If you love food If you love being scared or even mildly disturbed then go grab a snack because this video is for you This video is sort of a continuation of my previous food conspiracy video And I would love for these to be a weekly series of my channel, but obviously I need your approval So if you give this video a like that means that you come back each week to watch one of these food Conspiracy videos. If not, then it just means I’ll just make other videos that you might enjoy before we dive into these stories It’s very important for me to say that I’m not confirming these stories in this video whether this is rumors or facts It’s not up to me to decide I found these stories in multiple news websites And while I always try to look for like the most credible sources I think you guys should do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I love you too much I don’t want to get in trouble. I’m just sharing some stories with you guys The fast food industry is bigger than he ever was in the US alone every year it generates over a hundred and ten billion dollars one in every three children eats fast food every Single day and this is a shocking given to me such a huge market. So many people being fed every single day So it’s only natural and predictable that things sometimes don’t go according to plan for today’s video I’m gonna share with you guys some of the stories of the scariest most disturbing things that people have found in their food and in their fast food trigger warning It’s not pretty and he might make you look at food very differently at least for the next days This first story is actually very recent. This is from 2016 and I actually found this on the ABC News website So this woman from New Hampshire went to the grocery shop to do her shopping And and she gets back home with all the food that she bought when she tries to open this box of grapes that she bought At the supermarket. She looks inside and she finds a black widow spider This is actually one of my worst nightmares. If you don’t know what a black widow spider is It’s an extremely scary spider even though it’s so tiny if we actually bite you can cause a severe reaction some of the symptoms include rashes some people can’t even breathe and I even found this case from like a long time ago in Spain where someone actually Died from being bitten by a black widow spider. Just talking about spiders right now. It’s making me feel like so weird I feel like I can almost feel the spiders crawling up my legs right now. That’s I’m scared I am of spiders like so here’s what the lady had to say as I was washing some of the grapes in bunches I noticed there were some cobwebs I started getting a little paranoid since I’ve heard stories about spiders and grapes So I picked up the bin and there it was a big huge black widow spider at the bottom of the container I hate this story, but I promise you the next time you guys go to the supermarket and you’re buying grapes There’s no way you’re gonna open the box and not look inside to see if you can find a spider I actually think this story is very much plausible because if you buy organic stuff and that’s what you get This is why you’re much better off being trash like me and then not eating fruit or vegetables I did some more research and the amount of times that people have found animals or living creatures in their food is honestly insane just as an example in 2015 in Queensland this guy who’s working at the Supermarket is just unloading these boxes of eggplants and putting them on the shelves Red-bellied black snake actually attacks this man and bites him and the poor man is just literally just trying to do his job He’s not expecting this at all I’m not scared of snakes nearly as much as I’m scared of spiders, but this story really hits me I don’t work at a supermarket, but I’m pretty sure it’s time to move jobs That’s like a sign just so you have an idea on the same year on a complete different country this time in Austria in Europe This woman went to the supermarket. She’s driving home. She’s got all her groceries in the car And then she looks in the rearview mirror and she sees a snake Coming out of the bananas that she just bought at that Supermarket a snake is inside the car with her and there’s nothing she can do she’s just driving the car I don’t even know what I would do. Just being in such a small space With a freaking snake right behind you and not being able to do anything That’s actually my definition of hell And I’m never eating bananas again bananas are officially canceled My first story wasn’t very much like fast food ish, but don’t worry. We’re gonna get there This next story is so wildly disturbing that I’m just gonna apologize to you in advance and this is by far the most scary weird one bizarre in this whole video and it’s about one of my favorite fast-food places of all time Wendy’s funny enough my favorite food at Wendy’s is the chili and this is what this story is all about This is seriously heavy stuff. But in 2005 a woman from Las Vegas a 39 year old woman Claims to have found a human finger inside her chili at Wendy’s this witness That was actually at the restaurant when he happened said that the women begin screaming and saying don’t eat it There’s a human finger in my chili. He also said that the object appeared cooked and he seemed to have a long Fingernail at the end Three people apparently got sick from just watching this whole thing going down understandably And then the Health Department actually came and collected the finger and put it in a freezer