In today’s video,
we’re going to see what happens if we take
two popular fast food meals, and pull all of the
moisture out of them. What’s going to be left? [Music] Guys, we have
a new freeze dryer, and you have seen this do
at least one really weird thing with it so far. We have freeze-dried steak. But we want to take it
to the next level. That was just one thing. So now, we’re going
to try an entire meal from two different places
and see what happens. Here’s the basic idea. We’ll get a meal from Wendy’s,
including a Frosty, and a meal from Panda Express. We’ll throw them both
in the freeze dryer, and let it run for about
48 hours to really remove every drop of moisture. We’ve all had fast food,
and we know what they’re like, but we are curious to see
what’s going to happen if we extract all
of the moisture from an entire meal. And not just like a burger, we’re talking the burger,
the fries, the shake, and the drinks on the side. Like what are those going to do? The orange chicken,
the chow mein, the fried rice, let’s do it. All of it. We want to try it. So we’ve got our freeze dryer, so next step,
we need some food. [Music] All right. Let’s go with a junior
bacon cheeseburger, a medium french fries,
and a small chocolate Frosty. Get it in the first order? Yeah, that’s all one order. [Music] We’ve got fried rice, Chow Mein noodles,
orange chicken, beef and broccoli, and with that, we’ve got a cup of Pepsi
with some ice still in it. We’ve got a Wendy’s Frosty, a junior bacon cheeseburger,
bacon is somewhere on there. There you go. That’s got lettuce, and tomato,
and mayo as well, and we’ve got some french fries. [Music] Alright. Now it freezes. So is this what we’re going to do
for just like the next 48 hours? Yeah. It’s been two days
of freeze-drying. So I think our food is about as
dried out as it’s going to get. Now, I want to see
what happened to it. We can see that something
has definetely happened. We had a Frosty in there, and now we have an explosion of
Frosty foam all over everything. And some soda,
a little bit of soda in there. Soda, I think has also escaped
the confines of its container. We got a side-by-side
meal here… To compare the before and after. Yeah, exactly the same meals. Got a laptop with the footage
uploaded from our GoPros. It goes pretty fast. That– Whoa ! Nothing,
nothing, nothing, nothing.>>Boom.
>>Gone. Wait, wait, wait. What’s the other one look like? Nothing. You can kind of see
a little bit of change. The letuce, and then
just a lot the Frosty and a little bit of soda. She’s gone. I kind of watched the– Oh, okay. There it is. Right there. Wow. Holy cow, that
escaped its container. Oh and look at the mayo
on the burger. Scrub forward just a little bit. There you go. The mayos inflating
the same way as the frosty. You can see our soda is starting
to bubble up as well, not as much as our Frosty,
not even close. That is just everywhere, and it does look
like it also got on our Panda Express
food at the back. So we may have to dig through some Frosty to find
the Panda Express food. :Let’s open it up. No, it really is all over. Oh, and it’s cold. Let’s try and see
if there’s any smell. Ice melting off the sides. So it’s more snow everywhere. Is there supposed
to be snow everywhere? That’s pretty normal. Okay. In fact, I think there used
to be more ice there, and then some
of it sublimates off as it vacuums. You know what we have to do now. It’s too cold. It’s actually good. Kind of is. Like, I like fries crispy. I usually ask them
to be cooked extra crispy. This is more extra crispy. This is crunchy. Hopefully, I don’t– Cold. Oh no, our poor Panda. That was in the frosty
to start with. The soda is pretty
much just done for. That I like. That’s really good. Dehydrated soda starts
out as a crunchy candy, and then it goes gumming,
kind of like a now and later, and it’s so good. And we put soda in
our regular dehydrator before. This is a fancier process. Similar result. Not quite the same. All right, Frosty. [Music] It’s pretty good. If you’ve ever had
astronaut ice cream, it’s very similar to that. I’m just wearing Frosty. This is so light and puffy. Like this thing weighs less
than a marshmallow. Yeah, we should
definitely taste… We should taste
the individual ingredients here. [Music] That still tastes
just like lettuce, just– Just crunchier? It’s paper lettuce, but the fact that it still
