-We are about to play
“Secret Ingredient.” [ Cheers and applause ] Joining me for the game, please welcome Mario Batali! [ Cheers and applause ] Ashton Kutcher! [ Cheers and applause ] Liam Payne! [ Cheers and applause ] And the newest judge on
“So You Think You Can Dance,” very special guest
Vanessa Hudgens, ladies and gentlemen. [ Cheers and applause ] Now, here’s —
This is very exciting. Here’s how it works. We’ll be each served
a gourmet three-course meal presented by superstar chef
Mario Batali, but each entrée
has been prepared with one unusual
secret ingredient, and it’s our job to figure out
what that ingredient is. We’ll write down our guesses, then reveal our answers
one at a time. Mario, can you tell us what
the first course will be? -Well, to start with, sir… -Coming in hot. -…today we have an herbal
Shanghai soup dumplings with organic bean curd. There is, however,
a secret ingredient. -Oh.
-It may be delicious. [ Laughter ]
-Wait, what? -Tell us what you think.
-It may be delicious. Yes. Here we go.
All right. -Taste, taste, taste,
taste, taste, taste. -Should we put the — -Oh, look at you going
all Chinatown. -Do we put —
Do we put it in this thing? -Yeah, that’s what I would do.
I would dip it. Oh, look at Jimmy Fallon
doing it Jersey-style. [ Laughter ] That’s a nice move. -I didn’t know. I haven’t been
to this restaurant! I’m sorry. All right, here we go.
This is a soup dump. -I’m so confused right now. -No, Liam, just eat.
-Eat, eat, eat! -Do we use these,
or do we use this? -These are used for —
-There’s so many utensils. -No, there’s too many. -Obviously Ashton’s the only
professional at the table. He ate the whole thing.
Come on. -It’s a fresh, hot —
-Oh, I know! -Ready?
-Hot soup dump. -Wait your turn, wait your turn. And now it is time
to write down your answers. -I have no idea. -You just make a wild guess,
then. I recommend drinking
a big glass of red wine with each of these tastes. -I have no idea.
-[ Mumbles ] -Mr. Kutcher,
please write down your answer. -Oh, man.
-Please write down a guess. Write down an unfathomable,
measurable something. -I can’t even think of food
right now. -I know. I think it —
-You might recognize it. -Oh! -Imagine a dirty bar
in Shanghai. -That’s disgusting! [ Cheers and applause ] All right. -Do you not have an answer? Is your answer vomit,
Mr. Kutcher? -I’ll save your life.
Oh, there’s also — I should say, there’s a spit
bucket under everyone’s chair if you can’t handle —
if you can’t handle the food. I apologize.
-And the first sampler is… -Okay.
-Mr. Kutcher, your answer is? Dumpling rice…
-Wrap. -…wrap?
-Yeah, rice wrap. [ Buzzer ]
-He just wrote what it was. -Jimmy?
It’s a secret ingredient. -On the inside? -You’re not identifying
the dish. -We all saw what the food was.
-Hold on. -I don’t know! What’s around the outside?
It was like a rice pasta. -No, the idea is that
you recognize the dish and then you tell us
what the secret ingredient is, the one that maybe you didn’t
expect to be in the dish. -Wine.
-No. Gosh. All right. Ready? -All right, Jimmy,
what’s your guess? -Pine-Sol. [ Buzzer ] -Enh! Vanessa? -Scope spearmint mouthwash. -Hey! Close? No?
[ Buzzer ] -Aw.
-And Liam? -I just wrote “licorice,” but I didn’t even really know
how to spell it, so… -Oh, close! [ Buzzer ]
None correct! -That’s how you spell it.
“Licqurish.” -Mr. Fallon, Mr. Fallon,
you might recognize this
from days in the bar. The secret ingredient today
was Jagermeister. -Oh!
-I should have known that! -I love Jagermeister. -All right.
For your next course… -That’s why I had
the vomit reflex. -You go back in for another one. For your next course,
you’ll be enjoying — Ladies and gentlemen, please,
a little bit of attention. For your next course,
you will be enjoying a pizza bianco
with spring vegetables, burrata, and pecorino dusted with
crushed red chili flakes. -This looks really good. -Available at many of my
restaurants for $72 a piece. -Oh, that’s cheap. Preorder it. -But can you guess
the secret ingredient? -Now, there’s a secret
ingredient in here. -So taste it. -Oh, I got it.
