Hey everyone… Markus and Cara, we are finally making another food video Those of you who don,’t know us yet, we are here to show you how to live a healthy lifestyle and breakfast is a very important part of that, thats what were making today. She’s making HER version of breakfast which is? “A deluxe fruit salad.” And I’m going to show you what I’ve been making for ten years which is a green smoothie MARKUS style. Both these things are real fast, real easy to make because we don’t have a lot of patience we wanna get on with life doing the fun things, that’s another video and uh, haha, were gonna get on with the food today! Alright, so, Cara’s gonna be getting on with the, did I already say what your going to be making? “Uh-hugh.” I’m so embarrassed. So here we go, Cara’s going to go first making her fruit salad deluxe surprise, mmmm, take it away darling. your gonna love this. Okay, so it’s basically seasonal fruit and cashew cream. Today I have strawberry, raspberry, kiwi, blueberry, mango, banana. Ummm, I’m also gonna add to the cream when I’m making it, vanilla, this is non-alcoholic vanilla from Fronteir, I also vanilla pods sometimes if I have it. And I’m gonna sweeten it with maple syrup, sometimes I ah, don’t use maple syrup I use Xylotil, or honey or you could use dates, but…I think it tastes real good with and were so good at not eating what were not supposed to eat that it’s okay to maybe sneak in a little bit of semi cooked maple syrup. First I get all my fruit in the bowl. Raspberries, blueberries, mango and some banana slices, okay! So thats waiting for the cashew cream, so I have my cashews. They’ve been soaking for about an hour. I like to use soaked cashews because they absorb the water and then they’ll remain the thickness I originally made it. If I use dry cashews than umm, my cream later that night, the next day, it will become much more thicker because it absorbs a lot of the water. So to the blender I’m gonna add 2 cups of the cashews. A little vanilla. The sweetener, and when I make this I try and make it the night the night before because it tastes really excellent when it’s chilled. When the cream is cold. But if I don’t make it the night before and I make that morning than it’s essential I add ice, because this really tastes better ice cold. And then I’m gonna add a little water. And then blend. As the blender creams the cashews I begin to slowly add more water. But you don’t want to add a lot of water first because then ummm, your cashews will not cream properly. Once the cashews are all creamed, you got a thick cream like that, then…I add enough water to the consistency of the cream that I want. thick like that. So then I add my toppings. I have pomegranate powder here, ummm, almonds and mulberries are a great topper. Cacau nibs work real well too. This is pomegranate powder. You can find it in the Whole Foods RAW section. And then heres some candied almonds I made earlier. There just almonds and maple syrup, dehydrated. And this is what Markus and I eat for breakfast almost every morning. Just beautiful, seasonal, ripe fruit swimming in thick, cashew cream. It’s so rich but it’s so good for you! The breakfast I’ve been making for years and years is a green smoothie. It’s the easiest of all of them to make. You just whip stuff up in a Vita-Mix and you done! It take about 4 minutes. The basic concept is half greens and half fruit, and some kind of liquid. For those of you that don’t understand the concept of greens let me try to help you with this. THIS is greens! Anything green! Spinach, kale, red leaf lettuce, celery, dandelions, parsley and this stuff on top. Not the carrot, this stuff. This is better for you than the actual carrot. You can use just one of these like stick a head of red leaf lettuce in or you can mix and match if you want like I’m gonna do, so here we go. Put a little bit of spinach in there. Some kale, some red leaf lettuce. Some celery, always, ALWAYS have at least ONE stick of celery in your smoothie. It’s real high in potassium and electro lights. At least one stick of celery. Dandilions, there real bitter but SO good for you. If you can get them. Go out in your yard. Little bit of parsley, this is real good for your lungs. This is half full with greens. You can use any kind of liquid. Ahhh, I like to use coconut water when I can or orange juice, or waters fine just any kind of liquid You want to have at least 2 cups of water or liquid in here. Some of you are noticing that I have my protein and Green Formula, and your going, “why do you have powder? Isn’t this green stuff good enough?” Actually the stuff you buy at the store it’s, Ive already talked about this. It’s grown in farm soil that’s been depleted there’s no magnesium in it, it’s wimpy, it gets watered every day. You wanna have some WILD plants in there that grow roots 150 feet deep. This stuff, even though it;s real good for you it doesn’t have HALF the nutrition that the Wild Plants have that’s why I created the Wild Force Formula. So I always put a few scoops of my Green Formula and sometimes my Protein Formula in there also. Put like ah, depends on how many people a couple of scoops of that. Aaand, maybe some protein too. Alright, you’ll really notice a difference when you do this. Also, some I put some Udo’s oil in there. This is for essential fatty acids, it’s real good for you. If you don’t believe in oils don’t do it. But hey, you wanna look like me? This is what I do. And Lecithen Granuals, this is real good for emulsifying fats. Pineapple helps cancel out the bitterness of the dandelion. A frozen banana. I like to use frozen fruit because it gives it that nice cold smoothie texture. I mean you can use normal fruit when your in a hurry like I am I like to use just basically organic frozen fruit. And it’s simple. You just grab it and throw it in there. I put some cranberries in there ‘cuz their nice and tart. Look at that, isn’t that beautiful? And sometimes I like to put a little bit of nut butter in there too ‘cuz I work out and it tastes great. Doesn’t that look amazing? It’s so beautiful. Okay, ready to blend. Alright so I know this is mud colored, hehe, but it’s the best tasting mud you’ll ever taste. So I usually drink a glass right there on the spot and then I take these jars with lids on them and I fill those up and then I take this with me wherever I go during the day. The lid on it. In the car. This is about the most every nutritional thing you can ever need in a liquid. It’s all ready been pre-digested. Chewed up by the Vita-Mix. This is some pretty amazing stuff folks. Mmmm, so when I’m not having Cara’s fruit salads this is what I’m having for breakfast. And this stuff, I’ve been taking for 8 years and I’ve been watching my self get younger in the mirror as I go and I’m sure this is a big part of it SO try this, I mean it’s so fast. It’s so easy. Look at this, this is what goes inside, this is what’s in you! It’s liquified. This becomes this. This speaks for itself, right? Half fruit, half greens, some kind of liquid, cheers. You can find more of my smoothie recipes in my book Heal Yourself 101. So there’s 2 really easy recipes. This is what we’ve been living off of for a long, long time. It’s made us what we are. And we hope it inspired you to have a similar, healthy life. Were making a lot more food