– Hello folks. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen, the kitchen that’s not virgin in any way, shape, or forms, so if you see me in the supermarket do not say to me “It’s the Virgin guy”. All right? That happened to me in the supermarket, put it on Twitter, some of you seem to like that. That happened to me this morning. That story is done now. Today we’re making these
amazing stuffed churros, and not stuffed with anything, folks, stuffed with our very own Nutella fudge. So good. So first things first, let’s make sure I’m pronouncing churro correctly “churro” – According to Wikipedia a churro is (phone mumbling) – Oh, chur-ro. These homemade churros are deliciousness and I really hope you’re
gonna give ’em a try, the full method, that I’ve written up, with my own heart and passion, is on my, sorry, I’ve had sugar. myvirginkitchen.com so head on over if you want to have a go. I really, really, hope you try it. So the first thing we’re gonna do, we’re gonna get our gorgeous Nutella fudge out of the way. And your weapon of choice, first of all, is the saucepan. You’re gonna want to plonk
that down on your hob. First thing you do is add into your pan your cream, your cocoa powder, and golden syrup and if you can’t get hold of that you just use corn syrup. That’s fine. Bring that up to a low
heat, mixin’ it together, and it should bubble away. And it will look gorgeous as it is anyway. Trust me. This tastes phenomenal. (trumpet music) But then we’re gonna add
our other ingredients and one of those is the Nutella, so I didn’t actually need a massive amount of Nutella, but I ended up buying a family pack but what you want to
do, you want to get it a bit more manoeuvrable, so bung it in the microwave. If you do it in a jar, make sure to take off the gold foil bit otherwise your microwave’ll go bzzzt. You seen that happen in the past. Or just put in a bowl, that’ll make it more manoeuvrable, as I say, so put your butter and your Nutella, off the heat, into that pan and mix it through together. You wanna give it a
really, really good beat Yep, Michael Jackson. That’s fine. Where is he actually? ♫ You wanna beat it (laughs) Okay? Until you’ve got a nice funky sauce and for a moment just pour it into a jar, Tupperware, whatever you want. You like Tupperware Michael? ♫ Hee hee Yeah, whatever you want,
just to let it cool down. It’s fair to say after having some of that Nutella fudge, oh, I was pretty hyper and was dancing to Gloria Estefan ♫ The rhythm is gonna get ya, ♫ The rhythm is gonna get ya ♫ The rhythm is gonna get you So next up we are gonna make the dough for the churros, which
is surprisingly similar to the steps for making the fudge that we just did, so again you are gonna need another saucepan. Into the saucepan add in your water, just tap water, none of
that expensive stuff. Do you know Mrs. Barry
bought a bottle of water the other day that was three quid. Spoon in your sugar and drop in your oil and again, your gonna warm that up. It’s gonna be a bit of an oil-slicky look, but your gonna keep going until that starts to bubble. Again, remove that from the heat and then you dump in your flour and I absolutely love this bit because when you add the
flour not only does it cook the flour, but as you mix it together it creates a ball that actually cleans your entire pan. So it means that we can use that again for adding the oil for our frying step. Once you’ve done that
process the churro dough is effectively ready, so what you wanna do is transfer that to a piping bag, ensuring you have a star shaped nozzle. Like that. One other thing to do to one side is to mix together some castor sugar with a little bit of cinnamon for that traditional
sugary, cinnamon-y glaze that you have on a churro,
but the stuffed one is taking it up a notch. Also you wanna warm your vegetable oil in a pan to 190 degrees centigrade a.k.a. very, very hot. (laughs) That’s what I’m gonna say, I actually used the wrong
thermometer at first. I melted it. Then I got my candy one. With your hot oil on place be careful, this is very, very dangerous. Y’know, we joke, and we have a bit of a giggle here, but be very careful. You wanna pipe it, and what I find, it was quite easy, kind
of like an exercise. Pipe and snip. Pipe and snip. Pipe it, and with food
scissors snip it off and just try and lower that contact, the drop point, okay, you wanna get it as close to the oil as you can, and snip it in so it cooks straight away. Keep your eye on it until they brown and then you rest them on kitchen towels to cool down while you pipe and snip. Pipe and snip. Just wanna say when
you transfer the dough, the self-cleaning dough,
into a separate bowl, like I did, it kinda reminds you of the Indiana Jones scene, okay, so you’re gonna love that, hopefully as much as I did. You might not. So, yep, all you wanna do is cook them ’til they’re golden brown, lift them out carefully,
remember this is a very dangerous step. Rest it on kitchen towel. Then you wanna get a bamboo skewer and start to make holes in
the slightly cool churros so you’ve got a nice cavity to fill with the fudge sauce, which I simply did using a small piping bag
and a very tiny nozzle. Make sure you fill it to the brim, and the of course if you’re not making stuffed churros, if you’re
making standard ones, you roll them in the
cinnamon sugar mixture, which I did afterwards. And of course when I got all into it, after dunking again, double dunk in the fudge sauce. So, so good. And of course I was so surprised by the extra filling in the middle, and I’m like, whooo, amazing. They are phenomenally good. Haven’t forgotten, a
subscriber from the video, from the last video, the DIY frappucino, You have defective pugs. That cream footprint
shouldn’t have lasted. It didn’t. Trust me, straight after the video, the dogs were on that cream like a stuffy on a hot dog. Also, random subscriber of the video, it should be in my bin. There. It always seems to get
in every single video since I’ve ever been doing videos. Just makes a cameo. So thanks so, so much for watching guys. Really hope you give it a try. If you do, send me a picture at My Virgin Kitchen. Remember there’s loads of
behind-the-scenes stuff on Snapchat, Instagram, Check out the podcast
for weekly earlobe fun. And let me know what you wanna see down below next. Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the video. Here is your pug shot.