Today I will be making spicy arbi or taro root. Arbi is stir fried with mildly spiced and light crunch makes a great side dish. Or this also can be served as an appetizer. Ajwain the carom seeds smell makes this very aromatic and very inviting dish. This recipe will serve 4. For this recipe we need: 6 medium size arbi 3 tablespoon of oil 4 whole red chillies 1 teaspoon of ajwain (carom seeds) 1 teaspoon of salt, adjust to your taste. 2 teaspoon of coriander powder 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric 1/4 teaspoon of red chilli powder, adjust to your taste. And 1/2 teaspoon of mango powder. I have already washed and dried the arbi. And now I am going to peel them. After peeling, I am just going to wipe them clean with damp paper cloth. So first I am going to slice this in half and then just thinly sliced. So after slicing, this arbi has became about 3 cups. Now I am going to stir fry them on medium heat. Heat is on, medium high. So first I am going to add the oil and just wait for few seconds till oil is little bit hot. So first we are going to add the ajwain (carom seeds). And now whole red chillies. Stir fry them just for few seconds, until ajwain starts smelling. And now we are going to put the arbi. Mix it well. Turn the heat down to medium. And cover it and let it cook 3-4 minutes. It has been about 4 minutes. And I did stir it once in between. Stir it and now we are going to add the salt. Stir this and cover it back for another 3-4 minutes and you do have to stir one time in between. This has been about 4 minutes and I did stir in between. Just make sure arbi is tender. If it is not then you have to cook it couple of minutes more. But it looks good so I am ready to add the spices. First I am going to add the coriander powder. Turmeric Black pepper And again mix it and stir fry for another 3-4 minutes. Before we add the mango powder. This has been about 4 minutes. But I think I need couple of more minutes till they start getting more brown like as you see. House is full of ajwain (carom seeds) smell. It’s very sweet and I really like this smell. So we will do it couple of more minutes till it gets more color to it. Arbi is looking great. As you see it has nice brown color. And now I am going to add the amchoor. It took me little bit longer. It just depends on arbi, sometimes they cook faster than other. It looks great and it smells divine. And it’s ready to serve. Arbi (taro root) looking great. Nice and crunchy. This is a easy recipe to make. I am going to serve this as a side dish. But this you can also serve as an appetizer. Thank you. And I will see you again with a new recipe.