tastes like lettuce is bizarre. We need to try some of this. [Music] This is freeze
dried beef and broccoli. Well, just the beef part. Regular. So this is bought
about 20 minutes ago. [Music] Yeah, it’s still really good. When we freeze dried the steak,
those were very very thick, and we didn’t really
seasom them that much, so it wasn’t a lot of flavor. Almost none. Now, of course, fast food is known for just
having a ton of chemicals in it. This stuff, even
though it’s been freeze-dried, is still delicious. [Music] How is it? Good. Still tastes good. [Music] I would eat these as chips. Just make straight
vegetable chips.>>I’m gonna cut our cheeseburger,
>>Oh, no. our a junior bacon
cheeseburger in half. All right, here we can see
bread, burger, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and I think there’s
some mayo on top of that, or there was. Well, this has cheese as much as fast food burgers
have cheese on them. Completely freeze dried. I’m going to try dipping it
in cool water, and see if it comes back to life at all. Let that absorb for a bit. Here’s a comparison
of our not freeze-dried. So you can see most
of the same pieces, the cheese is definitely
a different texture. Oh, yeah. If I wasn’t touching this, if I didn’t know
that it was crunchy, this actually looks
more appetizing to me. That just looks slimy. This looks fluffier. Would you like a cup of water? There’s some Pepsi behind you. How’s that working out? I’m gonna see what happens if we put a freeze
dried french fry into some hot water. [Music] I don’t know how long french fries
should take to rehydrate. [Music] The inside is more of the normal
French-fried texture now. The outside, I don’t think has quite
finished absorbing the water. The outside of a french fry is
gonna have a lot of oil in it. So it may be repelling
the water a little bit. Still crunchy. So, so far I would say
that other than the Frosty, Panda is holding
up better, I think. Looks like that so far. Okay. Let’s add some chicken. [Music] Should we had some broccoli? [Music] Delicious. Let’s see what that looks
like in ten minutes. The freeze dried noodles have
a very styrofoam like texture. It has a crunch,
and then like a– Freeze dried reconstituted chow
mein ramen with orange chicken, and broccoli and beef. [Music] Okay. So we had to switch
out the water, because it got
a little bit cold. And I think all of the flavor
ended up in the water just like it would have
like a Ramen broth. That was a problem that we had when we
freeze-dried our steak again. We lost all the flavor when we
tried to reconstitute it so… Yeah. Basically the same problem. [Music] Starting pretty small. That is not much water, and it’s just
sucking it down in. No mixing. No stirring. Just dissolving it. [Music] All right. Let’s try this
rehydrated Frosty. Now, it’s not going
to be frozen, because we weren’t mixing it
with frozen water. That’s kind of hard to do. But let’s give it a try. [Music] It’s not bad. It’s a chunkier
than I like my Frosties. Little tiny bits of the frosty
definitely aren’t mixed in. So it tastes kind of like you made it
from a powder mix, which we basically did. Yeah. And just didn’t mix
it quite enough. I’m going to blend up
a Wendy’s meal into dust. Margarita. [Music] Soup. [Music] That is part of a junior
bacon cheeseburger, and several french fries. Hmm, might as well. Spoonful of cheeseburger
and french fry powder. [Music] Yeah, I’m sticking to my panda. That’s really weird
because nobody’s ever thought, what does the powdered
cheese burger look like? But that’s probably
what you would guess. While I’m eating it, it doesn’t really feel
like I’m eating cheeseburger, and maybe that’s just because
the texture is two different, that I don’t really notice the flavors are similar
or something like that. But I got to say, what’s a little strange is
after I’m done eating, I’m just like… That, you see the cheeseburger? Like it feels like I ate
a cheeseburger afterward. So it does have all the same flavors and components
in there, of course. The experience is very different
as you’re doing it. So weirdly enough, I would say
that out of everything, the thing that reconstitutes
best is the broccoli. This actually turned
out pretty good. Guys, that’s not all, we’ve always got more
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