Two of these are for us Do you remember that ball of minced meat? Here! This is ready! Hah! He’s adding more cream to it! We are like your young brothers, Sir. This is a bit too much for us to digest. He is so used to it, that the heat doesnt affect him anymore The hard work, the struggle Pushing the cart, cooking the food.. The work that I have done for these 50 years I still love to do it Look at my clothes, these aren’t the fancy clothes you’d expect I can wear those fancy, shiny looking clothes and sit in a fancy building but I chose not to Our waiters dress up better than us. All I have to think of is work, not my appearance I have never used an Air Conditioner Never had an AC in my room. My kids do, I love to sleep with just a fan on Not even an air cooler… What I believe, I have earned in life is the fact that when a chef visits from a different country Someone from a different country They eat here, give us a hug and appreciate the food Since the time we started living away from our village in this city Working hard was my only passion We knew that we had to work hard to be successful Success and Respect is what we were working hard for since we were kids You have travelled to visit us because someone must have told you about us But if you order something and dont like it, you wouldn’t recommend eating here Till the time you reach home, you’ll keep talking about how bad the food was, if you dont like it. There’s a popular chef from Delhi, his name is Mr. S.K. Kalra When he came to Amritsar, he visited us. It was closing time for us and we couldnt serve him anything But he was adamant and wanted to eat something He asked us to serve him the leftovers, so we did After he was done eating, he asked us if we could come to Mumbai, I said yes He gave us the details and called us a few days later. I didnt know that our flight was booked by them so we took the train, the general one When we reached Oberoi, we asked them about the event They didnt recognise us and told us that there is a room thats booked for Beera Chicken but they are on their way from Punjab The receptionist thought that we are Beera Chicken’s guests Because of the language barrier we couldn’t explain it to them and took their leave We checked in to a different no frills hotel, got fresh, paid them Rs. 5 We had our food there and slept They kept looking for us When we reached the hotel at 8, the next morning We were surprised to see well dressed chefs from all over India All of them looked so sharp that we felt like we didn’t belong there They were ironed shirts and neckties while our clothes and bags were tattered It was almost so bad that when the hotel’s staff tried to help us, we were reluctant In our rooms we couldnt work the electric switched out. We didnt understand how to turn thing on/off They tried to be helpful and told us to press the red button whenever we need anything They interviewed us in a similar fashion the next day They had invited cooks from almost all parts of the country All of us had a stall each They liked Punjab’s stall the best and got us promoted in the local newspapers too The owner of Oberoi booked special tickets for us on our way back He also invited me to join their kitchen as a chef “You can fly back and forth whenever you wish to” I told him that I will think about it I never went back though I thought about these customers who come here to eat everyday. How can I not serve them everyday?