I’ll be son my friends are cooked [Music] this is see today we’re breaking two boys houses and preparing her and Joey some Chinese dishes the dish I’m going to cook today our tongue soup haiku and Mapo day and I will do the jam here I don’t know how to say that in English so cha cha min in Chinese I’m going to clip the meat now the first thing you do is to heat your pot and then because it’s the pork meat so it has some of the fat and oil already so you don’t have to put right that much so only just a bit and then it has sparkles on the oil so we put such a journey well the ginger is most for to remove the smell of the pork because someone don’t like actual smell but pork so the ginger can reduce it you have a better taste for the dish so G during it [Music] we use two different types of soy sauce dark one and number one the normal is for the flavor that the dark one is to color our dishes to make more delicious to the brief you can already like goat on the outside at least normal so sauce you have the salty taste winter dark soy sauce to add the color for our dishes when the color is even well as a water over the artery to the water image we just wait for it see me I may wait for the cells to be calm alized and during this process you have to keep streaming it evenly just in case autumn is to stay in the bottom of the pot and after that or disease is done it’s like the first like sticking Church and stage I have ever learned after Ike I came to France and I start to learn this dish because it’s super easy and when I like mastered it I cooked a lot to my friends and they all love these so I decide to birthday speech – hi what are you doing I’m cutting all the vegetables it’s part of preparation for my noodles jump me in Chinese and in English sorry about that I don’t know how said I’m English and in French for the preparation of China Mian we need cucumber carrot some eggs and brown beans like this can find it easily in the Asian market and then the sauce the most important thing is sweet bean paste like this yeah the spirit of noodles and this one yeah the thick noodles yeah it’s better it’s more traditional okay but if we use the thin one well actually it doesn’t matter but maybe taste is not really delicious where’s that one I chose this jam in this dish for my friends because I think the spirits of this noodles it’s the sauce and the fact really because I add some Park inside with the sauce and when we mix the sauce and meat and noodles together and some vegetables yeah interesting and delicious this judging me and this noodles it’s well the easiest one among the Chinese dishes it’s really easy so you just have try this weekend maybe what I’m going to do its add some water into the act Maxwell got um more juicy and more tasteful only the carrots need to be boiled because its heart is the socks for me uh-huh so we got yeah uh-huh we almost finished yeah so we can eat yeah [Music] you [Music]