everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome to a new video continuing on with my last video I’m doing another superfood video but in today’s video we’re making some superfood lattes I’ve seen on instagram especially from that one place in New York I really what it’s called but they make unicorn lattes as they’ve been blowing up on Instagram so I thought I would make my own because I don’t live in New York and I think a lot of you don’t live in New York so now you can make your own at home if you are new i would love for you to subscribe and is the red button below to let me know when it comes to video and i have a giveaway going on in this month of march and all the info will be in the description box below but you could win an instax mini 8 in the color of your choices so go ahead and enter it down there, if you like this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and let me know yeah I hope you enjoy this video it was so fun making it and its really creative and original so i hope you guys appreciate it yes let’s get into it, so first off we are making it be unicorn latte which is I think the most popular one that you see on Instagram so I’m starting off with some of blue and majik which if you haven’t heard of before it’s kind of like spirulina but it’s more intense and it’s kind of more powerful and it has a really nice blue color which is really great and still with arthrocyanins which is a great powerful antioxidant so i’m creating a shot with that and hot water and a teaspoon of maple syrup to boost the immune system and then I’m adding in some steamed and frothed milk, you can use whatever kind of dairy free milk that you like and just pour that in and then i’m topping that with some of the organic sprinkles just because they did in the Instagram shot so this way to look exactly like that one and this is how it turned out its full of superfoods, super good for you and there’s no artificial colours next up were making it be golden super latte which i think is like the most popular one going around right now so I’m starting off with 1 teaspoon of turmeric which is a really great anti-inflammatory an adaptogen and then putting in a little bit of cinnamon with regulates your blood sugar and is a great anti inflammatory and i’m putting in a teaspoon of honey which is a great anti-cancer and antibacterial, a little shot of hot water and then mixing that up until we get our shot or turmeric shot. and then we’re going to be adding in some milk again and use whatever kind of milk you like if you’re using like an all dairy milk you want to look for one without carranageen because carranageen is really bad for you so try to use one without it so fill that up and to the top so that it really feels like a latte and then I’m adding in a little bit of dried lavender because I see them do this on Instagram and its really great antianxiety and for lowering your cortisol and stress levels. this one it turned out so yummy, I love this one before bed because it’s really comforting. and lastly we’re making a pink super latte because let’s face it it’s a pink and we can’t really get more fun than that so i’m using one a tablespoon of the pomegranate powder but you can also use beet root powder to give it that nice pink color with a lot of good nutrients for you, a little bit of maple syrup to boost the immune system and a dash of vanilla which is a great anti-inflammatory. and then I’m making a shot of it once again with a little bit of hot water and then we’re going to a pour in our milk and you can also use macadamia milk or hemp milk those are two of my other favorites that I like as opposed to almond milk and then I gave it a quick blend it just to make sure everything was nice incorporated and then I put some crushed raspberries on the top I think this one is so photogenic and i love the pink color what I love that it doesn’t come from any artificial colors or flavors which is super great because you don’t want that ok guys so thank you for watching my video if you enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a good ol thumbs up and leave me a comment down below which color is your favorite or which one you want to try yeah i hope you guys are all having a fabulous day and I will see you in my next video bye guys