– Put it back.
Put it back in this– put it back!
You gotta put it back. – Oh god.
– You gotta be [bleep] kidding me. – Oh!
– Aaah! – (centering self) I got this! You can do this! ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Our subscribers
have been heavily requesting the challenge that
we have for you today. – They request all kinds
of weird stuff. – (FBE) Today, you’re gonna
be taking on the Smoothie Challenge. – Oh! I watched the Challenge Chalice
episode that I wasn’t in, that they did the Smoothie Challenge, and I was like, “Ha ha! Suckers.” And… full circle. – (FBE) We will be presenting you
with a hat of ingredients and you’ll each get three ingredients
to put in your smoothies. Some of these ingredients are nice,
and some are not so nice. – If there’s mayonnaise,
I’m gonna flip shit. – Yeah, no– – If there’s mayonnaise,
I’ma flip shit. – I’m leaving if there’s mayonnaise. – (FBE) The twist is that
you each will be selecting the ingredient for your opponent.
– I… – Pick good things, please. I haven’t eaten yet. – I’m exclusively gonna
pick things that are alive. – (FBE) After your
smoothie is blended, you’ll have 30 seconds
to drink as much as you can. Whoever drinks the most wins. – You got the bucket ready
’cause I don’t think this is gonna– one of us is just gonna
projectile all over the place. – I’m trying not to get
a nasty smoothie mustache ’cause my foundation
looks really good today. – (FBE) All right, Eric,
go ahead and pick for Isabella. – Joy.
– Please pick good things. – This feels like it has eight legs. Oh, man! Grapefruit juice?
– Yeah! – That has no legs. – (tsking) Strawberries.
– Woo! – Give it to me.
– Okay, it’s not bad. Chicken.
– Oh! Come on, bro. I’m not going to Jamba like,
“Hey, lemme get that chicken blended with, you know, kale.” – Give me a good one!
Give me strawberries or something. – Walnuts?
– Not bad. – That’s easy.
– Walnuts, that’s pretty good. – Crickets? – (laughs)
– It’s okay. I’ve eaten crickets
on the show before. I’ll be okay.
– I’m scared. – Brussel sprouts.
She gonna get a vegan energy drink? I’m hurt. – (FBE) You guys can go ahead
and put them in your blender. – Oh, this looks awful. – Is it good?
– Want some? – Why this look like
grass and dirt? – That looks disgusting! (laughing) I’m, like, shaking. What are you doing?! – It has a sour middle.
– (laughs) – I think a lot of good smoothies
start with walnuts. – That’s why it’s,
like, the key ingredient! (laughing) Oh my god!
– I’m feelin’ for my boy. – (FBE) Go ahead and pick
the next one. – I open it? I am so sorry,
this is like liver pâté. – I’m hurt.
– This is not appetizing either. I’m so sorry.
– No. – Chocolate chip cookies?! – (laughs)
– Yas! – The next thing in
your chicken smoothie is… – Give it to me.
– Okay, don’t freak out. – Put it back.
Put it back in– Just put it back!
You can put it back! – Silkworms. – (angrily) Shit!
– I fear for you now. – Apple cider vinegar? – Apple cider–
Okay, all right. Okay. – What!? – That’s not good,
like, by itself, so I don’t expect it
to taste good with walnuts, but it’s not as bad as silkworms. – Oh! This one bites.
Interesting. Oh, it does! Sardines.
– What is–? Noooo! I’m okay with seafood,
but I have grapefruit juice! This is–
this is gonna be bad! – At least they have
something to swim in. – Kimchi? – What is kimchi? – What’s kimchi?
– I’ve heard that before. – (FBE) Kimchi is a Korean dish
of fermented cabbage. – Anyways, it’s gonna be bad
with the strawberries. It’s all I’m gonna tell you.
– Aaah. Not necessarily.
– Yes. – Has anyone ever tried kimchi
and strawberry? It might be delicious. Ah, never mind.
It’s not gonna be delicious. – Whoa, what the [bleep]?! – Dude, I mean–
but hey, look at that,
at least they’re fried. They look like they’re apart. – I mean, they’re
probably salted. – You wanna see something crazy?
– (disgusted noise) – You wanna see something–
– Yeah. He did it. – (groaning in disgust)
– (laughs) – Oh, I don’t like
the look of this. – But then again,
I like fish, so… But fish with this
is gonna be bad. Do I have to put–
does it smell? – Wow, that smells horrible!