-Here’s the rule. -No, I already know
that it’s not burrata. -Identify the ingredient
you don’t recognize. -There’s some white smear
of swiping down there. -And then write it down.
-And I don’t — -Oh, wait. What is that?
-Shh! keep it to yourselves. -Ugh!
-All right, ready? -I’m not even going to eat it. -And now write down
your answers, please. -Oh, no! What is it?
-I’m going to throw up. -There is a spit bucket
and a vomit bucket to both of your left-
and your right-hand side. [ Laughter ] -No, that’s my bucket!
That’s yours. You got your own bucket!
-Where’s my bucket?! -That’s your bucket.
-[ Laughs ] -Jimmy, what’d you learn
in school today? -Sharing. -All right, Ashton. -[ Groans ] All right.
-Whoa! -It’s not that bad,
ladies and gentlemen. Please.
-It is gross. -I don’t know what —
It’s all a secret. Everything in this is a secret. -All right, Ashton, can you
write down your guess, please? -I thought it was a nice thing. -You wait. Liam enjoyed it.
-You enjoyed it? -Us British people,
we have a different concept of what’s going on here.
-You enjoyed it? -There’s a language barrier.
-In England, this is a popular dish,
ladies and gentlemen. All right, Mr. Kutcher, can
you please show us your guess? -Oh, sorry about that.
-Me? Me? Am I up? There. -Chocolate?
[ Buzzer ] [ Laughter ] -Uh, Mr. Fallon, please. -I’m gonna say
marshmallow fluff. -Bing! [ Cheers and applause ] -Should I be happy?
Should I be proud? -Vanessa and Liam,
did you have a guess? -I went Oreo — Oreo cream. -Close.
-Yeah, that counts. -Mascarpone. -Close but, no, not close.
[ Buzzer ] -Yeah.
I’ll take marshmallow fluff. -All right. To end things… [ Voices overlapping ] -All right. Hold on.
Focus. Focus. Back over here, ladies and
gentlemen. Back over here. To end things…
-I just don’t want to throw up. Like, I real–
I just don’t want to throw up. -Please don’t throw up
on national TV. It’s late night. To end things, we have
not one but two desserts. In front of you
are two things — New York style
individual cheesecakes alongside Roman gelato with a sliver of buttered
pistachio brittle. But can you guess
the secret ingredients? Each one is worth 1,000 points. Please start with the New York
style individual cheesecakes and write down your answers. -I hate creamy stuff.
This is — -One at a time.
-Oh! -And then taste the ice cream
and write that one down, too. Oh, go in. Come on.
The first one’s easy. No challenge. no challenge.
-Um… Oh! What are you? -Ashton, whatever
you’re thinking, it’s right! -[ Coughing ] -Oh, you like this? -Oh, Jimmy, come along. This is actually intuitive. -Ah!
-You know this one. He knows this one.
-[ Laughs giddily ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo! -Now that you’ve made your guess for the New York style
cheesecakes, please move on
to the Roman gelato with the sliver of buttered
pistachio brittle. -I think I might have one. Yes! [ Audience groans ]
I really hope so. ♪♪ What — What is it? [ Laughter ] ♪♪ -Ugh! [ Laughter ] ♪♪ [ Laughter ] -Can I refuse to try something? -No, you have to try it.
You have to try a little bit. -I got it. I got it. -Please write down your answers. -Ugh! Ugh! God! -All right. So, what did you think
the ingredients were? Ashton? First… Doritos and anchovies. First, wrong, second, correct. [ Buzzer, ding ] [ Cheers and applause ] Jimmy? Jimmy?
-Yes? -First and second. -I’m going to say
butter and caviar. -Wrong and wrong.
[ Buzzer, buzzer ] Vanessa.
-I said corn flakes… -And?
-And… -Barf?
-Barf? [ Buzzer, buzzer ] -Wrong and wrong.
Liam. -Might be.
-I said Doritos and that nasty. -That nasty.
Does “that nasty” count? -I think “that nasty” counts,
actually. [ Ding ]
-What was it? -The actual answer —
The actual answers are… Fritos corn chips
in the cheesecake. -Oh!
-See, I wouldn’t know that. I thought it was butter. -And anchovies,
for Mr. Kutcher’s win. -Ashton Kutcher
is the champ tonight! -The winner is…
[ Cheers and applause ] -To the champ! [ Laughs ] -What?! What?! What?! I won! -Our thanks to Mario Batali,
Ashton Kutcher, Vanessa Hudgens, and Liam Payne!