green beef sounds disgusting but I promise you this is not hey you know sometimes people let me out of my habitat and I’m always like why did you do that that was a horrible idea hi everybody my name is Alexandra Napoli and this is health coach TV the show to watch if you want to learn to love yourself as you slide into your skinny jeans today we’re going to be cooking some dinner on the fly basically what i’ve done is grab bunch of shit for my fridge then i’m going to turn it into a meal what i’m working with is celery, a green bell pepper onion and garlic always basil parsley and maybe some thyme that smell quite nice I’ve also got baby spinach a half a can of tomatoes and some ground beef so naturally i’m going to be making like green beef stir fry making a green vegetable Green Green Goddess beef stir-fry grab something violent cut up your onion I’m going to make this in my wok rules of woks cut everything first usually I keep my onions in the fridge but this one straight from the store and is very intense whoa oh my god ah ok so tips if you’re cutting up onions and you feel like I do about cutting up onions put them in the fridge for like half an hour before you want to cut them I’m just making a pile of garbage like what am i doing here usually I have a garbage bowl but today said bucket i’m making a garbage pile oh I just feel so angry at my eyeball oh that’s much better to be totally frigging honest okay so I’ve got my onion cut up and now I’m just going to cut up my garlic now two cloves of garlic now I got a bell pepper I’m going to give it a wash cut it in half rip out the inside well Oh rip out the hearts of your peppers get out all the seeds and then you know cut it up wash these I’m in so now i can get my wok nice and hot what kind of oil do i want to use it’s liquified so house is obviously hot right now coconut *oil* will go hard when it’s cold and soft when it’s hot anyways she’s going to take a couple of 2 tablespoons of this okay so what we’re going to do once this gets hot we’re going to go onion we’re gonna saute that we’re gonna trow in some garlic we’re going to saute that then we’re gonna throw in the ground beef and we’re gonna get that nice and cooked make that onions right now good so I turn the heat down to medium those already look pretty like translucent I’m going to go ahead and add my garlic mix it up a little bit I think the thing about a wok don’t quote me I’m not a wok expert but you want to keep stuff moving so that it doesn’t get burnt alright so up next we’re going to be adding our ground beef you should try to buy organic local grass fed this was free so it’s none of those things but it was made in Pennsylvania I guess grew lived it this beef was alive in Pennsylvania at one point so that’s kind of local for me and thank you Fresh Direct for this free pound of ground beef sign up for their newsletters to get fancy stuff like that once in a while i’ll post a link in the comments below where you can get fifty dollars off of Fresh Diret this video isn’t sponsored by Fresh Diret ground beef into the mix I’m going to salt it oh my pepper and then I got to bring it up and mix it with the onion well the ground beef is cooking i’m going to put together a little bit of a spicy sauce to spice it up because that’s what spices do that’s like a teaspoon of tomato paste gonna use some crystal hot sauce this from Louisiana I picked it up on my most recent trip at the New Orleans stuff like it’s got all the same ingredients with Tobasco but to me it tastes way better the first ingredient of Tobasco is vinegar the first ingredient of this is a fried red cayenne peppers so tomato paste and hot sauce sauce because that’s how you say hot sauce you can’t just say hot sauce you have to say sauce I’m gonna use red wine vinegar just like that much yeah just to break it up a little bit start opening up the flavor you’re going to add a little bit of cumin okay I got to mix this up a good work really I want to break up the meat so that it’s like broken up okay so this is like it’s like half cooked it’s like half pink half brown so I’m going to add in my hot sauce while that cooks until it’s like all the way cooked I’m going to clean off my herbs a great way to save fresh herbs is to treat them kind of like cut flowers so I’ve got them in my cup here I’m doing my thing above all okay so I’m gonna use my salad spinner a little bit creatively here and because it just covered in sand so the other thing that you could do if you don’t have a salad spinner is just float all of this in your sink like bring the water really high and put all your herbs into it and then just like rub them a bit shake them off so basil in here i’m going to add like a woo are decent chunk of parsley then I gotta take a rest of my parsley and again put it in my flower cup now thyme doesn’t really work like that oh I’m doesn’t work like that about so I’m just going to kind of strip the leaves trip thyme is tricky time is tricky gosh it only goes forward it never goes back why do I make my time jokes when I’m dealing with thyme so original ok I’m going to rinse this off then I’m going to spin it okay so my original plan was to cook the beef down and then take out a bunch of the fat but i don’t think thats going to happen but i am going to take the beef out of here and put it into a separate dish so there’s all my ground beef yum yum yum hang out for a minute i’m going to add back another tablespoon of coconut oil but i’m going to leave all like the flavor in the wok so that everything else kind of gets infused with the beefiness so I’m adding in my celery and my green pepper now just for the sake of not wasting anything i’m going to scrape out the rest of this hot sauce and put it into my vegetables give that a good mix through so i’m calling this green goddess obviously because everything’s green except for the beef it’s gonna be really good i’m going to add my tomatoes into the mix these are home canned but you could definitely use just a regular can of tomatoes so that needs to get very hot maybe this isn’t spicy enough I’ll taste it it’s like flavorful oh there’s the spice I was going to say that’s not spicy but like it gets ya in the back of the throat let’s make sure we get into the front of the throat crushed red pepper flakes and because we have some Tomatoes I’m going to add some salt and a little bit of pepper for good measure so once that’s a little bit more cooked we’re going to be adding in all our green stuff so I’m going to basically put this probably add that whole thing of spinach I’m just really going to add all of these herbs okay chop it up let’s go spinach this is pre-washed that seems like a lot so maybe like a half of containers so the spinach cooked down a lot most green things cook down for like at least half of their volume so just remember that now I’m going to add the rest of my herbs and I’m also going to add back in my ground beef and then mix it all up it looks like Christmas okay kill the heat done you can eat this over rice or quinoa or pasta rice pasta so we have our green goddess beef stir-fry so many delicious vegetables and herbs so much hot sauce it’s going to be great this is a really quick easy dinner if you need something to do with ground beef that’s not typical ground beef this would be a great recipe if you liked this video be sure to give me a thumbs up and subscribe for more awesome healthy delicious videos I’m doing so much good food and you’re not going to want to miss it so make sure you subscribe to find me off of of health coach TV you can find me on Facebook Instagram Twitter not so much because I’m so bad at it but I’m there I am there so find me all the links are below thanks so much for watching today as always it’s been a pleasure having you here and I hope today’s recipe has inspired you to get crazy in the kitchen damn we did good I’m just going to eat it all there’s something like strangely addictive about it