Whose is this? Two for the lady Ah ok Thank you so much Good day! A sandwich? What you want What motorbike do you have? 46? Yamaha? BMW R9 The other day i bought the Honda SP2 Do you like spicy? Do you like spicy? This is for me? Yes Is he your husband? No, no! We are near by chance Everyone is own husband! But he is a partner anyway? No! i’m here by chance I thought it was “comrade in a row” No, neither neither When we talk about huband we must be carefull! Ok Ok, now i make you taste this one Do you know garlic? For us, sicilian, garlic was truffle Was what? truffle For example this is marijuana for us Origan? Yes, now it’s called origan, but we used to smoke this, understand? Take this madam You have to know that ricotta is the most valuable asset of human being But i have to tell you, there is noone more stupid that human being Because to make people understand he has traveled the world, he says: “No, i eat salmon! “No, i eat swiss” Oh! Just eat the things you got home! I travelled all the world, and everything is the same And i’m stubborn, i’m sorry i have to tell you, but nothing is better than Italy Good air… it’s hot? Just remember that the heat doesn’t come to favor me It comes to help us Senior citizens die of cold Their lungs get sicks, because they feel hot and they turn on the fan air conditioning That thing dry your lungs So beautiful! You are beautifull too, come here Thank you Try this, try this Try this, open your mouth Madam Try this, don’t be shy Be stronger Use your hand like that, like Totti Alfreda, what’s your name? Alfredo, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter You are too full of yourself! This ricotta is so beautifull, mamma mia Where is he going? I want my sandwich! Here try this You are an artist! You are an artist! Good Thank you for your patience Yes, it’s ok Just know that it’s not important what you eat It’s not important what you spend but it’s important what we say to eachother Yes, yes, it’s true Can you slice it please? Thank you so much! Have you already paid for it? What’s your name? Yes, i already paid for it, to your wife Should i pay the difference? No, No! Just give a kiss to the one with the blue shirt behind you You paid, you aready paid Thank you You too Thank you Ham? Yes, yes How beautiful! Look.. With all the flavors coming from our territory you have to eat this sandwich like it is a, a a violin (?), yes Because i respect nature i respect what i eat, and what i prepare for others For me zero kilometers food (local) it’s good, this is respect Thank you!