And if you think you know where this is going Let me just tell you that the very next day the health department came and said that yes It was indeed a human finger and they also ruled out that it didn’t belong to anybody working at Wendy’s Because I mean, I guess that’s not very difficult This is when it becomes even more interesting because when this was so sure they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong there was no way a finger could be there that they actually offered a reward of $50,000 for anybody’s got any information about the finger the police also started doing some research about this lady and immediately a lot of red flags started coming up first of all this lady had a lot of legal cases against other fast food places and Second of all her aunt had recently passed away So some people started believing that these lady put a dead person’s finger inside the bowl of chili with all this attention surrounding this lady She actually decided to no longer pursue legal action against Wendy’s which obviously only made people more suspicious because clearly there’s something wrong here and something she’s hiding but people couldn’t quite put their finger on what it was and then obviously because of Wendy’s $50,000 reward it started to attract being a lot of attention so a lot of weird things started happening now this other lady from a neighbor town claimed to have been Attacked by a tiger and then she lost the finger in the process and she claimed that it was her finger but they actually ran some DNA tests and turns out not her finger and this is my favorite part of the story because when is being the baddest company that they are they actually raised the offer from $50,000 to $100,000 and you can guess what happens next? Yes, the lady actually got arrested It turns out that this finger actually Belonged to this woman’s husband’s wart colleague and he actually lost his finger in a work accident This woman actually stole a finger put it in a bowl of chili Just so she could sue Wendy’s I need the book. I need the movie. I need the Netflix special This is like one of the greatest stories I’ve ever heard according to the news stories this woman in the husband were sentenced to nine and twelve years in jail But I think they only ended up being in jail for like four years don’t come for my girl Wendy’s because she will Fight back and I love that. I honestly need a minute before I move on to the next one this next story dates all the way back to 1986 and it’s so incredibly horrible that I just had to include it in this video My source for this one is the front page of the New York Times That’s how big this story was at the time So allegedly this lady’s feeding her, baby Some of those baby foods that come in a jar when she notices that the babies not really eating the food He’s like spitting the food back to her. So obviously this mom is very worried She checks on the baby’s mouth and what she finds is so incredibly disturbing She finds little bits of glass in blood Everywhere all over the baby’s mouth and this is when he gets even worse There’s not only happened to this lady and her baby This happened in 30 different states all across America. So I think they did an investigation at the time and the FDA that they checked all these bottles of baby food and 21 out of 137 had glass in it like baby food. This is a brand of baby food Probably the leading brand of baby food at the time And this is one of the most messed up parts because people were so worried Specially people who had babies that they asked for them to remove all the Gerber baby foods and not sure if that’s how you pronounce It and the health officials at the time said actually no, there’s no there’s nothing we can accomplish by removing the baby foods So they just allow them to carry on selling all these bottles of baby food that potentially had glass in it I guess eventually things went back to normal with this brand because I actually Checked the Walmart website like right now and I found that that’s actually one of the leading No, the number one baby food brand right now So they clearly got over it and no one really remembers that this happened in the eighties Even though I got my information from the New York Times, I don’t know exactly how factual this is But this is incredibly scary that not only happened and he must have been terrified for all these parents and for the babies But also the health people said, you know what there’s nothing we can do We’re just gonna have to wait for this to go away. Like people’s lives were in danger babies I think that’s terrifying for some variety. This next one actually happened in England, but it doesn’t make it any less scary So the years 2009 and this man went to the supermarket in Oxford I think his name is Stephen and he just bought a loaf of bread poor Stephen. Just wanted a slice of bread so Stephen comes home with the bread and he unwraps the bread and removes all the plastic and what he finds in it is So disgusting that I don’t even want to say it not only was a mouse But the mouse was cooked into the bread. It was mixed with the dough This actually makes me feel sick when Stephen was picking the bread at the supermarket He looked at it and he noticed he had some dark spots But he just thought that the doll wasn’t very well mixed which is a fair assumption But he got home and he realized that the very not well mixed piece of bread He actually had fur auntie CBS News actually posted a photo of it and it’s highly disturbing But you’re free to go and look at all So the brand of the bread was actually this type that is called passive boat, which is exactly the same brand of bread I always eat in England They actually went into court and the brand who makes the bread actually pled guilty and I think they had to pay the Equivalent of like twenty six thousand dollars mostly because they didn’t follow the health laws and this is a bit of a disturbing fact But they also added at the end of the article that the men noticed that the mouse didn’t have tail. So somebody else Probably had a tail in the loaf of bread and they probably ate it without even Realizing this is the ratatouille sink well
