Well, it’s a fun
day around here, because my husband’s two
best friends from college are visiting. And they came into town to
watch a big football game on TV, so we’re having a
football spread tonight. And I’m starting with the
recipe that we’ll probably end up eating last–
making a big batch of Knock You Naked Brownies. I start with a German
chocolate cake mix, and into that I’m
going to add a third of a cup of evaporated milk, and
then a stick of melted butter. Just mix that a
little bit, and then I’ll chop up a bunch of pecans. A couple years
ago, somebody sent me a gift of killer brownies. And they were so good that
I actually rationed them, and this is the closest recipe
I’ve found to the killer brownies that I was given. Brownies are perfect
for football food, because the whole thing
about football food is it needs to be easy to
grab and eat with your hands. So I couldn’t imagine having a
layer cake or something fussy. It just needs to be
quick, and something that the guys can just grab. And I don’t know, there’s
something about giving old college friends a
batch of Knock You Naked Brownies that kind
of cracked me up, but I’m kind of
mischievous that way. You’ll need about a cup of
pretty finely chopped pecans. So I’ll add these to the
mix, and just stir them up. It’s a really,
really thick batter. You can’t pour it at all. You have to really kind of
smush it with a rubber spatula to get it combined. So right now I’m just going
to use half of this mixture. So what I do is I just press
it into the bottom of the bowl, and then I use my spatula
to draw a line right down the middle, and then I know I’m
getting exactly half the dough. Math has always
been my strong suit. Just stick it in this greased
and floured pan, and then the easiest way to
do it is just use your fingers to pat it
all along the bottom. All right. Now it goes in the
oven, 350 degrees, for eight to 10 minutes
until it’s done. OK. I’ve got a double
boiler going, and I’ve just unwrapped 60 caramels. I didn’t eat one, I promise. I’m going to add a half
a cup of evaporated milk. Now I added a third
of a cup earlier, so we’ve almost
used the whole can. And then just give
it a little stir, and this will take a
little while to melt. OK, the caramel is
perfect, nice and smooth. Now I’m going to grab the
brownies out of the oven. These aren’t actually
done, they’re just set. And you’re not going to believe
what I’m about to do to these. Grab the melted
caramel sauce, and it just goes in a layer over
the first layer of brownies. OK, now I’ll just spread
it out into a layer. Now I’m going to grab
some chocolate chips and just sprinkle them on. And you really just
need a single layer of chocolate chips, the brownies
are gooey enough as it is. And now I’m going to
take the other half of the brownie dough, and
when I used the first half I could just use my fingers
and press them into the pan, but I can’t do that this
time, because the pan has all this stuff going on. So I’m going to press
it into a square. This all just turns into a
gooey, wonderful masterpiece. OK, now I’m going to
stick this in the oven for another 20 minutes
or so, and then I’ll take them out and chill them,
and then cut them into pieces and serve them to the guys.