– Mm-mm. Oh God.
– You gotta be [bleep] kidding me. – Oh.
– Ah! – It’s just spaghetti. It’s just spaghetti.
– I know, mine’s splattered all over the place. – Aww.
– Ooh, that doesn’t look appetizing. – There’s, like, juicy fat
on the side. – (laughs) – ♪ How could this happen to me? ♪ – (laughs)
– I’m sad. – (FBE) Go ahead and pick the final
ingredient for Isabella. – (nervous laugh) – Come on, where’s the kimchi?
– I don’t– (laughing) I don’t even
care anymore. It’s already bad. – You get blue cheese.
– Ah, I hate blue cheese! I’m not gonna finish mine. Relish. (laughs) – I don’t “relish” the idea of that.
(rimshot) – Jalapeño pepper. – That’s not that bad.
I could eat– I could literally eat
jalapeños straight. Maple frickin’ syrup.
I’m not joking with this, guys! She’s getting all the normal
human food. – Mustard. – Thank God.
It’s gonna cover up all the silkworms.
– All the silkworm, yeah. What is it?
– Go to Jamba Juice. – It’s [bleep] blueberries!
– Go to Jamba Juice. Go give them your new recipe. – Go ahead.
– (laughs) Oh, I really don’t know
how much to put in this. That looks fine. – Ooh, boy. Ooh, boy.
– Ugh, God. – There we go. – You know what,
one more for good luck, shit. – Yeah, yeah. Good shit.
– Okay. – It’s not even gonna come out. – How much of this am I putting in?
– Oh, it all came out. – Oh, aww! Not a fun visual!
– (laughing) That’s a lot! – Don’t like.
Wanna go home now. – (FBE) Okay, time to blend
your smoothies. – Okay. (blender whirring)
– Oh! Yo, for real? This shit’s not even blending! – It’s gonna do it.
It’s gonna do it, ready? Three, two, one.
(blender whirring) – (FBE) Ethan, we’re gonna
add some milk to yours. – (laughs)
– Milk?! What?! (blender whirring) – It’s turning green. – Mine’s just gurgling. I’m not a fan– oh God. Wow, those ingredients
weren’t meant to be put in a blender! – Mine just got into a soup. – Oh, it’s like– – (laughing) I got chunks of– – That looks like spicy mayo! – Yeah, it looks like
a dipping sauce. – This smells so bad.
The blue cheese and sardines are not meant to be together. I’ll just help you out.
– You shouldn’t have– – Oh, but I want to.
– Eww. – (FBE) I’m gonna put 30
seconds on the clock. You ready? – No.
– No. – Do we have a trash can nearby? – (centering self) I got this. You can do this! – (FBE) Ready, set, go! – (muffled screaming)
– (laughs) Oh, that doesn’t taste– – Oh, it feels like
they’re crawling. – Oh, that’s nasty. It’s so chewy!
– (FBE) Fifteen seconds. – I’m, like, shaking. – It’s thick.
There’s just like a layer on top. – Uh-uh.
– Nope, oh God. Okay. – Why are you drinking it?
Are you just letting it touch your– Uh, no.
– I’m– – (gagging)
Nope, nope. [Bleep] nope. No, that’s not going down at all.
Nope, no. – (gagging) – Right here, right here,
right here, right here! Right here, right here! – (vomiting) ♪ (happy music) ♪ – (FBE) Brooklyn, it looks like
you drank a little more of yours, so you win! – I’m not proud of myself. – I’m still chewing.
I’m chewing a liquid. – (FBE) So, since
both of you spit it out, neither of you
wins the challenge. – You know what? I don’t wanna do this anymore.
The vinegar stinks. – (FBE) So neither of you
drank enough to win. – Man, that was depressing.
– I’m so okay with taking the L. I was hungry.
Now I’m not. I’m just gonna go home
and brush my teeth. For the next couple hours. – Thanks for watching
College Kids Vs. Food on the React channel. – Don’t forget to subscribe.
We have new shows every week. – Bye! – Hi friends, Alyssa here,
a producer from the React channel. Thanks so much for suggesting
this crazy challenge today! I’m sure our reactors
just love you for it! If you have any more ideas
you want us to try, go ahead and let us know
in the comments. See you next time!