(upbeat music) – Hi, everyone, welcome
back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I have got a recipe
video for you that is dedicated to my personal favorite meal
of the day, which is breakfast. We are making three
healthy breakfast recipes which I think are perfect for summer because they’re packed with fruit. They’re so delicious. And we’re making some healthy versions of some classic recipes. So we have a blueberry
and banana baked oatmeal which is so good and great for meal prep. We also have some French toast with berries and coconut
yogurt on top, so delicious. And then we also have some really healthy oatmeal
chocolate chip cookies which might sound like dessert, but they’re also totally breakfast-worthy, and you’ll see why when
we dive into the recipe. As always, I’ve included the links for these recipes down
in the description box because they are already on the blog, and you can find them down below. And before we dive in, I
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dive in to today’s recipes. Okay, so the first recipe we’re gonna make is a blueberry and banana baked oatmeal. We are gonna start by
soaking our rolled oats. So just pour some hot water over the oats. Let them soak for about 10 to 15 minutes until they absorb most of the
water, and then set them aside and we’ll start with
the other ingredients. So we have two bananas in a bowl that you’re just gonna mash
up until they are completely, well, not completely, but smoothish. Then you’ll add in a flax egg, some maple syrup, and some cinnamon. Give that a quick stir
until it’s combined. You’ll add in the soaked oats, as well as a scoop of
vegan protein powder, which is optional, but of
course adds a little protein, some hemp seeds and almonds,
as well as fresh blueberries. Top that with some almond milk
and stir this all together until it is combined and incorporated. Then we will transfer this
mixture into a baking dish. And I like to just smooth it over with the top of a wooden spoon, just to make sure that it’s
even in the baking dish. And then I finish it off with some additional fresh blueberries and some more sliced banana. You’ll see when it comes out
of the oven, it’s so pretty. So I definitely recommend
doing that, but it’s optional. And then we will bake this until it is nice and
firm and cooked through. Instructions are on the
blog post as always. And let it cool for
about 10 to 15 minutes, and then you can just
sliced it up into squares. I use the bananas as (laughs)
my guide for cutting. So I just cut it into 12 different pieces, which I think is the perfect amount. And then you can just go ahead and dig in. I love topping this
with some almond butter. You could also do coconut yogurt. You could eat it plain. You can definitely freeze this. It also keeps in the fridge really well. And then I always finish it off with something crunchy on the top, so I did some chopped up almonds, as well as some coconut here. And then you can just dig in. It’s such a simple recipe, but it tastes absolutely incredible. And if you’ve never tried
baked oatmeal before, I think you’re going to fall in love. (upbeat music) The next recipe that I have for you is gluten-free French toast. We’re gonna start by cracking
two eggs into a shallow dish. And then just whisk those
together until they are smooth. To that, you’ll add some vanilla, as well as some cinnamon
and some almond milk, and whisk it all together until, again, it’s
incorporated and smooth. Then you can just take your
sliced gluten-free bread and dip it into the batter. And I dip it, I don’t know,
five to 10 times maybe, just to make sure that it’s fully coated. And just repeat with your other bread. But we are gonna cook
this like you do pancakes. So you cook it over medium heat. And I like this pan that
I have from All-Clad. It’s awesome, it’s nonstick,
and it’s great for pancakes, French toast, things like that. And you’ll just cook it maybe
two to three minutes per side until it’s nice and golden brown. Flip it over and, again,
just continue cooking and battering (laughs) up
your gluten-free bread, just like this. I like to transfer these onto my plates. I actually cut them in half so that they fit better on the plate. And then I just sprinkle
them with some fresh berries. I have strawberries, blueberries,
and blackberries here. Top it with something creamy, which I love on breakfast like this. So I did a dollop of coconut yogurt. And then of course, finish
it off with some maple syrup. So this is a really, really fun breakfast. Again, French toast is one of those things that you can freeze and reheat. So easy to make, so delicious, and just a really feel-good,
comforting breakfast. I also love just finishing
it with a little bit of coconut or powdered sugar at the end, but, again, optional, but still delicious. (upbeat music) Last but not least, we’re
making some super healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies which actually have banana in them. So we’re gonna start with two bananas that we mash up in our mixing bowl. To that, you will add a flax egg, as well as some peanut butter. Or you could use any nut
butter that you like. Almond butter is also awesome. Give this a stir until it’s combined. Then we’ll add in our oats,
quinoa flakes, and almond flour. And again, stir that together
until it forms a dough. Then you can just stir
in your chocolate chips. I love using dark chocolate chips. It’s also really good with
chopped up walnuts inside. Something crunchy is really nice. And stir that together until
you have a cookie batter. Then you can just transfer these onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. And I like to flatten them down just so that they look more
like chocolate chip cookies ’cause they aren’t going to spread at all. So I definitely recommend
using damp fingers and just kind of pressing them down to shape them into the
cookies that you want. And you can just bake these until they are golden brown and gorgeous. They taste really good. They’re definitely banana-y, so (laughs) if you aren’t a banana fan, these might not be the cookies for you. If you like banana, then I think you would really like these. And these can also double
as a really great snack. Awesome with a little
bit of nut butter on top to make it a little bit higher
protein and more filling. But either way, you can’t go wrong with cookies for breakfast. (laughs) And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed today’s recipes. I can’t wait to hear
which one you try first. I personally am a huge
fan of French toast. It’s not something that I make
very often, but I love it. And I purposely, or not purposely, but I didn’t include the vegan version because I honestly haven’t
found a good vegan option. So if you have a vegan French
toast recipe that you like, I would love to see the recipe. You can just drop it down in the comments, and I’ll check it out. Otherwise, don’t forget
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make (laughs) of mine anyway. You can tag me on Instagram
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