This creamy and luxurious
Italian dessert proves that nothing is off the
menu at Slimming World. Our slimline tiramisu is only three Syns
per serving. It’s a real guilt free treat. Start off by mixing the egg yolks
and two tablespoons of sweetener. Add the vanilla extract
and whisk in the quark. This replaces the mascarpone that makes
a traditional tiramisu so high in calories. Next mix the coffee and brandy together
and drizzle over the broken sponge fingers. Layer the sponge fingers and
quark mixture in six serving glasses and chill for 30 minutes. Add the remaining sweetener
to the fromage frais and spoon over the top of each glass. Decorate with a chocolate coated coffee
bean and dust with cocoa powder. At Slimming World no food or drink
is forbidden, so the variety is endless and there’s always plenty to eat. You can fill up on all your favorites and still lose weight all the way to your personal
target then stay there for life.