i am searching indian reasturant and i am going to SUNTER for indian food bus stop is near and i will take bus sun rays are strong now time is 03:00 PM temperature is 32 C I am in bus which is going towards pluit auto plaza and then i will change bus again now i am in pluit auto plaza now i have to grab no 12 bus and then landing on SMP 140 and then walk for 700 mertres from SMP 140 then i will arrive at my destination which is SUNTER ayung and now i am waiting for 12 no bus i am in bus no 12 and sit in last of bus Now i am in SMP 140 and now i will take bike from grab application and bike will drop me at one Indian restaurant which is just 3.5 km from me I go there and have lunch i just take bike from grab taxi app and we are going to resturant from here which is 3.5 km by the way bike is better than car you can enjoy in openly You also have a good feel you can check view finally i am in one Indian restaurant so let check what i get from here and on what price Well, it is past noon to evening and I think I will have lunch and dinner together i take 12 km travel to reach here and 1 hour approx and i found one man who is owner and from haryana and he told me that Indian restaurant is not much here i am settled here for 11-12 years why here not much indian resturant ? i live in PIK Avenue and i dint find any Indian food there , all are Chinese Japanese , Korean and then i search on Google . then i came to know about this place lets check the menu i am just off from restaurant food was good but costly i spend 700 INR there (11$) no discount offered so you must stay away from these kind of restaurant if you are budget traveler i have low of cash i am gonna search for ATM to refill cash again . and card not accepted everywhere jakarta is full of traffic and there is one rule in rush hours you cant drive if you have less than 3 passenger this is good initiative it will save your fuel and public transport get more revenue it should also implemented in india too i am going opposite of traffic lane i found one fruit lets talk to them what is this ? type i dont like taste i will not buy this because of taste they dont understand i think Wandering at night is better than day because day is hot i found one petrol pump , may be there are some ATM this is also for public transport may be actually i have some money in indian rupees but dont find any exchanger that accept indian currency they accepted only dollar , pound and Euro i will going to find some bus stop now now i am at one street vendor will eat corn it cost me 10000 IDR corn have good in carbs and fiber good for health as well Indonesia people love blackberry phone and they also Love Durian fruit as well but i dont like it This corn is sweat and good in taste and better than my previous meal