(light pop music) _ Hey, Health Nuts! Welcome back to my channel. My name’s Nicole and yes, I
am battling a bit of a cold which is why I sound a
little bit different today. But that’s okay. Today we’re making
strawberry shortcake cupcakes which hopefully are just gonna
make me feel so much better. It’s actually the long weekend. We’re going into long weekend
so you guys are gonna get this right on Monday morning and
they’re just so delicious. They’re like the perfectly
sweetened cupcakes that are just like, obviously a dessert, but you don’t have to
feel like you’re getting this crazy sugar rush when you eat them. They’re shortcake-inspired. Traditional shortcake
is made on a biscuit, add, like, base but I thought why not make it on a cupcake base ’cause they’re way more
fun and like super easy to whip up and bake and topped
with homemade coconut whip. You can buy store-bought but homemade just tastes so much fresher, and then fresh strawberries. It’s strawberries season. I really wanna go strawberry picking so I thought I would make a recipe that involves strawberries to get myself inspired for the season and it’s just like a beautiful, fresh, perfectly sweetened dessert to have during this time of the year. So hopefully you guys enjoy it. Let’s hop right in and I
will show you guys how easy this dessert is to make. Let’s hop right in. The first thing I’m gonna
do is make my buttermilk. So I have some unsweetened soy milk and I’m gonna add some
apple cider vinegar to it. Give it a quick stir and set that aside for about 10 minutes
to curdle and thicken. While that’s happening, let’s mix together our wet ingredients. In a large bowl, I have
some honey for sweetness. To help it bind together,
I’m adding in two large eggs. Next, I’m adding in avocado oil. You can also sub this for
coconut oil that’s melted. Some good quality vanilla extract. And then you’re just
gonna whisk this together for about a minute or two,
just until the mixture kinda gets this glossy texture to it. (soft music) At this point, you can go ahead and add in that buttermilk
that we made earlier. Once everything is
combined, you can now start to add in your dry ingredients. So I just like to take
the bowl out of the mixer if I’m using a stand mixer and I’m gonna sift together
some light spelt flour. You can use regular spelt flour as well but the light one just makes it a little bit more fluffy and light. Then I have some baking soda,
baking powder, and sea salt. All of the baking essentials. And then just sift that all
together into the large bowl. This not only helps mix
up the dry ingredients but it also just removes any lumps and makes it extra fluffy and light. Now it’s time to incorporate
the wet and dry together. So I’m just gonna have my mixture on low. You can do this by hand as well
and you’re just gonna mix it until it just combines together. You do not wanna over-mix your batter. It’s okay to have some
lumps in the mixture so don’t feel like you have
to get rid of them all. That’s what’s gonna help create that fluffy texture within your cupcakes. I like to stop, scrape down the edges and then give one more final
mix, and you’re good to go. Next, I’m gonna line my
muffin tray with some liners. I really like these ones. They use recycled paper for them. I’ll link them in the
blog post down below. You can also use silicone ones which I will also link in the blog post. I’m just gonna line it up and then using my favorite
large ice cream scoop, I’m gonna scoop in the batter. I do about three quarters of the way up because remember, they will rise so you don’t wanna fill
them right to the top. Otherwise, they may overflow. Into the oven they go to bake and rise and get nice and fluffy. While that’s happening,
let’s make our toppings. So I have some chopped up
strawberries that I chopped up and I’m gonna add some
coconut sugar to the mixture and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. This is just gonna help
bring up the juices of the strawberries and make them that much sweeter and delicious. (soft music) And then just set that aside. These are what the cupcakes
look like once they’re done. The tops are perfectly fluffy
and firm, slightly golden and they are honestly
just delicious like this, but we’re gonna make them that much better and make a delicious homemade coconut whip that’s so easy to make. My trick for this is to use a
full fat canned coconut milk and pop it into the fridge overnight and then before you open
it, flip it upside down, open the top side and then
the liquid will be on the top so you can simply just pour it out and you’ll have all of that thick coconut meat at the bottom. You can save that liquid part
just to add in to a smoothie. As you can see, the coconut
fat is super thick and creamy and it’s gonna make for
an amazing coconut whip. You wanna place your bowl in the freezer for about 10 minutes just to chill and then scoop out that coconut
meat right into the bowl. I will say be careful because
these tins are very sharp and I actually cut myself
while doing this so be careful. Once you have all of that
coconut meat in the bowl, you’re gonna take a hand mixer
and just whisk it all up, just to kinda really smooth out any lumps. You may need to do this
for a couple of minutes, just to make sure it’s nice and smooth. Now coconut is naturally
sweet but we’re gonna add in a little bit of vanilla
extract just to bring out that flavor and go with the cupcakes. And then to help stiffen it up, we’re adding in some icing sugar. This brand here has
some tapioca flour in it so it really helps it kinda firm up. I will link the exact one
I used in the blog post. But then you’re just gonna
whisk it all up again until everything is well combined and nice and fluffy and smooth. There’s a lot of fluffy in this recipe but you want fluffy when
it comes to cupcakes. If you want, you can also do
this process in a blender. I just find the mixer makes
the cleanup a little bit easier but that’s an option as well. And there you have it. Super fluffy! Coconut whipped cream
that you made at home and it’s delicious, I promise you. It’s so good. So once my cupcakes have fully cooled, I transferred the coconut whipped
mixture into a piping bag. I will link the exact tip
that I used in the blog post because you don’t want one that’s too thin or else the coconut whipped
cream will come out, and you’re just gonna start from one edge and work your up to the middle. Honestly, I feel like I get
better and better at this every time I do this, but
it does take some practice so don’t be so hard on yourself. Do your best and either way
they’re gonna be delicious. (soft pop music) And then for the final
touch, we’re gonna layer on those chopped up strawberries. Just do about a tablespoon
on top of each cupcake and the coconut whipped cream will just let it all stick together. Go ahead, use your hands. It is honestly the perfect combination. The vanilla cupcake, the coconut
whip, and the strawberries that have just been
soaking in their juices, is honestly the dessert of spring and you need to make these. Not to mention, they just
look really, really pretty. Best part is once you’re
done you can go ahead, and have a bite for yourself. There you have it. Those are my strawberry
shortcake cupcakes recipe. It’s a tongue twister, I tell you. But they’re delicious and
they are easier to eat than they to say so I’m gonna take a bite and tell you guys how delicious this is. (sighs) (chewing) Mmm! It’s so good! There’s nothing better
than homemade coco whip. Like, it’s delicious. Chloe, is there coconut whip on my lips? Mmm! Perfect, delicious, fluffy and
like just enough sweetness. I love these. And these are such a great
little treat to bring to like a barbecue, a potluck. I’m actually gonna drop
these off at my mom’s work because we have like a whole bunch of them and Chloe and I, I mean we
probably could eat them all but we’re not, we’re gonna share them and I know they’re gonna love these. So have an awesome rest of your Monday. I’m gonna have the full
recipe linked down below in the info box for you
guys to print it, share it, save it, pin it, whatever you wanna do. Make these. You guys are gonna love them and yeah. Let me know what you guys think of them. Bye guys. Oh! Subscribe. I post every Monday, Tuesday, no, wait. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Bye guys! Mmm! That’s delicious. Okay. Bye! (soft pop music)