Then none of us asked for I did some extra research in finding a rat or a mouse in food is actually something that is Widely common, which actually makes me think whether some of these are real or not in 2009 For example a man from Illinois claims to have found a mouse inside his can of Mountain Dew So this is what he had to say after purchasing said can of Mountain Dew he opened the can and immediately became violently ill Such he began to vomit and I really like this part of this story because very much like Wendy’s PepsiCo who owns Mountain Dew was having none of this lender. And this is what they had to say They released a statement saying that if a mouse is submerged in a fluid with the acidity of Mountain Dew Between four days to in most seven days The mouse will have no calcium in its bones and bony structures by 30 days the exposure to the fluid all of the mouse’s Structures will have disintegrated and the mouse will have been transformed into a jelly-like substance the man had originally claimed that he poured the content of the Mountain Dew out and then the mouse Separately, which obviously goes against science because there’s no way the mouse wouldn’t be like a jelly-like substance So it’s very likely practically proven that the man was actually lying and we can drink Mountain Dew even though I Totally drink it anyways because it’s that amazing not too long ago in 2011 CBS News claimed that something very scary and strange happened to this woman in, Texas So allegedly this woman went into Walmart, and she bought this great value ice cream Which is a brand that I think is owned by Walmart, and she brought home It was a Saturday night and she was about to watch a movie She has a few bites of the ice cream until something sharp cuts her lip And at first she thought he was maybe just some tin foil, but when she actually looks at it It turns out to be a broken razor blade reportedly She called Walmart and Walmart said we’re sorry that happened to you Hope your take it’s better Which I think she was very much outraged by but I think to me it sounds like Walmart didn’t really fully believe the story So they just kind of wanted it to go away at the same time. I also think the lady never really seen Walmart She just said that she just wanted it to never happen to anybody else ever again She did actually do this camera piece with CBS news, and it’s not very graphic I mean it does show the razor, but it’s not too graphic. So I’m gonna show it to you guys. I Got to the bottom and there’s normally a chocolate layer here So I want to get an experience of it and I bit into it and then something sharp cut the inside of my lip I think I just know this marina of accidents It happened when you make that much of a product and that many products. You’re bound to have a machine break. Um January the 9th of 2012 I Don’t think I’m sorry. I hope your day gets where there’s an appropriate response to. I found a razor blade in my ice cream. I Think this is one of those in which is very difficult to tell if someone is lying or saying the truth I think Walmart wasn’t too worried about it. That’s why they just did I don’t think they thought it was real but also some crazy person could have just literally Walked into Walmart and put a razor blade inside the product Like that’s the thing that could happen and that doesn’t mean that it would be Walmart’s fault So I didn’t want this video to be just stories. They happened in McDonald’s because as you can imagine there are so many sores So many horror stories of things that happened food-related at McDonald’s I do think McDonald’s is a very easy target because they’re so incredibly popular They’ve got so much money and I think people do make up stories just to try to get something out of them so what I’m trying to say is take these next stories with a very big grain of salt like it a giant chunk of salt so I’m going to show you a video now and this is from 2012 and this lady claims to have found a very weird Disgusting object inside a McDonald’s food, and I’m just gonna play you the interview because it’s much better if she explains at the end of a long day crystal English was looking for a quick meal for her husband and three kids and at the end of that meal her family was anything but satisfied my husband got down to his last bite and He dipped it into his ranch pocket and pulled it out. And there was a band-aid stuck in his ranch After an order at this raster McDonald’s Crystal’s husband took it back to their nearby home She says that band-aid which she saved to show health officials Was stuck in the burger. I was like, oh my gosh First thing that comes to mind is really, you know, what kind of diseases can be transferred from that You never know why Idaho state law food workers are not required to wear gloves But according to the law there can be no bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food So workers often use a