Hello Friends welcome to the world’s first
youtube cooking show from a village, I am Nikunj Vasoya and today I am going to show
you a very simple, easy and really very awesome in taste ” Ras Malai ” which is made from
milk and rasgulla and favorite of everyone so let’s start making Ras Malai.
So friend’s here I have 1 liter of milk I am heating right now and when it started bubbling
you have to add 100 gm of sugar, let it seem up for 5-10 minutes then we are going to do
remaining procedure, so friends our milk started bubbling and now I am going to add fresh cream
in it so we can make it a very smooth and creamy mixture for our Ras Malai, here I am
using amul’s fresh cream, mix it nicely so we can combine all the ingredients very well,
you have to keep stirring it. Friends we are going to cook it until it reduce
by 25% or you can reduce more if you want, it’s totally depends on you how much creaminess
you’ll need in your Ras Malai, so friend’s meanwhile we are going to cut our rasgulla
into 1/2, you have to divide your rasgulla from the centre like this way, you can squeeze
all the sugar syrup because we don’t need it, you can add 8-10 rasgulla in 1 liter of
milk. So friend’s now it is the time to add food
color in our Ras Malai, I am using yellow color, you can use real saffron in it but
unfortunately I have very less saffron so I have kept it for the garnishing, see it
is looking very beautiful and now in this I am going to put our rasgulla I have divided
each rasgulla in 1/2, we are going to cook it few minutes so it will absorb nice and
creamy milk. See friends it is looking really very gorgeous
and now it is almost ready so I am going to turn the heat off and now in this I am going
to add around 1 tsp of vanilla essence so this is it our Ras Malai ( quick Ras Malai
) is ready, let it cool down and then we are going to serve it.
So friend’s this is the time to serve my very yummy Ras Malai so let’s plate this so first
of all pour the milk mixture and now I am going to put the creamy rasgulla in the centre,
I love the smell of vanilla this is smelling really very good and now just add few pistachio
us chopped pistachio us and the final touch few threads of saffron, so friends this is
it my very simple, easy and delicious Ras Malai is ready to serve.