Hi yummy people, today we are making raw vegan
energy balls For this recipe we need
10 dates, walnuts 60g, cashews 60g, chia seed 2tbs, sesame seed 2tbs,
cocoa powder 30g, and a little bit of vanilla. Take out you food processor of blender, put
all the ingredients inside And blend on a minimum speed for about 20
seconds, then go for a maximum speed for 10 more seconds
And YES Yummy people this is what we are looking for
And yes this is the moment when the magic starts, take everything out from your food
processor of blender And just by using your hands start forming
small balls. You can make thouse balls bigger of smaler,
it anly depends on your preference. This energy balls are so healthy and rich
with nutrients, and most important they are so yummy
And so much rich with chocolate, see this? Yes, this is the proof. I hope you will like it. You can serve them on a parties or simply
smart way to start your day with your coffee of tea. They are energy boosters. Thanks for watching yummy people, I hope you
like it. If you do please give me thumbs up and subscribe
to my channel. Bye, bye, have a yummy day. BLOOPERS
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I knew your side, you knew my side, and this is no one side, what is your true side now? Yes honey you are weird today