Hi, I’m Janae Devika and welcome to Café Janae. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you are on
diet that encouraged you to eat chocolate? Well this is THAT diet. I’ve got a chocolate recipe for you that will, help you to make a nutrient dense chocolate that you can eat anytime without any guilt and you’re going to feel fabulous after you eat it. Alright if you are new to healthy eating, you might think you have to give up everything that’s delicious, one thing that I get from a lot of people they’ll try this out is, I can not live without chocolate. Well, the good news is you don’t have to, there is a way you can make your own chocolate that is free from sugar, free from additives, free from hydrogenated oils, and its actually so good for you that it has more nutrition than a
lot of meals your going to eat. Were going to use super foods to make this chocolate and you can eat it without guilt and you’re going to feel awesome after you eat it. The first ingredient were going to use is raw cacao powder. Now, raw cacao powder hasn’t been alkalized, it hasn’t been treated at high temperatures and it just the, raw and the natural form of cocoa powder. It’s a super food which means it has more nutrients per calorie than most other foods, so you’re actually getting more nutrition from this cocoa powder than you get from some vegetables and other healthy foods your going to eat. Were also using another super food which is raw local honey, raw local honey is great, if you have seasonal allergies, its antibacterial, its antiviral it’s really an awesome super food to use and were going to also use some essential oil, some peppermint essential oil. The forth ingredient were going to use is cacao butter. Now, cacao butter is made by grinding up the cacao bean and then, and then it is pressed and the oil that comes out is the cacao butter and then the powder with the protein that remains is the cacao powder so both of these it’s really important that you get it raw and untreated or its not a super food, and that is actually bad for you but if you do it raw its going to be good for you. Now, taken the raw cocoa butter and I’ve grated it with the grater just like you grate a carrot or cheese. Grate it and then you put it a double boiler, you just warm it up, you don’t want to cook it, once you cook it a lot of the vitamins and essential nutrients that are going to be destroyed, so you just take a bowl of hot water and then put other bowl inside of it and that will melt down the cocoa butter, so its liquid like this. Now the, I don’t have the exact measurements because It’s really depends on where you get your cocoa butter and cocoa powder. If you use honey or agave, so the basic ratio were going to use is one part cocoa butter to about 2 parts cocoa powder and their just going to taste test it and get it and taste exactly like what we want it, so right here I have, I don’t know maybe a quarter cup to a half of cup of cocoa butter and then I’m going to add cocoa powder to it and then just going to keep adding until its about the right consistency but it usually double the, double the powder that you use as the butter. Now, you can buy cocoa powder depending on where you buy it It’s going to determine the result of your chocolate. Cocoa powder can be ground down to certain sizes so the finer the grind of the cocoa powder the smoother your chocolate is going to be. So, if your chocolate turns grainy, it’s probably because the cocoa powder has not been ground down fine enough and you just need to find another brand that has finer grind and you’ll get smoother chocolate from that. Now as you’re mixing this its going to get harder because it’s cooling off, if that’s the case you can just put a bowl of hot water underneath of your mixing bowl and it will warm up and gets smoother like when again. So this is going to be really good, probably need a little bit cocoa powder. you stir it a little bit at a time it works better because don’t get big chunks of cocoa powder at the end. So I have about 2 parts powder to 1 part butter, and then I’m just going to put a little bit sweetener. I’ve got honey here you can us agave, you can use any kind of natural sugar you want. If you want to enhance the sweetness and put another natural sweetener you can put a little stevia in. Right now I’m going to put a little bit peppermint oil in it, just take a couple of drops and then it makes most delicious chocolate mint that you’ve ever tasted. Most of the time when I make chocolate people like plain and it’s like pretty awesome but when I give on chocolate mint flavor they are almost always like that way better. Alright then here’s the taste test part hmm… it so good. Now, just depending on if you like it sweeter or more bitter, the raw cocoa powder is kind a bitter so lot of people like to put a little extra sweetener in it but if you like a, the high cocoa content of bitter chocolate, then this is going to be perfect for you. You just have to play around of it, just keep tasting it, add sweetener if you need it sweeter and add cocoa powder if you need thicker. If its end to getting too thick, you can add a little bit cocoa butter and this is just one of those recipes that you just
have to play around it to get it right. Now, I like this putting it on some wax paper and then you can stick it in a freezer and hardens up really quickly and turn in into a chocolate bar, chocolate bar divine. Alright this is going to go on the freezer and for about 10 minutes you’ll have a fabulous healthy chocolate bar that you can replace any chocolate with and it will satisfy any chocolate cravings. Thanks for joining us on Café Janae. You can follow me on my Facebook page or you can subscribe in this channel Café Janae for
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