Namaskar Welcome to Today we’ll make “Sandesh” Sandesh is a Bengali sweet dish & is very delicious. You can make “Sandesh” on some occasions or you can also make it when you feel like. This can be prepared at home very easily So let’s start making “Sandesh” Ingredients for this are: Full Cream Milk: 1 lit. Lemon: 2 nos. Powdery Sugar: 1/3rd cup (50 gms) Green Cardamom: 5 nos. Saffron: 20 – 25 strands Pistachios: 10 – 12 pcs For making Sandesh first of all we boil the milk & make milk Curd Cheese (Chhena/milk protein) from it so let’s prepare it. Let the milk boil switch on the gas & wait for the milk to begin boiling The milk has begun boiling switch off the gas & take the milk off the stove. now let the milk cool down a little Just wait for 5 minutes If we add lemon juice to the boiling milk then the milk curd cheese becomes too tight So we’ll let the milk cool down a little And then we’ll add lemon juice to it let the milk cool down we’ve extracted the lemon juice in a bowl Now add water to juice, in equal quantity. mix them and gradually add it to the milk in small volumes. We had let the milk cool down for complete 5 minutes milk has cooled down & now we’ll add lemon juice to curdle it. We’ll add lemon juice in small amounts & mix. Our milk curd cheese is ready now But some lemon juice is left. Now we won’t add more lemon juice. we’ll stop adding lemon juice as soon as the milk curdles. Now we’ll filter out the curd cheese. To filter the milk curd cheese we’ll take a light cotton cloth it is called muslin cloth We put a big bowl beneath the cloth So that milk water will settle down & milk curd cheese will remain above the cloth So we’ll put milk curd cheese to it to filter it our milk curd cheese has been filtered We’ll add little cold water to wash it off So we remove it from the bowl & keep aside & put little water on the milk curd cheese & wash it off So that the lemon juice can be expelled & the milk curd cheese will cool down as well. Now we’ll squeeze the curd cheese and strain the remaining water out. Now we’ve squeezed out all the water from milk curd cheese & now we’ll take out the milk curd cheese in a plate we’ll take out milk curd cheese from cloth to the plate we can also use the remaining water of the milk We can add this to the Pulses (Dal) & also to the curry Can also use it in vegetables Can also knead the flour with it All the minerals & vitamins of the milk are in this remaining water We’ll take out milk curd in the plate from cloth Our milk curd is ready now & it is very soft as well. For sandesh we need very soft milk curd cheese Now we’ll make it softer by pressing it In this way we’ll make milk curd softer by pressing it harder by fingers We’ve to make it softer by pressing it by fingers for 5 – 7 minutes we’ve made this milk curd softer by pressing it by our hands for 5 – 6 minutes Now we’ll add cardamom powder, sugar powder & saffron strands to it we’ll prepare the cardamom powder & also chop the pistachios so we’ll make cardamom powder we’ll make cardamom powder after peeling it & we’ll finely chop the pistachios we’ve powdered the cardamom & finely chopped the pistachios now we’ll add saffron strands & powdered sugar to the curd cheese and mix we’ll mix them until all the ingredients have been mixed well we’ve mixed them well for 2 – 3 minutes now we’ll fry it a little so that rawness of paneer can come out we’ll heat a non stick pan keep the flame low & we’ll add this paneer mixture to the pan & we’ll stir it continuously for 3 – 4 minutes the flame is low we’ll stir it continuously for 3 – 4 minutes We’ll keep in mind that our paneer will get fried But doesn’t get crumbled again now we’ve made it smoother by pressing harder so we’ve to make sure that it doesn’t get crumbled again while frying it. We must keep the flame really very low. & on that lower flame we’ve to fry it by stirring it continuously in this way we’ve fried this mixture by continuously stirring it switch off the gas again take out the mixture to the plate let it cool down after this we’ll make Sandesh milk curd cheese mixture has cooled down so now we’ll add cardamom powder to it & mix we’ll mix it till cardamom powder gets mixed properly. cardamom powder has mixed well now we’ll make Sandesh from it there are many molds available for making sandesh so we can make Sandesh using them if you don’t have the molds, then we you can shape the Sandesh by using your palms. our mixture is soft it has cooled down so now we’ll make sandesh from this if you feel like it’s not softer enough so we can make it softer by pressing it harder again we’ll take small lump of the mixture in our palms then we’ll shape it round & bind it after binding it we’ll give it a shape by rotating round with both the hands & press it slightly In this way we’ll make them one by one & keep them in the plate first we bind it after this we’ll make it rounder & slightly press it & keep aside now we’ll make all the Sandesh to be ready now we’ve made all the Sandesh to be ready Now we’ll garnish the Sandesh with finely chopped Pistachios we’ll add 2- 3 piece of pistachios over the Sandesh by pressing it slightly so that it’ll stick to it & we’ve made this Sandesh Saffron flavoured we’ve added Saffron to this Sandesh can be prepared by our choice in different flavours like if we want to make it Cashew flavoured so make powder of 10 – 12 cashews & add this to milk curd cheese & mix well like if we want to make it Pistachios flavoured so make powder of pistachios & add this to milk curd cheese & mix well in the same way if we want to make it Almond flavoured so make powder of Almonds & add this to milk curd cheese & mix well & we’ve added 50 gms powdered sugar to it you may change this quantity as per as your taste. Our Sandesh is now ready & it is very good & is very easy to prepare just be careful while frying the mixture flame should be lower & fry it while stirring it continuously stir the mixture for 3 – 4 minutes not more than that if we fry it more then paneer will be harder will be harder and will have lumps in it its softness will be gone and then it will be difficult to prepare Sandesh but if it happens, then cool the mixture & mix it in a Mixer Grinder then the paneer will be soft again after this can make the Sandesh So do try out this recipe & share your experiences on See you next time with a new recipe, & please subscribe to my channel.