandwich | 萬惡的起司料理-牛排起司三明治

只需要這樣就好 That's all we need 把肥肉取下等等當油使用 Cut the fat part as the oil for later 各放兩片 Two cheese for each 把肥肉放在以加熱的平底鍋 Add the fat on the heated pan 等油煸出來後, 把肥肉拿掉 Take out the fat when you have enough oil 牛排不要煎太久,大約煎一至兩分鐘即可 Don't need to cook too long. Just about 1-2 mins 加鹽與胡椒 Add salt and pepper 奶油融化後,放入吐司煎約一分鐘並翻面煎 When