spatula or tongs Regardless of whether it’s a requirement or not to wear gloves It should be one Regardless of anything the panhandle Health District says it’s doing an inspection to try and get to the bottom of what happened and if there is a process concern or a violation of the Idaho Food Code Then we take action to make that correction. That’s That’s disgusting meanwhile Crystal English says the fast-food ban at least in her home is indefinite forever forever I’ve never eaten fast food again My kids will no longer eat fast food, nothing. Now rest assured quote. We take matters regarding food safety and quality extremely seriously I strongly caution anyone from drawing conclusions without having all the facts We take these matters very seriously We have taken immediate action to investigate this claim and gather the facts end quote now. That’s from Terry Scoob It’s who is the McDonald’s franchisee in Brasov. What I’m gonna tell you now was just my opinion obviously, but I’ve actually been inside a McDonalds kitchen and everything was so Meticulously clean like so incredibly clean personally. I can’t imagine this happening. I mean, I’m not saying that the lady is a liar Just according to my experiences I’ve had with McDonald’s I can’t see this sort of stuff happening, but obviously mistakes happen in every job in life So this next McDonald’s story is the one they most of you guys have requested This is the one you guys wanted me to talk about in this video because it’s so incredibly popular This actually happened a long time ago I think in the year 2000 but a woman claims that she went into McDonald’s She ordered some chicken wings and when she opened the box, she found a breaded deep-fried chicken head he decapitated Chicken head that literally looks like a chicken nugget except for the shape I’ve told you so many stories by now that you probably already know what’s gonna happen next Of course this lady got herself a lawyer and she intended to sue McDonald’s. There’s actually clear photos of the head there’s actually got a lot of press of the time so I’m going to show you an interview from 2000 so it might not look the best but folks we are not making this up Imagine finding the fried chicken head in your order of wings from McDonald’s. Look at this You can see the beak the eyes everything Battered and fried this new addition to the McDonald’s menu showed up in a carton after one Virginia mom pulled up to the golden arches to feed her kids now she is warning everyone to check your food before you take a bite this officer from the US Department of Agriculture the time basically dismissed all these lady’s claims because apparently when you Kill a chicken to turn it into like chicken wings or whatever the head is like the first thing that comes off So the people in the agriculture industry didn’t really believe that the head would go through every single process all the way to being deep-fried Without anybody else noticing it just didn’t seem very plausible to them I tried to find what happened in this case because I was actually very interested, but I couldn’t find anything So maybe God saddled I don’t know exactly what happened or just completely dismissed But I don’t think he got anywhere but I actually found a very similar case from very recently but this time he happened with KFC in June of 2015 a man the photo on Facebook of what he claimed to be a Deep-fried rat. I’ve looked at the photo for an abnormal amount of time and I’ve got to be honest It doesn’t look like a rat to me Like it just looks like an irregular piece of chicken But that’s always the way it is because it’s battered so it never looks exactly like this perfectly shaped piece of chicken very much like Wendy’s KFC took these incredibly seriously so they came forward with the Facebook statement as well that said KFC takes customer claims very seriously and we are Continuing to investigate this matter our chicken tenders often vary in size and shape and we currently have no evidence To support this claim. They tried contacting this man. They gave him a phone number and email address and the man never replied He never said anything as you’re probably already imagining people were still so interested in the story So KFC had to actually come forward with the statement basically saying that this was just a hoax the image is the customer Originally posted do not include this second angle because it clearly shows It’s a piece of hand breaded white meat chicken, whether it’s KFC or McDonald’s I think I’ve shown you that there are people out there who come up with the most insane narratives Just to try to get money out of the fast-food industry and while it’s fun to hear all this conspiracy Food theories or just like these crazy stories of all the things they happen This is why I always tell you guys to take everything with a grain of salt try to do as much research As you can and sometimes you actually get the truth Some of these stories were actually deeply disturbing but others were a little bit almost comical but nevertheless I hope you guys enjoy this video There are so many more stories But I didn’t want to go too deep because I’ve never made a video like this before So I’m not entirely sure of what you guys’s reaction would be but if you’d like to watch a Horror fast food stories part 2 then definitely give this video a like and I will actually make another one of these let me know In the comments section if you guys would actually like to watch this every single week. 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