Hi, this is Alia and welcome back to CookingWithAlia international Edition And guess what! I have a very special
guest here from a country that… Seriously, it was the first when I heard about it!!! And I am very shame of saying that!!!!!!!!! OK! So this is my friend Amone Hi, Amone
Hi, Alia Welcome!
Thank you! So Amone is French
Yes, now I am French But before that I asked her: where is the family from?
And she said… Laos!
Laos is a country But to me, I didn’t know that, So where is Loas? Laos is a small country next to Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia and china Let’s speaking about Thailand … I went to Thailand recently Next time I will go to laos I really want to discover.
Let’s go together We had a party and Amone brought a dessert Oh My God, what is this!!! Can you describe how to make this dessert? This is some thing special from Laos It is my favorite dessert I ate it a lot when I was child in laos So it is My Mum Recipe I hope we love this family’s recipe so, I’m so happy to try this recipe So basically, it is like a pumpkin with like Custard Not any Custard!
Not any custard… it is Coconut milk custard Okay. See how it looks … you can slice here And you can actually cover And it like… super like impressive and you are going to show us how to make it??
Yes! Is it complicated?
No, it is very easy. Actually you
can see, in three steps, it is done. so what language do you speak in Laos? Laotian
Laotian!!! Do you know how to speak Laotian?
yes! Oh My God!!
You know that. How do you say ” Hi” in Laotian? ” sa bi dee”
“sa bi dee ” Oh My God! Now we can all speak Laotian.
Let’s do again!! ” sa bi dee”
“sa bi dee ” And, how do you say “Bon appetite”?? ” san sa”
“san sa” I like it, it is so excited. Are you ready?
Yes! Hi five!
Hi, five! Let’s start! With a sharp knife, cut a geometric figure at the center-top of the pumpkin Carefully remove the pumpkin ‘top’ and keep. so cut the internal part of the hat Using a spoon, remove the seeds and fibers of the pumpkin until clean now it’s nice. It is empty. Lightly wash the inside of the pumpkin with some cold water. Place the coconut milk in a bowl and microwave for
30 seconds to make it more liquid In a large bowl, add the eggs, sugar, and
pinch of salt. Lightly beat using a whisk. Mix well Add the coconut milk and continue mixing until
all the ingredients are well integrated. to cook the pumpkin, we need a large pot like
this , and a ‘stand’ inside the pot add enough water Place a bowl on top of the ‘stand’ (in
the pot). Place the pumpkin in the bowl. Pour the custard inside the pumpkin. We don’t need
all the custard, it is filled Place the pumpkin ‘hat’ next to it in the bol
(do not cover the pumpkin with its ‘hat’). Cover the entire pot and place on the stove. Cook on
medium-high heat. We are basically steaming the pumpkin. so the final step is to cook on medium-high heat for around 45-50 minutes. So, it is ready and through the cooking make sure
there is enough water so the steam continues. check that the custart is ready by inserting a knife in the
middle of the custard – the knife should come out clean. you can steam left over custard in bowl for extra custard! Remove the pumpkin from the bowl. Place on a plat
and let cool down at room temperature. Look at this , so now the pumpkin cool down
at the room temperature. Not cold, Not hot Serve at room temperature. Cut slices around the pumpkin to get
a slice of pumpkin with some coconut custard! Look at this beauty, Yummyy!!! Bon Appetite!!! It is Super easy.