so I bought some Indian food from Indian
restaurant today I am really really hungry I haven’t had anything since
morning so I bought a few things that I like so let’s get started and let’s dig
in okay so I’ve got some rice here that’s
just the rice plain rice so I’m just gonna open it and show it to you
so plain rice and so okay and then I’ve got some potatoes sag so it’s called a
aloo saag in here yep it’s just a little bit I don’t want too
much okay and then this is chicken korma it’s like a chicken dish I think it’s
really good so there’s two pieces of chicken in here so I’m gonna put it on
the side of my plate there you go little bit of a juice on the top and they’ve
got this fried sweet corn this is so good I think this is really good so just
gonna put a little bit in here there you go not too much and let’s start mmm this is so good I don’t know if you
can see me or not but yeah this food is this is chicken korma mmm this is sweet
corn and then this is aloo sog it comes with the spinach in it it tastes like
mashed potatoes but it’s just potatoes and it’s spinach and everything and this
is the rice and it has butter inside it’s like buttery rice and I pour some
juice on top of it mmm that’s so good okay let me show you my face okay this
well that was funny so let’s eat hmm okay let’s try this let’s try these
potatoes potato and spinach so let’s try this one mmm it’s good it’s like um it’s like um
I don’t know how to explain this sweet and soury kind of texture but it tastes
pretty good it’s a little bit spicy but not that spicy for me because I’m used to
it this is good no I’m gonna go ahead and try some of
this chicken Korma I think this looks so juicy and nice mmm okay so I’m gonna
take a big bite mmm I’m not lying this chicken is so good
Oh God it just um It just melts in your mouth and it’s just uh it’s just so
tender so juicy I think I’m gonna have more of that chicken so good everything’s so good in here
so let’s try this corn sweet corn I think it’s fried hmm this one’s um this
one’s not too spicy it’s just um I think it’s fried in some oil and then I can
taste a little bit of garlic and some red pepper I think yeah I think this is
the red pepper that you see this red thing here so this one right here yeah so
it’s pretty tasty but compared to these two this is pretty bland but I like it
it’s tasty chicken so good I love chicken so I think
I’m a little chicken so I definitely love chicken so I don’t have a table to
put on my food so I just put it on top of these so you can see I’m trying to
balance it there’s nothing under there just these three things on the top
of my table so I’m trying to balance it if it falls and then it falls a little bit that chicken a little bit
of that chicken and then and some of that rice mmm that’s perfection oops
hope I’m not choking here I got some water and this is a nice cup let me take
a sip of it that water tastes so good after the food okay upps I poked myself never mind ok I’m trying to eat this faster so my
video is a little shorter then really long and boring okay let me get some of
that potatoes hmm it’s heaven so this is not bad food I mean this is very healthy
food because you’ve got your protein chicken you know and then you’ve got
your rice you’ve got some corn and then you’ve got
some greens on the side so because this one has a lot of spinach that’s what
that guy say so um that guy at the store so I thought this would be very good
this is to me food from heaven hmm I’m a little
nervous too because I’ve never done this before it’s creepy but I kind of like it hmm
it’s a good food I’m trying to eat a little faster and these are from
foreever 21 and this fluffy jacket is from macy’s I’m gonna show you my
jacket I love this one cuz it’s it’s so soft
and fluffy it’s just I love this jacket and then um these are the earrings from
from forever 21 and the lipstick I’m wearing is it’s from Revlon this one
right here I like the color but on me it looks more of a reddish kind of orangey
type of color but it’s actually it’s pink and stays on pretty good sometime
it falls off so up’s never mind I am messy all over let’s eat this okay I’m trying to eat
really fast now so if I can put this down well no you do wont see the food right okay let’s do this lets time this maybe I can finish this all
this in three minutes no not three minutes that’s too fast so let’s do five
minutes okay I can do this okay I think I’m
about to choke and need some water upps that was too loud fast I’m trying to be fast this chicken though uhh so good melts I asked the guy
at the indian store I mean restaurant I asked him how did you cook this Korma
he said he put some yogurt in it so maybe that’s why it tastes so good or maybe I misheard or you know but I’m
pretty sure he said he put some yogurt in it and his spice in it and some
tomatoes and stuff in it umm it’s tasty okay so here’s a roll of napkin that I put it on
the side that’s a toilet paper but I don’t really care tell you what this chicken
is my favorite thing I had to work yesterday so I look pretty
tired but it’s my day off today and I thought I should be doing something um oh shit its
more than more than five minutes or is it I don’t know so let’s eat faster little bit of that aloo sag so tasty Its like that mashed potato with some
spice in it sorry I don’t want to burp but I don’t think I can eat fast yeah so
this is like that smashed potato oh god did I say smash potato – yeah pretty much the same
thing but there’s a mashed potato or smashed potato Preety much you have to
smash it right so or is it like a big potato so it is a mass I don’t know what
the heck it is a but so it is like that american version of mashed potato
but with the spinich and a lot of spice in it and it’s like a Indian spice you
know pretty much like I would say some cumin coriander and I would say garlic
I can taste garlic ginger and lot other stuff so it’s tasty it tastes just
like my mom’s cooking so so it’s good but it’s a little spicy spicier then
the one my mom cooks so but it’s good I mean I like
spicy I can eat anything spicy and I don’t care not over spicy but
like spicy enough I can eat but like too spicy like you know it’s like ruined the
flavor at the food too that would be too much spicy for me I want to taste the
food and at the same time I wanna taste a little bit of a spice ya so I’m pretty much done um maybe I’ll
see you next time with maybe different kind of food maybe Thai food or maybe I
don’t know maybe McDonald maybe not that but or any other kind of food you know
well I think I’m pretty full so so I’m just gonna have to say bye see you next